Hot Shots at Central School

The Newmarket Hot Shots jump rope demonstration team inspired students at Central Elementary School in South Berwick Tuesday as they the Maine school prepares for their event, Jump Rope for Heart next week. The students jump rope to raise money for the American Heart Association.[Deb Cram/]

Newmarket Hot Shots Show Their Stuff at South Berwick School

Deb Cram/Fosters.comPosted Mar 7, 2018

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — The gymnasium at Central School in South Berwick was filled with the sounds of jumping feet in rhythm with clicking ropes as the Newmarket Hot Shots demonstrated their mesmerizing physical ability Tuesday.

“The Newmarket Hot Shots are here to inspire students, especially third graders because they will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart next week and raising money for the American Heart Association,” explained physical education teacherKristan Tiede. “The Hot Shots are sponsored by the organization and we are their third school they have demonstrated for today. They are amazing.”

“We truly feel it is a privilege for us to come to your school,” said Coach Nancy Miller. “We have about 200 jumpers at Newmarket (NH) and these students are on the demonstration team from second to fifth grade. These are kids just like you. They do all kinds of activities, but today they have a jump rope in their hands and today we are going to show you some skills. We want to thank you for your participation for Jump Rope for Heart to help the American Heart Association because you know what that helps them do,” she told the audience. “They’re able to save lives.”

With heart-beating music pounding from speakers, a second grader demonstrated the basic skills needed in jump roping as Miller offered encouragement: “If you can do this, you can do anything in the show today.”

Students clapped, oohed and ahhed, as the Hot Shots did double jumps, handstands, skipped, split, and cartwheeled, all while continuing to jump rope. After the show, a third grader from Central School was heard saying with a look of anticipation: “Wow, they were amazing. It makes me want to be able to jump rope like that.”

She will have a chance on March 13 when Central’s third graders Jump Rope for Heart and raise money for the cause. Last year the school raised over $4,000 for the American Heart Association.

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