11th Summer Arts Academy Challenge Course Camps at Marshwood Middle School


The Summer Arts Academy Challenge Course Camps at Marshwood Middle School is

An Experiential Learning program that builds

confidence, self-esteem, trust and cooperative skills in a

challenging and supportive environment.

Facilitated by Mike O’Byrne

Physical Education & Wellness Teacher

Challenge Course Director

July 6-10th

July 13-17th

July 20-24th

July 27-31st

Morning sessions are from 8:30-11:30

There are no afternoon sessions at this time!

What is a Challenge Course Camp??? It’s a place where kids come to stretch their comfort zones, to challenge themselves physically, socially and mentally, to have fun! We base the program around the development and implementation of trust, cooperation, safe risk taking and teamwork.

The Camps are located at the MMS Challenge Course which is an indoor ropes course with a variety of low and high climbing elements. Kids will learn about climbing hardware, harnesses and helmets, belay techniques and climbing protocols.

Kids participate in Initiatives designed to promote teamwork, sharing and goal setting. They then progress from low elements to high elements, still working together to meet their goals, debriefing their success and “failures”. (Our “failures” are looked at as learning opportunities!)

A key part of the program is the reflection piece, where kids are asked to apply the learnings they have realized to real life situations. For example, where can they apply their new self-confidence in their daily life?

These camps are open to 2nd-8th grade students. For more information, please contact;

Ms. Diane DiCredico at 1-207-439-2438 (diane.dicredico@rsu35.org) or

Mike O’Byrne at 1-603-868-9734 (michael.obyrne@rsu35.org)

Comments heard around the gym…….

“It ain’t supposed to be easy!!!” 😉 “Now what?” “AGAIN!”

“If you had wanted an escalator, should have asked for one!”

“Figure it out!” “Thanks!” “OMG!!!!” “Oven Mitts?”

“Belay ON!” “ON Belay!” “Climbing?” “Climb Away!”

“I don’t know if I can DO this!” “Fall away!!!” “Oh, WOW!!!” “Yeehaw!!”

“Squeeze check!!!” “Blindfolded???” “I did it!” “It’s so HIGH!”

Please fill out BOTH sides and return to:

Ms. Diane DiCredico


180 Depot Road

Eliot, Me. 03903

Parent Name ______________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

Home Phone _____________________________________________

Cell Phone ____________________________________________

E-mail Required _________________________________

____________________________ _____________

____________________________ _____________

Child’s Name(s ) Age

Family Physician: ________________________ Phone: ____________________

Family Dentist: __________________________ Phone: ____________________

We are always greatly concerned about the safety and quality of our programs,

but occasionally a student will be injured and require a medical attention.

Therefore all students participating in the challenge course program must carry insurance.

Name of Private Carrier: _____________________________________________

Policy Numbers and Addresses: _______________________________________

Did you purchase Student Accident Insurance? ( )Yes ( )No

If yes, coverage type: ( )School Time ( )24-hour Plan ( )Football ( )Dental

*VERY IMPORT ANT* Please list any INJURIES, MEDICATIONS, ALLERGIES OR OTHER IMPORTANT MEDICAL INFORMATION in reference to your son/daughter: __________________________________________________________________


Please circle desired dates.

There is a $100.00 MSAD35 Resident fee per session for each child registered.

There is a NON RESIDENT fee of $115.00 for each child registered.

Please make your check out to MSAD 35

Morning sessions are from 8:30-11:30

There are no afternoon sessions at this time!

July 6-10th

July 13-17th

July 20-24th

July 27-31st

There is a possibility that sessions will be combined, extended or canceled

due to enrollment numbers. You will be updated as this occurs. This activity is

open to 2nd-8th grade students only.


Marshwood Middle School

Challenge Course

Adventure activities are exciting, challenging and both physically and mentally demanding. Some activities may be stressful and possibly hazardous. The MMS Challenge Course programs provide goal oriented activities that offer participants an opportunity to explore new behaviors related to trust, teamwork and leadership development. These activities may include field games, low elements a few feet high that are constructed of rope, cable and wood and high elements that require safety equipment. All activities are supervised by instructors who have been specifically trained in the operation and safe practices of challenge courses or rock climbing. Our philosophy is Challenge by Choice, meaning that participants agree to choose their own level of challenge and agree not to be coerced by instructors or other participants.

MSAD 35 has taken precautions to provide proper equipment and qualified instructors. It is impossible, however, to guarantee absolute safety. While it is the aim and responsibility of the program and instructor to provide participants with an enjoyable, educational and safe experience, it must be realized that there is a degree of risk and personal responsibility for safety when one participates in adventure activities. Participants will receive instruction in safe up-to-date practices and safety techniques related to all elements and activities and be supervised throughout the program. Participants are advised to call hazardous situations to the leader’s attention.

Injuries can occur. By consenting to participation, parents/participants assume all risks incidental to use of the course and activity, including the possibility of bruises and other more serious injuries. Signing this form indicates the recognition and understanding of the responsibilities and hazards inherent in participation on the course. Participants/parents agree to assume all responsibilities and risks involved in the program and for yourself and your heirs to release and hold harmless MSAD 35, its officers, and employees, from all claims and legal actions, whether for property damage, physical injury or otherwise, arising from participation in the program.

Participant Signature _________________________________________

Parent Signature ____________________________________________

Date _____________________

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