We the People Team – Northeast Division Winners!

This past weekend, April 26 & 27, the Marshwood We the People team competed in the national finals, finishing 1st in the Northeast division, which includes all of the New England states, NY, NJ, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Six teams of students gave testimony & responded to questions in 12 rounds of simulated congressional hearings.  The student performances were awesome!  It was a complete team effort and the following students should be praised for their performances:
Unit 1: Adam Allen, Ben Corey, Bri Hale, Tim Lee and Kim Mills
spoke on the following topics:  The Declaration of Independence’s influence on our nation; the development of the original state constitutions & what can be learned from them
Unit 2: Carolyn Bates, Jason Beland, Brittany Bossi, Josh Marks, Sam McPherson
spoke on the following topics: Federalism; the Constitutional Convention
Unit 3: Hannah Bossi, Jack Letellier, Jack Mercer, Riley Wilber
spoke on the following topics: The Dred Scott decision and judicial power; the Civil War and executive power
Unit 4:  Riley Burke, Kyle Fallon, Darren LaPointe, Garrett Robinson
spoke on the following topics: The expansion of presidential power; the role of congressional investigations
Unit 5: Nicole Benedetto, Suzannah Blass, Julianna Burke, Hannah Dolan, Isabella Etro
spoke on the following topics: philosophical views of rights; the First Amendment, religion and public policy
Unit 6 Emma Barker, Sianna Niedzolkowski, Adya Plourde, Joe Siraco
spoke on the following topics: Immigration policy in the 21st century; the proper role of government and the role that citizens play
Thank you for all of the support you’ve given these students!
Matt Sanzone


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