Food Service Updates

Marshwoood Schools

April 24, 2020

Some exciting news from our Food Service Department:

Beginning Monday, April 27, 2020, our Food Service Program is going to be modifying its current schedule (see below). Also beginning next week, we will be expanding our meal pick-up and delivery service to include free weekend meals.

Beginning next week, our current 5-day a week operation will be shifting to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only.  Therefore, food pick-up and delivery will happen on the following schedule:


Mondays – Meals will be delivered/picked-up for both Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday – Meals will be delivered/picked-up for Wednesday and Thursday

Friday* – Meals will be delivered/picked-up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Meals can be picked up at any of our school cafeterias from 8:30 am – 11:00 am


*Due to the volume of meals being delivered on Fridays, delivery will be split into two separate runs (both on Friday):

-Delivery 1- meals for Friday

-Delivery 2- meals for Saturday & Sunday


If you are already signed up for delivery, you will automatically receive delivered meals for both Saturday and Sunday.  If you would like to opt-out of delivery for the weekend meals, please call our Food Service Department and we can remove you from the weekend delivery list.

Please remember, all meals are available free of charge to any child under the age of 18, regardless if they attend Marshwood Schools or not.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


John Caverly

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