Central School Hike Through History May 28th!

Twenty-First Annual 
Central School Hike Through HistoryThursday May 28, 2015


(rain date Monday June 1)



“The River in Your Town” Quilt Project

Once again, Sammie Haynes, local singer and songwriter,  will kick-off the Central School Hike Through History by singing “The River in Your Town”.  This year this fabulous River in Your Town Quilt will be on display.

For the Portsmouth Fabric Shop’s 35th Anniversary Celebration, they sponsored a Fish Block contest as part of “The River in Your Town” Quilt Project. The quilt blocks were sewn together with other blocks from the contest to become “The River in Your Town” Quilt which is now on display at the shop!

“The River in Your Town” Quilt will travel to various communities that are holding fundraisers and awareness programs that support organizations like the York Center For Wildlife and promote the book, “The River In Your Town”.

“The River in Your Town” is a song/book written by Sammie Haynes and illustrated by the 2012 second grade students of Central School in South Berwick, ME; Peter Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NH, $10, available at Portsmouth Fabric Company. Once the printing costs are met, the school will use their royalties to bring more arts programs to the students. Sammie Haynes plans to give her royalties to area organizations that support and preserve our rivers, lands, wildlife, history and the Children’s Music Network (www.cmnonline.org).






This year’s Hike Through History will take you on a tour through South Berwick and into Rollinsford, NH where you will explore the role of children in the 1800s. Hikers will experience life as a child with a focus on school, work and play. Eighth-grade students from Marshwood Middle School and third-grade students from Central School will act as interpreters and presenters as they share their knowledge of these rich historical themes in South Berwick. Throughout this hike, you will be engaged in many hands-on activities as you learn how children’s personal lives were connected with events in their community. Hikers will learn about the culture, economics, geography and the significance of local historical events and people in South Berwick.

Students will begin their day in their classrooms followed by opening ceremonies on the front steps of Central School at 8:45. A hot dog lunch will be served picnic style. Students who want the hot dog lunch will sign up in their classrooms as usual. The cost for guests wishing to have hot lunch is $3.00 per child and $5.00 per adult. Guests should pay at the cookout serving line.

We extend a very special thank you to Central School’s third grade teachers and Marshwood Middle School’s eighth grade teachers, who have worked collaboratively to create this incredible day of learning for our Central School students and community members.

Rules to Walk By: walk, walk on the left facing traffic, stay with your group, be good listeners, take care of your trash, look and touch when you are invited to and most of all enjoy your day!

Hike Through History Coordinators, Pam Mulcahey, Tracy Lapointe, Nicole St. Pierre, Rachel Wendell

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