MGWS Roboteers Participate in Track Meet

IMG_6435 IMG_6440 IMG_6448 IMG_6452

A team of 5th grade students participated in the Maine Robotics Track Meet on May 17th in South Portland.  The Track Meet was designed to give roboteers, parents and teachers a junior program.  The program focuses on building, designing, and testing robots based on some very basic principles of physics, engineering and science.  The track meet requires the use of robots entirely built with LEGO materials.  We are grateful for the coaching by two volunteers from the community- Keith Page and Eric Arzberger, as well as the support of Mr. Burnell and Mrs. Jacobs.  Congratulations roboteers for your hard work! The Great Works team met the gold standard in each event! They also enjoyed connecting with the Hawkbotics team from MMS being coached by Keith Barron.  The MMS team took home a 1st place! The Robotics program is growing!

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