MHS in-person and remote school closed tomorrow Tuesday, January 2, 2021

A message from MSAD 35 MAINE
January 4, 2021
Dear Staff, Students, and Families,
This evening I was notified of a confirmed case of COVID 19 in one of our district schools. This letter is to inform you that an individual associated with Marshwood High School has tested positive for the COVID 19 virus. All close contacts are in the process of being contacted. Unfortunately, there are a large number of staff who have been identified as close contacts, and our capability to provide in-person instruction during the 10-day quarantine period may be in jeopardy.
Due to the timing of receipt of this information, I must, unfortunately, cancel school tomorrow, both in-person and remote, on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 at Marshwood High School. We need more time to better understand the implications of those staff members who are considered to be close contacts and the ramifications of their potential absence from school. We will be working with the CDC as we manage this situation.
This is not an easy decision, but we must have an opportunity to determine if enough staffing will be available to provide in-person instruction. Principal Rob Scully will be sending out an additional communication tomorrow to provide an update on this emerging situation. It is my hope to return to our normal in-person instruction schedule on Thursday, January 7th, 2021.
There is a possibility that we may need to begin fully remote instruction on Thursday, January 7th, 2021 which will continue through Thursday, January 14th, 2021 with a return to our normal in-person learning beginning Friday, January 15th, 2021. This will only be if proper staffing cannot be provided for in-person instruction due to the number of staff close contacts who are identified. This situation is further complicated by 8 positive cases identified at Marshwood High School over the past 3 weeks, additional close contacts, and the spiking state and community positivity rates.
I understand the difficulty this may create for many of our families. Please understand this is not a decision that is made lightly. We will do our absolute best to navigate the impact of the pandemic and maintain a quality and nurturing learning environment.
I appreciate your understanding.
John Caverly
Superintendent of Schools

Marshwood High School  2020-2021  HONOR ROLL  Quarter 1

Marshwood High School  2020-2021  HONOR ROLL  Quarter 2



High Honors


Katalina Abell, Aoife Coomey, Josie D’angelo, Madisyn Denault, Ella Grinnell, Kayley Lin, Sawyer March, Eva Moreland, Rowan Nabel, Annika Oberg, Silja Pope, McKenzie Shaw, Rowan Waddell, Pearl Wynne




Lily Bernier, Caleb Boyle, Natalie Cappa, Stella Case, Ronan Casey, Leah Cavanaugh, Maren Chapman, Kiley Colman, Stella Cullity, Grace Dalton, Pamela Daskoski, Kenai Clyde Diaz, Hannah Doran, Kayleigh Dowd, Carter Ducey, Lily Dupree, Noah Fitzgerald, Aidan Foret, Katelyn Friberg, Marley Graham, Isabella Gray, Ella Holland, Elizabeth Houghton, Ryan Howell, Lauren Hunting, Rachel Johnson, Ivy Landry, Cameron Leveille, Sadie Lewis, Zackary Martin, Sarah McClellan, Elle McDaniel, Iza McKean, Ella Montanus, Alexandra Nichols, Ayla O’Leary, Erika Parker, Riley Parnham, William Poteracki, Hadley Prewitt, Aidan Pride, Joseph Riddell, Stella Sorbello, Colin Sunderland, Jaelin Trager, Andrew Webber


Honorable Mention


Liam Alley, Montana-Rae Ballou, Jacob Bernier, Tyler Burns, Serena Cahill, Megan Callahan, Alexander Doyle, Katherine England, Ava Gilmore, Grace Gray, Ella Kelly, Emerson Lachance, Andrew Layton, Olivia McCusker, Ezekiel McIntire, Luke Nelson, Brianne Prisby, Katherine Sanborn, Mercedez Sanchez, Allison Smith, Douglass Starkey, Emma Vansickle, Bradley Wentworth




High Honors


Samantha Arnold, Lauryn Cruz, Charlotte Daniels, Alex Dixon, Jackson DuBois, Grace Ducharme, Emma Fife, Robert Hamblett, Jared Herrin, Drew Kaichen, Leah Maddison, Madison Murray-Forbus, Jonah Nobel, Malia O’Neill, MaryKatelyn Reeves, Jonathan Sawyer, Noa Semo, Abigail Simonelli, Jason Singer, Riley St. Pierre, Emma Tessier, Eva Therrien, Sean Williams, Helen Willoughby




Daniella Aceto, Shelby Anderson, Chloe Angell, Sarah Bevan, Grace Brackett, Margaret Chamberlain, Mitchell Childress, Uma Connolly, Mia Constantakos, Micah Costello, Ty Cougler, Estelle Cox, Asher D’Aran, Samuel DeGrappo, Jadyn Eastman, Peyton Emery, Declan Fitzgerald, Ruby Foss, Addie Fuller, Paige Gallant, Camryn Given, Lilly Goodwin, Anthony Gori, Lindley Gori, Rowyn Gould, Hannah Haggerty, Claudia Hohn, Alex Hussey, Graden Janes, Sophia Kriz, Madison LaBreck, Taylor LaBreck, David Lane, Jenny Lian, Sophie Lusenhop, Kendra Minster, Griffin Munhall, Lydia Phipps, Jacob Piazza, Ryan Pote, Chloe Reed, Owen Reeves, Sara Riley, Brooke Salvail, Hayden Sawyer, Julia Schultze, Danielle Siraco, Madison Smith, Brooke Souder, Kelsey Stevens, Elaine Stewart, Anabelle Taff, Elijah Tufts, Chase Turcotte, Jeremy Turner, Mitchell Vlcek, Griffin Vorbach, Caraboo West, Wyatt Yager


Honorable Mention


Sylvia Bisson, Michael Burbank, Benjamin Byrd, Savanah Cox, Alana Day, Harrison English-Yonan, Gehrig Hatch, Olivia Holt, Jesse Keen, Russell Leavitt, Samuel McShane, Savannah Nashwinter, Sydney Pergerson, Andrew Perry, Graham Pruyne, Mackenzie Raiche, Chloe Rooney, Mason Savage, Evan Schmerber, Cameron Sutton, Lucia Wiegert, Grant Winter




High Honors


Ali Arrigoni, Connor Carey, Elizabeth Cassidy, Kayla Fenton, Anna Flynn, Eli Fuchs, Eusevio Garay, Andrew Goodwin, William Kirkpatrick, Kai Machamer, Sophie Mitchell, Alana Moretti, Camden Oberg, Will Parker, Nicole Pettibone, Grant Simms, Ruby Sorbello, Trevor Wozny




Kate Adams, Jasmine Aloisio, Alexander Ansara, Abigail Arnold, Hadley Beale, Bryanna Bradley, Abram Cartmill, Christopher Cleary-Reuning, Patrick Cook, Micah Cronin, Andrew Daskoski, Mackenzie Davis, D’Lyza Diaz, Piper Edwards, Isabel Fajardo, Zachary Glidden, Kylie Gordon, Timothy Gori, Hayleigh Grassi, Audrey Hammond, Matthew Hemenway, Chloe Hendrick, Lucelia Himmer, Emily Johnson, Sierra Kellom, Rachel Kovach, Jackie Lian, Catherine McClellan, Katharine McColley, Alexandra Neff, Sarah Place, Liana Poole, Elli Pope, Seth Prisby, Iris Ross, Amerah Sandler, Alexys Scheive, Chloe Shaw, Aidan Sullivan, Finson Theos, Daniel Thim, Faith Tsakiris, Kamber Udy, Ella Vennard, Tucker Whelan


Honorable Mention


Amara Boisvert, Cadence Brown, Braden Butler, Esther Castillo, Oscar Chapman, Paul Connell, Haley Doubleday, Victoria Dusharm, Brenna Edgell, Lilyanna Enright, Fiona Gillis, Nathan Jalbert, Alexis Kast, Elizabeth McManus, Camden Minotti, Jackson Pollaro, Tristan Pruett, Louis Sbrizza, Mia Tero, Isabella Varney, Gabriella Wiggin, Andrew Wormwood




High Honors


Max Blackwin, Vivian Burnham, Owen Byrne, Natasha Colman, Rori Coomey, Augusta Drisko, John Flynn, Gabriella Fultz, Grace Hanson, Shaylee Herrin, Allison Hussey, Matigan Janes, Reid Johnson, Jaimee Kast, Emma LaBreck, Ella Nelson, Isadora Phipps, Abigail Rooney, Aidan San Diego, Isabella Schultze, Willa Stewart, Parker Swanson, Vivian Webster, Christopher Wengert, Justin Wright




Marcos Abell, Piper Allen, Raya Anderson, Paul Arnold, Calvin Barna, Mikayla Blaisdell, Linsey Bruno-Moulton, Nev Cartmill, Hannah Casey, Malcolm Connell, Evan Connors, Brayden Cusson, Stella D’Aran, Katelyn Drobisewski, Damien Dubay, Emily Entz, Madison Fjeld, Raegan Foye, Erin Galvin, Kaleb Grant, Kyle Grant, Jack Harmon, Emma Harvey, Corrin Hasty, Anna Hayes, JJ He, Trent Hill, Skylar Horton, Emma Howarth, Olivia Kilmer, Kendall Lawrence, Liana Leavitt, Madeleine Lindgren, Jacob Lusenhop, Madison Mahoney, Ryan Manderville, Abigail Mathieu, Sydney Mayo, Alexa McGee, Ayla McKean, Steven McKeel, Anna Miller, Natalie Oakley, Emma Ouellette, Sydney Page, Andrew Pruyne, Riley Schmerber, Mia Serrano, Natalie Singer, Oliver Specker, Jocelyn Stackpole, Kylie Stephens, Joseph Swindell, Jackson Theriault, Emma Tice, Anna Trott, Avery Waddell, Lianne Walker, Meagan Wentworth, Sean Wessling, Audrey Wharton, Edward Whitesell


Honorable Mention


Ryan Bisson, Grace Connors, Michael Doran, Merema Ferja, Sean Fuller, Carlie Haven, Aidan Knowles, Jacob Landry, Colby Leach, Nicholas Maddison, Sean Maguire, Ella Manero, Harrison Martin, Caitlin Mathieu, Eleonardo Miranda, Kelvin Peterson, Samuel Peterson, Collin Small, Abigail Smith, Margaret Spear, Chase Stanley, Emmarose Taylor, Cameron Trott, Callahan Yager

Inclement Weather Protocol

October 29, 2020

A message from MSAD 35 MAINE

Dear Members of the Marshwood Community,

As residents of Maine, we are all fully aware of the difficulties weather can create.  As a result, MSAD 35 has worked together with the Town of Eliot and Town of South Berwick Emergency Management Directors, as well as each community’s Chief of Police, Fire Chief and Public Works Director to create clear emergency protocols in the event of a severe weather event or an unanticipated emergency.  These protocols will provide clear, collaborative communication between the towns, the State of Maine and the school district.  In essence, I will work to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision regarding our school’s opening, closing or having a delayed start time, and then communicate this information by 5:45am with members of our school district.

Families have questioned why the phone calls to cancel school are so early in the morning; the reality is that our school buses begin their morning routine as early as 5:50am, with the first students being picked up at approximately 6:20am.  Therefore, some children are required to walk to their bus stops, up to ½ mile, and will be leaving their homes by 6:00am.  Below you will see listed the various outlets where MSAD 35 will post information in the event of a change in our school’s daily status:

Posting on the district’s website front page:

Posting on the district’s Facebook page

Notification via TV channels 6, 8 & 13

Notification via radio stations WTSN and WHEB/WERZ

Phone message and email via Connect-ED

MSAD 35 will not be able to offer “Blizzard Bag Days” (everyone fully remote) as an option instead of a traditional snow day.  The State of Maine has a requirement that lunch and breakfast must be served for a school day to be countable.

It is also important to note that weather conditions can range across our district and there may be times that, as a parent, you decide to keep your child home when school is open.  I want to assure you that the district will support you in your decision, as we believe that if you as the parent do not feel it is safe to have your child or children attend school, you should keep them home.  In these cases, the absence would be considered “excused” and any work that was missed may be made up in a reasonable period of time.  I also want to provide some clarity on our Two Hour Delay Schedule:

Two Hour Delay – A two hour delay will result in all schools moving their start times back 2 hours.  Bus pickup times will be 2 hours later than normal.

School                                              Bus Stop Pick up                          Two Hour Delay Start Time

CES       Two hours later than a typical day.   11:00 am

EES       Two hours later than a typical day.   11:00 am

MGWS  Two hours later than a typical day.   11:00 am

MMS     Two hours later than a typical day.    9:30 am

MHS     Two hours later than a typical day.    9:30 am

*Remote Learning classes will follow the Two-hour delay schedule for your child’s school, as staff will need the additional time to safely get to work in the event of inclement weather.

Providing a safe environment for our students and staff is our priority.  Thank you for your continued support!


John S. Caverly, M.Ed.

Superintendent of Schools

School Meals Free

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 3.34.02 PMPlease use the appropriate remote order link to order meals for pick up at your students school. Meal pick up is between 9:30 am and 10:15 am for Breakfast and Lunch at all locations. Weekend meals can be picked up on Fridays.

  So come and get it!     Thank you!

Marshwood High School

Marshwood Middle School

Great Works Elementary School

Central Elementary School

Eliot Elementary School

Congratulations to semifinalists from Marshwood High School students Owen Byrne and Edward Whitesell

Local National Merit Scholarship semifinalists named
Congratulations to semifinalists from Marshwood High School students Owen Byrne and Edward Whitesell
The National Merit Scholarship Corporation on Tuesday announced the names of approximately 16,000 semifinalists in the 66th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,600 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $30 million that will be offered next spring.
Named as semifinalists from Kennebunk High School were Nicholas C. Albaum, Jackson C. Pow and Joseph S. Thompson.
Named as a semifinalist from Noble High School in North Berwick was Lucas O. Bent.
Named as semifinalists at Thornton Academy in Saco were Elliot Coulombe Woznica, Hayley Danler and Austin Macomber.
Named as semifinalists from Marshwood High School in South Berwick were Owen Byrne and Edward Whitesell.
Named as seminfinalists from York High School are Tarunrai Ramgulam, Evan B. Rankin and Daphne Stratton Gignac.
To be considered for a Merit Scholarship award, semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the finalist level of the competition. Over 90 percent of the semifinalists are expected to attain finalist standing, and more than half of the finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar title.
National Merit Scholarship winners of 2021 will be announced beginning in April and concluding in July. These scholarship recipients will join more than 353,000 other distinguished young people who have earned the Merit Scholar title.
For more information about the competition, visit

Update for MHS Return and Re-entry

Hello Everyone,

This email addresses two main points:

  1. Remote Learning Option
  2. Vocational Program

Hope all is well.

Thank you for your flexibility, patience and support during this time.

Students and parents are making an important decision this weekend between hybrid and remote experiences.

We hope the following offers some additional context to use in your decision making.

Remote Learning Option


The hybrid experience provides students the opportunity to receive instruction in the classes students signed up for in the spring.

  • Students will attend onsite instruction twice a week.
  • Students will receive remote instruction three times a week.


The remote experience does not ensure students will receive the instruction in the classes students signed up for in the spring.

  • Students will engage in remote learning as their primary form of instruction.

Please know a priority in our design process has been to maintain the integrity of the academic experience the student requested in the spring.

The hybrid model is more likely to provide students with their requested classes. 

The remote experience will likely not be able to offer the depth and breadth of those choices.

That being said, in order for us to finalize the remote option, and clearly articulate the offerings, 

we need to know how many students will be in the remote option. In the same respect, in order for students/parents to make a decision, they need to know what is being offered.

Here is where you can help-

If you are considering remote, or if you are unsure, please indicate the remote option on the survey. 

We do need you to indicate one option this weekend.

This will allow us to gather that data, examine staffing and clearly design and articulate exactly what the remote experience can offer.

Once we do that next week, we will communicate that outline to parents/students at which point the families can make a final decision.


Vocational Program

Please know we have been working closely all summer with Sanford to align our plan to support the vocational students. 

Marshwood students will have access to the Sanford Vocational Program classes. We are working to align student schedules to provide them with their requested Marshwood courses.

Of course, not unlike any other year, conflicts may emerge. 

That being said, just to clarify-the Sanford Vocational Program is providing their courses; we at Marshwood are working to align schedules; additional information about transportation will be coming soon

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your understanding and partnership in this process.


Rob Scully, Principal Marshwood High School