Hi Everyone!

Do you want to help collect food for people in our community?  We are trying to make a difference for people who may need some help.  Every class has a different item to collect, but any food donation will be welcome.  Start bringing in food and let’s see if we can reach our school goal of 800 items and make an elected MGWS  staff person dress up like a turkey!

Mrs. McAllister – pasta and spaghetti sauce

Mrs. Burke – crackers and granola bars

Mrs. Williams – peanut butter and jelly

Ms. DeMace – pancake mix and syrup

Ms. Beyea – hot chocolate, cookie mixes, bread mixes

Ms. Humiston – bottle/canned juice and juice boxes

Mrs. Morrison – hot or cold cereal


Mrs. Girouard – canned fruit and canned vegetables

Mrs. Morse – canned tuna and canned beans

Mrs. McPherson – mac-n-cheese and pasta

Mrs. Starkey – peanut butter and jelly

Mrs. Lindgren – muffin, bread, biscuit mixes

Mr. Winchester – canned soup and stew

Mrs. Bousquet – Thanksgiving supplies: canned pumpkin, canned cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, cornbread mix, and canned vegetables


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