News from the Central School Nurse

News from the Central School Nurse
August 2019

Dear Kindergarten Parents and Caregivers,

The school year is fast approaching. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

At the start of Kindergarten, children are required to have their 5-year-old immunizations completed. These are:
5 DTaP
4 Polio
2 Measles, mumps, rubella
1 Varicella

The school is required to have a copy of the 5-year-old physical. If your child has turned 5 since the springtime, and you have had the physical over the summer- please call your child’s doctor and request a copy of the 5-year-old physical and immunization record. These 2 items can be sent directly to Central School by your medical office, attn: Nurse. They are needed by Friday, August 30th. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us be able to meet your child’s health needs. Fax number 207 384 2678.

If your child has asthma or an allergy, I would like to discuss this with you. A current asthma action plan and/or allergy action plan should be in place prior to the start of school.

I look forward to meeting your children and assisting them and you, in any way, to ensure their well being.

Thank you so much!

Laura Detwiler, MSN,RN
Central School Nurse
Phone: 384-2333

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