Update from Marshwood Nurses

April 29, 2020

To contact the District nurses, please use this link Mon-Friday 8:00 am- 10:30 am www.doxy.me/marshwoodnurses

Dear Marshwood community,                            April 17, 2020


  We are in our fifth week of CDC’s recommended physical distancing and face coverings have been recommended since April 3.  We are hopeful these measures are making a substantial and meaningful impact in our community. Please use the CDC Face Coverings Guide as a reference for making your face covering and ways to protect yourself and stay healthy.

  We will begin to offer Virtual Office hours Monday through Friday from 8 am-10:30 am, after school vacation, beginning April 27th. This is available for every student in the Marshwood district and will be staffed by the School Nurses. You are  welcome as always to email your School Nurse outside of these hours but we wanted to offer a daily platform to students and families. Please note that this will be staffed on a rotating basis by all of the District Nurses. What that means is that you might be connecting  with a Nurse from a different school than your child attends. To use this service please click on the following link DOXY.ME and follow the onscreen prompts. Conversations/concerns will be forwarded to your School Nurse as appropriate.

   We  are available to address health needs and  questions related to Covid-19. We are also available as always, to discuss health concerns both chronic and acute. Children are especially vulnerable to health risks when families are stressed. As we all are.   We want to assist you in finding the best health resources, especially during this time of increased unemployment and hardship. There is of course, no cost in accessing your school nurses and no appointment necessary.


Warm Regards and hoping for your good health

The District Nurses









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