Marshwood Great Works School and Marshwood Middle School Students Compete in the Third Meet of the Year for the Southern Maine Elementary Math League  

On March 14th, the fifth and sixth grade math teams traveled to Portland with Mrs. Jacobs and Mr. Wynne to compete in the third meet of the year for the Southern Maine Elementary Math League. There were 23 sixth grade teams and 26 fifth grade teams competing.  The Great Works School’s 5th grade math teamMarshwood Great Works 5th grade math team placing 4th and scored 112 points in the meet! Celia Kundishora was the team high scorer earning 27 points! We are very proud of the team and their extra work to prepare for this competition.

Participants from Great Works School fifth grade team were: Pipsa Pope, Mary Keene, Jack Dalton, Rogan Boisvert, Celia Kundishora, Fiona Williams, Carter Shaw, Connor Grogg, Brady Livas, Nate Kelley, Hayden Demeroto, and Ethan Waddell.  groups break 5th grade 5th grade working 5th grade 3 5th grade team working 5th grade team close up Marshwood Middle School 6th grade math team

The Marshwood Middle School sixth grade team’s combined score earned them 7th place in the competition!  Sixth grade competitors included: Maddie Getchell, Truett Finstad, Lilly Gennaro, Chyanne Simms, Laura Horvath, Colin Barker, Morgan Tessier, Megan True, and Hailey McIntire. Maddie Getchell’s score of 33 points was second overall among all 6th graders at the meet!

The meet formats for both grade levels are the same.  There is one arithmetic round with five questions, one geometry round with five questions, and one team round with six questions.  The arithmetic and geometry rounds are done individually. Each round is timed for a total of fifteen minutes.  

The final meet of the year will be held on May 2nd at the Portland Expo with grades 5-8 participating.   

Thank you for the support! Congratulations to these students!


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