Former Student in the News

Former Central School and Marshwood High School Graduate to speak at TEDx in Denver.



Nicole Garneau

Nicole Garneau is a geneticist at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and takes an active role in public engagement with science in both her research and her community outreach. As a result, she promotes an interactive dialogue between the public, citizen-scientists, and career scientists and was recently selected as a finalist for the 2012 AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science. At the museum, she directs the highly successful Genetics of Taste Lab, a community-based research model that incorporates both crowdsourcing and citizen science. The scientific goal of the lab is determining the way a person’s DNA affects their ability to taste, and therefore their food choices and diet. The data from Nicole‚Äôs research will improve the understanding of how evolution has helped humans adapt as a species in order to survive, and also explain the effects of taste evolution on modern day humans. As an advocate for women in science, Nicole created an alter ego “Yo Pearl the Science Girl” and co-founded the group Skirts in Science at the Museum to connect and support current and future women in scientific careers.

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