IMG_1662Two MGWS students, Katie McColley and Lizzy McManus, recently had their poetry chosen from a field of over 100 applicants in the Dover Library’s annual poetry contest.    Congratulations, poets!!


by Lizzy McManus

The day I was so happy,

and then

I heard the news.

She is gone forever

never going to say

I love you again.

That day.

The day I can never talk about.

The day she left.



by Katie McColley

Boredom strikes again.

And now I have to return you.

But your chapters,


and smell of sweet parchment

Will stay with me ‘till infinity.

Jet black ink,

printed on a page.

I cherished every word –

For I wouldn’t dare to forget them.

You gave me something to do

You gave me an interest

And most of all, you gave me a gift.

But you can’t give me that gift anymore.

For when I read your last chapter,

last paragraph,


and word,

The laughter,

the intensity,

all drifted away.

And even if I read you,

again, and again, and again.

You will never be the same as the first time I read you.

For only the first time I read you,

can you give me the gift.


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