Upcoming Events at MGWS

Good Afternoon Great Works School Families,

I know every month is busy but March seems to top this list. There are a number of events taking place at GWS and I wanted to give you some information. I’m sure with some of the activities, more information will be coming.

March 15th: School trip to Merrill Auditorium in Portland to see a play.

We will be leaving school by 8:30 so please do not be tardy that day. Students should being a snack that they can eat on the bus after the play. We will provide them with water so you don’t need to send along a drink. If you have not sent your child’s permission form in, please do so as it is required to go. It would also be nice if the kids could dress up a bit as we attend the show.

March 21st: Pancake Breakfast with funds supporting the Jimmy Fund

We will be hosting our annual pancake breakfast in the gym that moring. We have done this for a number of years with the money raised going to a particular cancer organization. This year the student organizers of the event selected the Jimmy Fund as the organization to support. The cost of the breakfast is $3.00 and students can purchase their “ticket” starting Monday, March 11th. A table will be set up in the lobby all that week to collect money for the kids.

March 28th: Artist and Authors Night

You will be receiving more information about this event later on but just know it is a very relaxing evening where parents, grandparents and friends can come visit the school see some of the great work that their children are producing. There will be many performances that evening as well. A new twist this year is to create a community “canstruction.” We are asking students to bring in can goods prior to that evening as part of GWS making a difference in the fight against hunger in our community. These can will be in the cafe and we are inviting everyone to come in and help with our “canstruction.”

March 29th : Penny Sale

This event is the largest fundraiser that the PTO organizes and we are in hopes many of you show up that evening. We have received a variety of prizes already but we always welcome more. If you could send in a game, stuffed animal, gift certificate,etc. that would be great. The kids could win things like Principal of the Day, ride to school in a fire truck or police car, different after school sessions with a teacher to name a few. Tickets go on sale on March 11th with the price of $1.00 for 25 tickets. The price goes up to $2.00 the day of the sale.

Conference , MEA Testing and Pinkham Notch paperwork

Just a reminder that Parent/Teacher conferences are held on March 13 and March 21st. Also, the state MEA testing will begin on March 25th. For 5th grade parents, paperwork and payment for Pinkham Notch is due by March 22nd. If you have any questions about any part of the trip, please contact your child’s teacher or myself.

As you can see, a great deal is happening at GWS this month. These are all wonderful opportunities for your students and we love how they always respond in a positive way. We are lucky to have the kids we have.

Enjoy your weekend.


Jerry Burnell

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