MHS Students Cofacilitate Fifth Grade MGWS Pinkham Notch Trips

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As a part of the Hawks Outdoor Leadership and Development (HOLD) club, MHS students cofacilitated the MGWS fifth grade Pinkham Notch trips.  MHS students were trained by Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) guides and even volunteered to teach some of the environmental science lessons.  A great time was had by all.  MHS staff were HOLD Advisor and PE/Health teacher, Scott Patch and Library Media Specialist, CJ Mauger.  The MHS students were:  Caleb Pettigrew, Elliott Greene, Morgan Dion, Piper Wilber, Colleen Tuano, Erin Sliver, Bailey Banville, Max Berman, Alexa Coussoule, Molly Ferguson, and Riley Dinsmore-Patch

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