Central School Students Visit Seacoast Science Center

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South Berwick students go traipsing through tide pools

Youngsters visit science center to learn about marine life

June 06, 2014 2:00 AM

RYE — The air was thick with fog and dampened by a soft rain. In the distance, you could hear the ocean as it breathed in and out. The salt water touched the shore like it was playing tag and then slipped away in a steady rhythm. Suddenly, the serenity was interrupted by the sound of different voices yelling, “Grab him! I’ll grab him. Grab him!”

A green crab hovered in a shallow tide pool surrounded by the third-grade giants from Central School in South Berwick, Maine, on their visit to the Seacoast Science Center.

“We like to call this our controlled chaos,” said Perrin Chick, Seacoast Science Center’s education director. “We have 1,000 children today, in the rain and fog, but so far we are doing great and everyone has had a wonderful program. We really enjoy everyone coming and tide-pooling on their school field trip season.”

As a boy held a female green crab carrying an egg sack, he turned it upside down so everyone could see. When asked if anyone had gotten snapped by a crab yet, Emma Fife said, “Yes, I did. It wasn’t that bad. It just did a little pinch.”

Another boy shouted a contest called “The Green Monster,” a competition over who can find the biggest crab.


Lucy Stone raised her index finger where a crab was clutching, holding on for dear life, fearlessly showed off the grab and simply said, “He loves me.”

For information on programs and calendar of events at the Seacoast Science Center, visit www.seacoastsciencecenter.org or call 436-8043.



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