Board Agenda for March 19, 2014

Maine School Administrative District No. 35

Board of Directors – Regular Meeting Agenda

Marshwood High School – Learning Center

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 – 7:00 pm

7:00 PM   Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance


Scheduled Audience to the Public


Members of the public who wish to schedule an audience with the Board should contact the Superintendent of Schools three days in advance of a meeting.


Public Input for Budget Priorities


Members of the public are invited to present to the Board their budget priorities and concerns at the beginning of each Board meeting.  No advance notice to the Superintendent is required to provide input to the Board during the budget process.  The meetings where the budget will be discussed are:  January 8, January 22, February 5, February 26, March 5, March 19, April 2, April 16 and May 7.


Report of the Secretary:


  1. Consideration and action to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Wednesday, March 5, 2014.


Motion:  _________  Second:  ___________  Vote: _________


Report of the Chairperson:


  1. Town Officials Meeting, March 12, 2014 at the Eliot Town Hall
  2. Day at the State House for School Board Members, March 24, 2014
  3. Reminder – April 2, 2014 is the 1st Budget Workshop at MHS, Learning Center, 5 to 7 pm
  4. Other


Report of the Superintendent:

  1. Acknowledgement of the Girls Varsity Basketball Coaching Staff’s Efforts
  2. Acceleration Academies at Great Works School and Marshwood Middle School
  3. Collaborative Coaching – 1st year accomplishments and new learnings
  4. Elementary Report Card Task Force
  5. Resignation:  Jillian Tremblay, GWS, Educational Technician
  6. Student rep report
  7. Other




Report of the Committees:


  1. Report of the Finance and Facilities Committee
  2. Report of the Educational Policy Committee


New Business:



  1. Consideration and action to delete policy IKFC – Awarding of Diplomas to Veterans of World War II and the Korean Conflict


Motion:  _________  Second:  ___________  Vote: _________


  1. Consideration and action to approve the first reading and discussion of policy IHCDA – Post Secondary Enrollment Options


Motion:  _________  Second:  ___________  Vote: _________






Motion:  _________  Second:  ___________  Vote: _________

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