Marshwood High School Interact Club Recently Presented a $1,200 Donation to Safe Passage

May 19, 2014 2:00 AM
SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — The Marshwood High School Interact Club recently presented a $1,200 donation to Safe Passage/Camino Seguro, which works with impoverished families in Guatelama City, Guatemala.

This is the eighth year the Interact Club has supported Safe Passage, contributing $9,600 during that time.

Safe Passage/Camino Seguro was founded in 1999 by Hanley Denning, a graduate of Bowdoin College who began the organization after seeing hundreds of at-risk children in a Guatemala City dump picking through the refuse looking for food and items that could be sold. These children did not go to school because their families could not afford the books, supplies and fees needed to attend. And, the families relied on the income the children contributed through their dump-picking.

Denning began a school, initially enrolling 46 children. Today, Safe Passage works with more than 500 children and their families, helping them with education, social services and a chance to break the chain of poverty.

Marshwood’s Interact Club is a service club sponsored by the Eliot-South Berwick Rotary. Interact members volunteer locally with organizations such as the South Berwick Recreation Department and local Food Bank. Club members sponsor a food drive at Marshwood High School each fall and do fund-raisers to raise money for Safe Passage and other causes. Safe Passage has been the largest recipient of Interact’s fund-raising efforts.

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