Bus Run Information

Please check the Bus Run link to Infofinder i Parent Portal (located on the Transportation Home Page) for the 2020-21 school year’s bus runs.

Currently there are no after school activities – Late Bus Start Date to be Determined

For All Bus Runs:

Keep in mind the times recorded are anticipated times with a window of 8 to 10 minutes to accommodate for traffic flow, weather conditions, and any other unanticipated occurrences. Your child(ren) should be waiting at the designated bus stop between 5 to 8 minutes prior to bus arrival. As bus approaches they should be standing safely 10 feet from the road/street, when bus comes to a complete stop and driver signals your child(ren) may enter the bus or cross the road to enter the bus.
Please see Bus Safety Rules for further information.

Bus Runs with an asterisk after them are “At-Capacity” Bus Runs.

Currently All Students will be transported only on their assigned bus. 

At-Capacity Bus Runs for 2020-21: Runs that are “At-Capacity” can not transport more students than are already assigned.
IF transportation is required of an “At-Capacity” bus run, arrangements must be made 24 hours prior by parent/guardian in writing or by contacting individual schools stating the request.

Bus Runs are not able to accommodate for every need,
such as non-educational purposes, ie. play-dates.

Parental Waiver Form

All bus runs require parental permission when students require a change from their normal routine*, confirmed with a written request to the individual school offices prior to the morning bell in order to verify the request. Parents may use the Parent Request Form link below. Bus Permission Passes should be attained by student prior to leaving school premises at the end of the day. Otherwise permission will not be granted by bus drivers.

Parental Request Form

*See General Information Changes for further details.

Bus Emergency Form

Please select the link below, fill out and return to Transportation via your child’s school.

emergency form

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