December 22, 2020 update

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December 22, 2020 

Dear students, staff, families, and community,

We want to provide a plan for managing most things COVID over the break. 

If your child’s symptoms start or if they receive a positive COVID test on or before Dec 24th, please contact your school nurse via email so that we can immediately initiate contact tracing in your child’s school. **


Positive tests after 12/24*** will be reviewed January 2 and you will be contacted regarding return to school guidelines. 


We will be checking our emails periodically over break, however we encourage you to contact your PCP or local walk in for COVID questions/issues including symptoms and testing. For severe symptoms please seek medical care. 


**If your child has tested positive during the week of 12/11 through 12/19 and you have NOT contacted your school, please do so today. 


*** For positive tests or COVID exposures after 12/24, please email your school nurse and include your child’s full name, date of birth, the date of symptom onset, the test or exposure date and if possible a screenshot or attachment of the test results. Do not return to school unless you have heard from your school nurse. 


Please remember and faithfully practice all of the efforts that all of us need to do all of the time to protect ourselves, our families and our communities:


Mask Up

Wash Your Hands

Keep Your Distance

Avoid Non-Essential Travel  –  If you do travel, please follow the quarantine guidelines to a T.

Recommit to limiting indoor gatherings. This is probably the hardest one because our families fall into this group. It is recommended that we not gather indoors with people that we do not live with. If you do, limit numbers, wear a mask, keep your distance and be mindful that much if not most of the transmission occurring now happens in this situation. 


Bottom line, we cannot let up. Help is on the way but this is the time to really dig in and do things the best way that we can. Not going to lie; it’s going to be a different holiday season. We’re just going to have to make the biggest batch of lemonade we’ve ever seen; we’ve all done a pretty good job of juggling lemons for the past nine months. The reality is we’re  going to have to keep it up for a little longer. 


Thanks to all of you for working so hard this far; it has not gone unnoticed by us and we are deeply appreciative of everybody’s vigilance. We are grateful and hope that you all have a good break! Stay safe and take very good care!


The Marshwood District Nurses

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