MGW Food Drive

Dear Great Works School Parents/Guardians,

Hi everyone.

Do you want to help collect food for people in our community? We are trying to make a difference for people who many need some help. Every class has a different item to collect, but any food donation would be awesome. You can start bringing food in on Monday, November 5th and the drive lasts until November 14th. If our school brings in 500 cans, Mr. Burnell will celebrate the Red Sox and their World Series victory by wearing a Red Sox tee shirt and hat. This will be funny because he likes the New York Yankees. Thank you very much. The classroom suggested items is :

Mrs. Manero- pasta and spaghetti

Mrs. Burke- crackers and granola bars

Mrs. Williams- peanut butter and jelly

Mrs. Bousquet- pancake mix and syrup

Mr. Winchester-hot chocolate and cookie mixes

Ms. Humiston-bottle/can juice and juice boxes

Mrs. Morrison-hot or cold cereal

Mrs. Girouard-canned fruit and canned veggies

Mrs. Morse-canned tuna and canned beans

Mrs. McPherson-mac-n-cheese and pasta

Mrs. Starkey- peanut butter and jelly

Mrs. Lindgren-muffin and bread mixes

Mrs. Phipps-canned soup and stew

Mrs. Chidester-Thanksgiving supplies: canned pumpkin, canned cranberry sauce and stuffing mix


GWS 5th grade students Aislyn, Aleasa, Emma, Logan and Gabby

Mr. Burnell and Mrs. Shaw

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