December 11. 2020

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December 11. 2020

A message from MSAD 35 MAINE


In an effort to receive & provide the most consistent and timely information possible, MSAD 35 is asking that you contact your child’s school in any of the following events:

your child has a positive COVID test


  • your child is deemed a close contact of someone who has a positive COVID test 
  • your child has any symptoms as outlined on the attached pre-assessment tool for school attendance. 

Daily Health Screening Reminder 

The attached tool should be used to determine if your student should come to school everyday! 

If the answer is YES to any of the first 3 questions OR they have 2 or more of the “less common” symptoms, it is essential that you keep your student home and notify your school nurse. 

Travel Guidance as presented in question 4 is provided below

Students should only attend school if the answer to all questions is NO and they are well and have no other symptoms of illness.

Students who develop symptoms at school will need to be picked up immediately. Please be sure your students’ school has your most up to date contact information and you have created a plan for who can pick up your student if you are unavailable.

Returning to School After Illness

In accordance with the Center of Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Maine chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the following guidelines will be followed for students to return to in-person instruction after illness. Please note that in all scenarios listed below a note from a medical provider will be required for return to school. A copy of a negative test is sufficient if your student is out for illness. (** note if your child is not ill but is out because of being a close contact of a positive COVID case they will need to quarantine for the full 14 days even if they test negative).

If the student was seen by their provider and no swab was done because an alternative diagnosis was made, then they may return to in-person instruction when symptoms have improved and have been fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication.


  1. If a swab for COVID-19 is done and the result is negative: The student must stay home until the test result is confirmed to be negative and may return to in-person instruction when symptoms have improved and the student has been fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of medication. 
  2. If a swab for COVID-19 was done and the result was positive: The family/staff member will notify the school nurse and will follow the CDC guidelines before returning to in-person instruction. All criteria below must be met: 
  1. Ten days have passed since the test was performed if asymptomatic. 
  2.   Ten days have passed since the onset of symptoms, symptoms are improving and there has been no fever in the past 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication).
    5.  You have been notified by Maine CDC that your child is cleared from isolation and may go back to school. 
  3. If the student/staff was not tested for COVID-19 and no alternative diagnosis 

was made (patient/family declined, unable to obtain a test), this person may return to in-person instruction when all three criteria are met:


  1. Ten days have passed since the onset of symptoms  

Symptoms are improving


There has been no fever in the past 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication



Travel Guidance

 Maine Travel Guidelines were updated November 13th. Big picture, the only two places on the planet that are exempt from these requirements are New Hampshire and Vermont. This means you can travel freely between Maine and NH and Vermont without testing or quarantining. Travel to anywhere else in our country (or anywhere in the world) and back to Maine requires that you test and/or quarantine. 

 Effective November 16, Massachusetts is designated as a non-exempt state which means that our existing testing and quarantine requirements apply to all Mainers who travel to and from Massachusetts for any reason. (Essential workers who are traveling for work are not impacted by this). Massachusetts was previously on the non exempt list, was placed on the exempt list on September 23 and is now back on the non exempt list effective 11/16. 


To summarize…….


All Maine residents over 12 months of age are required to either get a COVID test or quarantine for 14 days after traveling from Maine and back, to any where else (except NH and VT). This includes ALL travel for ANY reason (pleasure, emergency, medical appointments, business, shared custody, etc……)


The test can be done up to 72 hours before returning to Maine or upon arrival (or any time during the quarantine period).


If you choose to quarantine it means to stay at home for the full fourteen days after you return. If you return on Sunday night for example, Monday would be considered day one.


If you have guests visiting you do not need to test or quarantine but please be sure that they do.


All staff/students need to follow Maine requirements when returning to work or school even if you live outside of Maine.

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