Updated to Include Telephone Numbers Marshwood Budget for 2017-2018 Frequently Asked Questions

Updated to include telephone numbers

Frequently Asked Questions MSAD 35 Budget for 2017-2018

I am an Eliot resident and have two children, grades 2 and 6 in our schools. What

SPECIFICALLY can we do or say as parents and community members when calling or

writing Governor LePage and other elected officials to urge them not to make these cuts?

We can stand together as a community and call upon the Legislature to honor the EPS

funding formula as currently enacted and restore some or all of the $769,000 in proposed

reduced subsidy to MSAD 35 so that we can restore our teaching positions and related

services first ~ essentially continuing our district’s commitment to placing our children


Some Thoughts to Consider

Under the Governor’s proposed budget, MSAD 35 would see a reduction in state subsidy

of $769,000! The largest area of reduction is in the district’s subsidy for system

administration, which will see a loss of $540,000. System administration involves paying

for the infrastructure to operate a school district. This means that the costs for human

resource management, payroll, accounts payable services as well as the services that

create and monitor the district’s annual budget would now be born solely by the


This shift from the state onto local taxpayers of essential services is very similar to what

happened four years ago in FY 14 when the state transferred a portion of the cost of

teacher retirement benefits onto local taxpayers costing our district $353,000. These

costs have steadily risen for the past four years for our district from $0 in FY13 to a

staggering $603,000 in FY18!

If you would like to express your thoughts about the proposed reduction in state

subsidy, contact your elected state officials [see the attached list].

Points for Elected Officials to Consider:

• The Governor’s proposed budget reflects a reduction of state subsidy for MSAD 35

of $769,000.

• MSAD 35 is a historically efficient and high performing district where the district’s

per pupil cost is consistently lower than the state’s per pupil cost and where MHS is

listed as the 8th best high school in Maine, BUT, we are at a tipping point with the

proposed reduction in state subsidy.

• This $769,000 reduction will impact every single student in our district next year by

increasing class sizes K-12.

• Honor the EPS funding formula as currently enacted and return to MSAD 35 some or

all of the reduced subsidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maine Legislative Email & Phone Contact Information

Eliot & South Berwick

Elected State Legislative Officials for Eliot & South Berwick

Senate District 35 – Dawn Hill (D-York)


(207) 287-1515

Representative Lawrence, Mark W. (D-South Berwick and Eliot)

E-Mail: Mark.Lawrence@legislature.maine.gov

(800) 423-2900

Representative Parker, Jennifer Ellen (D-South Berwick)

E-Mail: Jennifer.Parker@legislature.maine.gov

(800) 423-2900

Education and Cultural Affairs Committee Co-Chairs

Senator Brian Langley (R-Ellsworth) Co-Chair Brian.Langley@legislature.maine.gov

(207) 787-1505

Representative Victoria P. Kornfield (D-Bangor) Victoria.Kornfield@legislature.maine.gov

(800) 423-2900

Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee Co-Chairs

Senator James Hamper (R-Oxford) James.Hamper@legislature.maine.gov

(207) 287-1505

Representative Drew Gattine (D-Westbrook) Andrew.Gattine@legislature.maine.gov

(800) 423-2900

Governor LePage


(207) 287-3531

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