Marshwood Education Grant Provides Opportunity for Collaboration in the Art Classroom at Marshwood Great Works School

Thanks to a grant from The Marshwood Education Foundation, artist Thomas Bosket has been collaborating with Art teacher and artist, Rhonda Miller and her Marshwood Great Works School students. Students are using drawing to expand their understanding of the complex concepts of Systems and Metaphor.     Fourth Grade students have been…

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Winter is upon us…. With the cold weather, jackets, hats, mittens and boots are dusted off. Please put your child’s name on these items. This will help us return them when they’re left behind. * * * Bus Stop Safety Reminder While waiting at a bus stop, stand no closer…

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The updated School Calendar for 2018-2019 that shows the snow day. We will be updating and posting this calendar for each snow day taken. It is posted on the main webpage under calendars. This will also change the last day of school.


The last day of school has already been changed from June 10 to June 11 to reflect the first snow day.  Therefore, if we were to not have any more snow days the rest of the year, the last day of school would be June 11.  The number of school days in each month will also be updated to reflect days of school missed for snow days.

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Great Works School received a  grant of $2,948.00 for “The Cool AID Club (Academic Adventures in Disguise)”

Marshwood Education Foundation Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Awards $12,183 in Fall 2018 Grants to Marshwood Schools The Marshwood Education Foundation (MEF) supports innovation and excellence in the Marshwood school system. The goal is to provide funding for special projects that will enhance student experiences but are not included in the…

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MGW Food Drive

Dear Great Works School Parents/Guardians, Hi everyone. Do you want to help collect food for people in our community? We are trying to make a difference for people who many need some help. Every class has a different item to collect, but any food donation would be awesome. You can…

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BUS STOP NEWS from MSAD #35 Transportation

Starting in 2019-2020 school year, Bus Runs will only be available through the Parent iPortal Link on the Transportation Department Page located on the MSAD #35 website under the Departments tab, click on Transportation Parents are invited to visit the Parent iPortal this year and enter their residential address to…

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