Later Start Time Decision Making Rubric

  1. June 20, 2019Dear Members of the Marshwood Community,

    Last night the Board reviewed the attached Later Start Time Decision Making Rubric to review all of the options that the Later Start Task Force considered and analyzed in its work over the last 28 months.  The Task Force based its work on four core values that are encoded in our contracts and embedded in our practice. These four core values are:


    • Preserve the 7 hour per day of instructional time for our students
    • Avoid all ages of students riding on our buses together
    • Preserve weekly building-wide collaborative planning time
    • Maintain co-curricular/extra-curricula opportunities for students

    Four implementation options were outlined by the Task Force and presented as follows:

    Option 1 Delay all school start times by 20 minutes

    Option 2 No change in the current schedule

    Option 3 Flip the current elementary and secondary schedule

    Option 4 Have all schools start the day at 8:30 a.m.

    The rubric summarized positive and negative aspects for each option; relevant questions that arose through the analysis of each option and asked the following three questions:


      1. Can we do this without negatively impacting the district’s core values?
      2. What did the survey data tell us?  [Surveys from parents, students & staff]


    • Should we do this?

    Although the Board expressed their sincere wish to implement a later start time for our secondary youth, after considering all of the data and implementation realities, the Board came to consensus to leave the present Marshwood school schedule as is.  Chief among the implementation realties cited were:


    • Students participating in vocational programming at either Sanford, Dover or Somersworth would have their programming impacted significantly
    • With a later start time, some extra-curricular activities would not be able to be offered to our students
    • The heavy impact on the families of elementary aged students

    I wish to express my deep appreciation to the Later Start Task Force members for their hard work on this important issue.  The Board expressed its openness to discuss ways in which MSAD 35 could work together with other districts in the future to synchronize both the vocational programs’ start times and the various athletic schedules for our middle and high school youth ~ two key areas vital for resolving implementation issues.

    If you would like more information about this decision-making rubric or the Board’s recommendation to leave the present school start time schedule as is, you can reach out to John Caverly, Co-Chair of the Later Start Task Force at


    Mary Nash, Ph.D.

    Superintendent of Schools

    MSAD 35

    Marshwood Later Start Committee


    1. Meetings March of 2017 – October of 2018
    2. Committee was comprised of:
    • Keri Tice, Board Chair / Parent
    • Will Hausmann, Former Student Representative
    • Sue Berman, Board Member / Parent
    • Rich Luciano, QEA President / Teacher
    • Dan Mannshrek, Board Member / Parent
    • Rich Buzzell, Athletic Director
    • Andrea Anderson, Rollinsford Board Member / Parent
    • John Caverly, Administrator / Parent
    • Tony Bourbon, Administrator
    • Heidi Early-Hersey, Administrator / Parent
    • Paul Mehlhorn, Administrator
    1. Brought in various community resources:
    • Start School Later Task Force Representative
    • Representatives from Thornton Academy and Biddeford
    • Collected data from various school district about later start times
    1. Reviewed numerous studies around starting school later for Middle and High School students
    2. Several factors to consider unique to Marshwood:
    • Geographic location as one of the most southern in York County makes travel to co-curricular activities difficult with a later start time. Most districts who have been able to implement later start times are more centrally located.
    • Two-tier bus system (elementary and secondary runs)
    • Some bus routes require one hour to transport students to or from school (South Eliot to Great Works, Tatnic to Marshwood Middle School)
    1. Performed 2 individual surveys, one centered around the community as a whole (all parents only), and one centered on how potentially starting school later would effect individual families (all parents, all staff and middle and high school students)
    1. Presented to the MSAD 35 Board of Directors in October 2018 and the Board asked for Community feedback on February 6, 2019 and February 27, 2019
    1. The Board asked to tabulate all of the data onto a chart to help understand all of the individual options with all the related pros and cons.


    District’s Core Values

    1. Preserve 7 hour per day instructional time for students
    2. Avoid all ages of students riding on our buses together
    3. Preserve weekly building-wide collaborative planning time
    4. Maintain co-curricular / extra curricular opportunities for students

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Trouble-Shooting Steps for people who are not receiving emails via District Infinite Campus Messenger

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  2. Check that the email address on file with your child’s school is current/correct.
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Please contact your school if you are not receiving district or school emails.

Marshwood celebrates ‘unmatched’ Class of 2019

By  Karen Dandurant June 7, 2019

Link to Marshwood High School Graduation photos: Shot 2019-06-08 at 9.07.05 PM Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 9.07.30 PM Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 9.09.23 PM Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 9.10.13 PM Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 9.11.10 PM

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — A sea of purple crossed the field at Marshwood High School as 208 students prepared to receive their diplomas Friday night under a gorgeous blue sky.

In welcoming the students, faculty and families, Principal Paul Mehlhorn said they were gathered together for 208 special reasons.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better day,” said Mehlhorn. “The quality of this class is unmatched. Thanks to everyone who had a part in getting us here tonight.”

Valedictorian Noble Mushtak gave the class three pieces of advice as they begin to pursue their life goals.

“First, you need determination to reach a goal,” said Mushtak. “Hard work can be very rewarding. Next, you need focus. You need to pay attention to the details. And finally, learn how to apply your time wisely. It can take hours, weeks, days or years to reach a goal. No matter what, stay with it.”

Marshwood High School graduation 2019In her honor essay, Salutatorian Makenna Janes talked about the kindness of her classmates, and about the fact most of them had grown up together and were now preparing to scatter out into the world.

I want to thank our teachers, and families, who made us college and career ready,” said Janes. “To the Class of 2019: I never imagined referring to you as people I knew in my past. But we grew up together and I will remember.”

Janes said what she will remember most about her classmates is their kindness.

“You all care so much that it scares me a bit,” said Janes. “I hope this kindness is what our class is recognized for. Now your kindness will scatter and spread to the world.”

Emerson McCoomb plans to stay close to home, at least for now. She will entering York County Community College to study animal care and management.

“I will really miss high school,” said McCoombs. “This has been a fun time for me. I will miss the bonds we have formed here.”

Marshwood High School Class of 2019

Nathan T. Abrahamson

Connor Adams

Samuel John Aiguier

Renée Philip-Ann Allen

Kara Marie Anderson

Sarah Beckett Arenberg

Gabriel F. Auger

Katherine M. Austin

Ena Louise Baker

Gabrielle Barber

Regan Barnes

Noelle Alyssa Barrett

Zackery Benjamin Bate

Spencer Beal

Avery A. Beale

Jordyn E. Beers

Stefanos Bessas

Alexandra Nash Birkbeck

Lindsey R. Bogh

Chase Bouffard

Zoe Catherine Boyer

Chance Joshua Brown

Wayne J. E. Brown

Zachary Allen Brown

Jessica Brunelle

Ian E. Bryant

Camila Gómez Canel

Trevor B. Chase

Robert W. Christian

Izabella Winter Clark

Nathalie Sandra Clavette

Lily O’Neil Clough

Rheis Aaron Cloutier

Caylie Mara Cocola-Pope

Emersyn Colbath Stevens

Tyler Jamie Conary

Joshua P. Cronin

Lauren A. Cusson

Kasey Alicia Davis

Matthew Thomas Davis

Tucker Hadden Davis

Jason DeFelice

James P. L. Distasio

Jacob Thomas Doyle

Adam J. Doyon

Jillian Driscoll

Ryan James Driscoll

Melanie T. Dube

Kellyn Nicole DuBois

Ian Alexander Dures

Ryley J. Edgell

Amber Marie Edgerly

Devon Mathew Fife

Brooke Ireland Flynn

Shayleigh Folger

Larsen Timothy Foye

Lauren E. Franciose

Elizabeth Rose Fudge

Madison B. Gagner

Connor Patrick Galvin

Rachel Renee Gatcomb

Kyle R. Gervais

Jonathan P. Giblin

Easton S. Gilbert

Leah Tess Glidden

Megan Nicole Goodwin

Myles Goodwin

Patrick Gorman

Colin Grady

Madison A. Gray

Madison Lily Gray

Vincenzo Giovanni Michael Graziano

Emry V. Greene

Drew Thomas Gregor

Anna C. Grinnell

William C. Hamblett

Ethan William Hammond

Samuel Spencer Hammond

Avery Claudia Harrison

Benjamin Harvey

Morgan Annette Hasty

Adelaide Evans Hendrick

Camryn A. Herrick

Amanda Lynn Hill

Georgianna Emily Hilton

Carolyn Hoerth

Henry O. Honkonen

Anna Grace Houghton

Jocelyn Jansen

Abigail Kaye

Connor A. Kean

Nathaniel Kenneth Detwiler Keene

Nathan Kiesman

Jada Kyli Laflin

Jillian Leigh Land

Kayla Grace Landry

Rachel Catherine Lane

Michael D. LaSelva

Sofia Cecilia Latta

Céline Lawrence

Elizabeth Juliet Lawson

Lauren Taylor Leidemann-Smith

Emily Eve Lewis

Jake Christopher Lindsay

Madeline Rose Lindsay

Jaiden Long

Jameson Cannon Lord

Kasey N Lucero Obando

Jay R. Lyman

Sarah MacDonald

Devin Alan Mahoney

Irene A. Mamesah

Mikayla Kathleen Manderville

Gabrielle Marcou

Dylyn Markham

Nicole Marks

Isabel Martin

Jared Michael McCarthy

Connor McCoomb

Emerson E. McCoomb

Madison McCoomb

Camille Letourneau McGarrell

Samuel McKenney

Jalion Nesta McLean

Aidan Christopher McPherson

Nicole M. Merosola

Samuel Donald Mitchell

Samuel B. Molin

Annie Ashton Montanus

Megan E. Moore

Chloe Catharine Moretti

Katelyn Mary Mundell

Nicolas Gordon Neathawk

Kaileigh Nelson

Connor T. Nickerson

Nathan Niles

Hannah Normand

Frederick W. Owens

Travis Paquet

Michael E. Pelletier

Aaron R. Penney

Temesgen L. Petrie

Tyler Petzack

Mia Catherine Pike

Eliott Ralph Place

Jackson Todd Poteracki

Stephen John Rezack III

John D. Riccardi

Alexandra Richards

Alicia Richards

Juliette M. Richards

Logan P. Richardson

Xander L. Rogers

Cooper Ross

Jacqueline R. Ruksznis

Alyssa Gabrielle Saltz

Ilanah S. Sandler

Jacob Arthur Sansoucie

Marcos G. Santos-Hall

Maddelyn Day Sawyer

Fiona Cecile Scharff

Sydney Ellen Schwartz

Anthony Sebastian

Madelin Louise Sintiris

Julia Smith

Paul Robert Spezia

David Spinney

Thomas D. Springer

Aiden C. Stone

Dylan Strong

Virginia Eleanor Sullivan

Malachy C. Taplin

Abraham Thompson

Jarid F. Tomblin

William Wesley True

Isabella Cunningham Trull

Max Tullgren

Jordan Scott Utley

Brynn Van Dorn

Alexander Varner

Grace Ella Verrill

Colin Alistair Vorbach

Molly M. Walker

Maxwell C. Weaver

Elizabeth H. Wentworth

Joseph Andrew Wessling

Carlie White

Macey Margaret White

Matthew T. White

Caleb Whiting-Grant

Kye Williams

Kira Rose Winter

Collin D. Woodworth

Kayla V. Wozny

Mackenzie Katherine Young

Megan Leanne Zachau

Matthew Liam Zinck

Top 10 students

Noble H. Mushtak, valedictorian

Liam L. Coomey

Makenna Janes, salutatorian

Elyse C. Hassett

Courtney Ann Thim

Michaela Lee Tero

Nicolette Jeannine Gardner

Katherine G. Page

Natalie Rose Herbold

Alayna Ann Melino

Graduation 2019

Tonight’s graduation ceremonies will be live-streamed.  If you are unable to attend in person you may watch using the following link: