update March 26

March 26, 2020

Good Morning,

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind for all of us.  Things that we took for granted late in February have become precious to all of us, as our country navigates this trying time.  The patience and understanding our community has shown to our schools is truly appreciated.  Our teachers continue to create exciting content for students.  It is truly a testament to our community and staff that our remote learning program is up and running so well.  Please understand that as our time away from a traditional school setting grows, our staff will be working to update and evolve our distance-learning program.  Our systems and processes are being continuously evaluated in order to best meet the needs of all of our students given our current constraints.  Again, I would be remiss if I didn’t express my gratitude to all of our staff for their commitment to providing a meaningful educational setting for our students.

On Tuesday, Governor Janet Mills held a press conference to update the State of Maine on the COVID 19 pandemic.  As part of that press conference, Governor Mills required “all non-essential businesses close their physical locations that are public facing, meaning those that allow customer, vendor, or other in-person contact.”  For clarity, MSAD 35 is considered essential under the Governor’s requirements.  With that being said, the district will be taking additional precautions to provide the safest environment for our staff and the community. On Monday, March 30th, all district offices will begin providing support remotely.  All school administration will be available by phone, but our buildings will be completely closed to the public.  The needs for students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to seniors in high school are extremely diverse.  Therefore, each school will create plans on how to best meet the needs of their students, while honoring the Center for Disease Control recommendations, which limits the number of people in close proximity.

All members of our community are experiencing challenges due to this pandemic. Therefore, MSAD 35 will be offering an expanded opportunity through our food service department.  Also beginning Monday, March 30, 2020, Eliot Elementary School and Central Elementary School will establish a free drive-through meal pick-up program between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.  This will allow families the opportunity to visit either school and receive a breakfast and lunch at no charge for anyone in their household 18 or under, whether they attend Marshwood or not.  We will also continue to offer our traditional meal program and meal drop off that was established last week.  If your situation has changed and you would like to apply for free or reduced price meals, please use this link: http://www.rsu35.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Free-and-Reduced-Price-School-Meal-Application-for-SY-2019.pdf

Finally, on Wednesday, April 1st, I will be presenting my proposed school calendar for the remainder of the school year.  The School Board will vote on the calendar that evening.  I will provide an update to the community regarding the school calendar next Thursday.  That update will include the scheduled last day of school.

It is my intent to continue to provide a weekly update to our community.  In the event that important information becomes available, I will continue to provide additional updates as quickly as possible.  We are all struggling with unknowns and ever-changing information. Our staff truly appreciates your patience and continued support.



John Caverly

MSAD 35 will continue distance learning through at least Friday, April 17th, 2020

March 21, 2020


Good Evening,

On Thursday, March 19th I emailed the community with an update on MSAD 35’s plan to manage the COVID 19 pandemic.  As part of the update, I also said that I would keep the community informed of our future plans.  Taking into account the current Center for Disease Control recommendations, in conjunction with Governor Mills declared State of Civil Emergency, I am emailing tonight to notify the district that MSAD 35 will continue distance learning through at least Friday, April 17th, 2020.  April vacation is scheduled to occur the week of April 20th through the 24th.

A number of questions have been asked in regards to our school calendar.  For clarity, distance learning days count toward the state requirement of 175 total student days.  In addition, the Maine Department of Education is providing great flexibility due to the current crisis, and has allowed schools the opportunity to build our schedule around our Continuity of Education Plan which was approved by our School Board on Wednesday March 18, 2020.

Therefore, MSAD 35 will request that Monday, March 16th and Tuesday, March 17th are both counted towards our state required 175 student days, as both were used to develop and begin the implementation of our Continuity of Education Plan.  Once the District receives DOE approval, I will update the district calendar and share that information with all of you.  At this point, we are still planning on holding Marshwood High School graduation on Friday, June 5th, 2020.  I have had a number of Class of 2020 parents and students reach out to me; as a district we are committed to find ways to honor all of our seniors and celebrate their accomplishments during a very unique time.

Beginning Monday, March 23rd, all school and district offices will be open from 8:00am to 12:00pm for the necessary pick up and drop off of materials.  In order to comply with Governor Mills and CDC guidelines, we will be reducing the number of staff members in the District’s offices.  All of our office staff will be working remotely when not in the building, and we do not anticipate any breaks in service.  If there are questions, staff members will be available to answer the phones at each building to assist the community.

Finally, I need to express my thanks to our district staff.  This is something that is foreign to most of us and they have worked tirelessly to create a new curriculum delivery format in a very short window.

I want to assure all of you that the district staff is hoping to return to school as soon as possible, but the safety of our staff, students and community must be the priority at this time.  Thank you for your understanding. I truly appreciate our community’s outpouring of support and know this has created challenges for many of our families.  Together we will navigate these uncharted waters.

John Caverly


March 15, 2020


Good Morning,

I want to provide the Marshwood Community an update on the COVID – 19 pandemic.  Beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16th, 2020, through at least Friday, March 27th, 2020, MSAD 35 will activate an alternative schedule.  Monday March 16th, and Tuesday March 17th, will be no school days for students.  We are asking staff to meet on Monday and Tuesday to finish preparing to implement  our Continuity of Education Plan. Remote instruction is scheduled to begin Wednesday, March 18th 2020.  During this two-week period, our district will constantly re-assess recommendations for distance learning and any additional guidance we receive for potentially extending the timeframe will be communicated to the Marshwood Community immediately.  Schools across the nation are dealing with this issue in various ways based on local factors.  Some districts are trying to manage week to week while other districts have canceled school until after April vacation.  My hope is that we are back at school after these initial two weeks, but in reality, with what is occurring around the world, the two-week district remote learning time could be extended.

Please know that there are several dynamics that contribute to making our decisions moving forward.  I have received feedback from the community ranging from why were the schools not closed last week to how could we even consider canceling school.  Emotions for all of us are running high as we balance the safety of our community, country and world and how each decision effects each of us an individuals. This time more than ever, we need to take care of each other. The health of our staff, students and community must be at the center of every decision that we make.

Last night, I was made aware of some misinformation provided by the Saco Schools Superintendent and shared by the local media.  In his letter to the public, he stated that all York County and Cumberland County Schools will be closed for two weeks.  This information was not correct as I had not had an opportunity to confer with our district nurses and receive feedback from our district health care provider.  Channel 8 news decided to run with the story and did not validate the information.  This was extremely upsetting as I have worked to ensure that my communications are timely and informative.  Channel 8 news has since run a retraction to correct the misinformation.

Please remember that this decision is not just a matter of sending a notice home that there will be no school, every waking hour in the last two weeks has been spent developing our Continuity of Education Plan and developing effective strategies for delivering instruction remotely.

Managing this crisis is an extremely difficult time for all of us.  I have worked hard throughout this situation to be as transparent and collaborative as possible with staff and parents, but information is changing by the hour.  With that said, I know that I cannot provide all of the answers in the timeframe that some would like.  Below I have outlined a number of initiatives that we are in the process of coordinating:

Meals for Children:  Tomorrow, all families will receive a district email asking if they would like to receive meals from the district.  The cost for both breakfast and lunch will be what is typically paid by your child on a daily basis.  If your child receives free or reduced lunch, they will receive a free lunch and breakfast as outlined by the Federal School Lunch Program.  The district will create two pick up sites for families within walking distance of Eliot Elementary School and Central Elementary School.  For those families that are beyond walking distance, we will be creating a meal drop off program.  If you are interested in this program, it is critical that you respond to the letter that will be sent out tomorrow by our Food Service Program.  We must have your response by noon on Tuesday in order to begin the program on Wednesday Morning.  The letter will provide more specific information.

Students with IEPs, 504 plans, GT Plans, and ELL plans:  Staff will be contacting you directly on Monday or Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the above-mentioned plans in a Distance Learning setting.  I would ask for patience as we work with families to implement these supports for students.

What if my child needs something they left at school?  We will have school staff available and the buildings will be open at this time.  In the event that your child needs something that is at school, please call the main office of that building so we can schedule a time for item pick up.

In the event you have specific questions about our Continuity of Education Plan and your child, please contact your building principal. Again, we need to be patient, understanding and flexible as this is new to the vast majority of us.  Please trust that I have the district’s best interests and intentions in my heart.  Again, for clarity: MSAD 35 will begin our Continuity of Education Plan (Distance Learning) on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020.  At that time, students will receive their education remotely and should not report to the school building until at least March 30th, 2020.  Again, that return date is being constantly re-evaluated and any potential extensions will be sent out to the Marshwood Community immediately. I appreciate your trust and understanding.


John Caverly

Superintendent of Schools







From March 10th on, all information provided by the district will be found here.  It will be posted on each school’s website and all of the Facebook pages the district is able to use.  The most current information will be at the top of the page.

A message from MSAD 35 MAINE

March 18, 2020


Good Afternoon,

I wanted to reach out to the community to provide an update with regard to MSAD 35 and how we are working to manage the current pandemic.  I first need to share my heartfelt thank you for the outpouring of support that the community has provided for our students and staff.  These are difficult times and I am so honored and proud to be a member of this wonderful community.  Words cannot express the admiration I have for our district staff. To the bus drivers and food service workers that are delivering food to our families; to the custodians that are working to maintain the hygiene of our buildings; to our district nursing staff that are working around the clock to provide the most up to date CDC recommendations & medical information, and to our teachers, support staff and building administrators who are tirelessly working to create a remote learning experience for our students, I want to thank you all for the work you are doing.  I also want thank our families, as our lives have been drastically altered in the past two weeks.  Your patience and understanding is truly appreciated.

As a community, COVID – 19 has created a stressful environment. Please find the time to take care of yourself, your families and each other.  Our community is a special place, and it is that way because of the people who live here.  The Marshwood Schools will continue to work to support our families and students.

The Maine Commissioner of Education shared the following information regarding the status of schools:

“As you know, Governor Mills provided a recommendation that Maine schools cease classroom-based instruction as soon as practicable and for the duration of our state of civil emergency (which is for 30 days).”

Speaking directly with the Department of Education at 2:00 pm this afternoon, they have said at this point in time they are recommending that schools not be in session for 30 days; that may change as they reevaluate the CDC recommendations- it may increase or decrease.

I realize that some districts are sending out messages about students not returning to school until late April; although that may happen shortly, I feel the most prudent course of action is to monitor this situation over the next 48 to 72 hours and then notify the community of our next steps.


With Gratitude,


John Caverly

Superintended of Schools


A message from MSAD 35 MAINE

March 15, 2020 evening

 Dear Families and Staff,

The MSAD 35 District Nurses would like to offer whatever help we can to you during our school closure. We will all be available via email (contact info below). We will do our best to address any questions and concerns that you will likely have, however we offer the following guidelines:


If your family member has respiratory symptoms and a fever, you will need to call your primary care doctor or call a walk-in clinic for guidance.


If you think you have been exposed to the Coronavirus please do the same.


If you have or any members of your family have been tested for Coronavirus and have been asked to quarantine at home, please notify your student’s nurse(s).


If you have or any family members have been asked to quarantine and HAVE NOT been tested, please notify your student’s nurse(s). (These instructions to quarantine may have been given to you over the phone when you called in to your primary care doctor or walk-in.)


If you have general questions about Coronavirus, the Maine 211 hotline is an excellent resource. They can answer FAQs and provide information that has been released by the Maine CDC. If you dial 211 and a person in NH answers, please ask to be transferred to Maine 211. You can also text them at 898211 and enter your zip code in the message box. If you have a rotary phone you can dial 866-811-5695.


If you have been asked to quarantine at home what does that mean? What does Isolation mean?


Quarantine is used to separate and restrict the movement of people who may

 have been exposed to a contagious illness, but do not have symptoms. In the 

case of coronavirus this quarantine has been set at 14 days.


Here is a BBC Video  (https://www.bbc.com/news/av/health-51652874/coronavirus-how-to-self-isolate) on how to quarantine at home. (the words self-isolate in the video are used interchangeably with quarantine). 


Isolation. If a person is diagnosed with a contagious illness, they are then directed to isolate which is a strategy used to separate people who are sick with a contagious illness from those who are healthy. So, quarantine applies to well people and isolation applies to infected people.


Another concept we are all becoming familiar with is social distancing. What does that mean?

Social distancing is a public health practice that aims to prevent sick people from coming in close contact with healthy people in order to reduce opportunities for disease transmission. It can include large-scale measures like canceling group events or closing public spaces, as well as individual decisions such as avoiding crowds and crowded spaces. Our school closure is an example of social distancing. Other measures include no hugs, no handshakes and maintaining a six foot distance between people. 





Can I pick up my child’s meds from school?

Please do! In order to minimize traffic into the buildings we ask that you please try to pick them up Monday or Tuesday. Please try to contact us ahead of time so that you can be sure the nurse is in and can meet with you. 

 What else can I do?

  • Handwashing  
  • Staying home when ill
  • Coughing into elbow
  • Telecommute if possible
  • Get a Flu Shot
  • Strictly avoid non-urgent outpatient visits
  • Consult with your primary care doctor regarding rescheduling elective surgery
  • Check on your neighbors… Use the phone, get some air chatting across the yard.
  • Check on elders in your life. Do they need meds, food, assistance?
  • Keep informed. Reach out to us with any questions. Check the Maine CDC. Be mindful of too much news consumption. It can be overwhelming for us as adults and certainly for kids.

Our awesome Social Workers are working on resources for Cultivating Calm. We’ll send them out to you.

In summary, we are all facing some very challenging and unsettling times. We need to act deliberately and thoughtfully with a profound respect for the scientists working to help us. We need to think in terms of our community and by this we mean locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Our actions can impact our community. Please be patient with yourselves, each other and with your children. We will update you at least weekly but more frequently as needed. In the meantime please feel free to contact us.



MSAD35 Nurses


Judy Doran RN  MMS 439-1399 judith.doran@rsu35.org

Laura Detwiler RN CES 384-2333 Laura.detwiler@rsu35.org 

Kasey Callahan RN  EES 439- 9004 kasey.callahan@rsu35.org

Tawni Petrungaro RN MHS 384-4500 tawni.petrungaro@rsu35.org

Lori Scelza RN MGWS  384-4010 lori.scelza@rsu35.org


Serving the communities of Eliot & South Berwick


John S. Caverly, M.Ed.


13 March 2020


Good Afternoon,

Firstly, I want to reach out and thank this wonderful community.  Over the past few months, the world has been challenged as we all work to deal with this pandemic.  Staff, students, families and community members across Eliot, South Berwick and Rollinsford have worked together to navigate this difficult time.  I appreciate the level of understanding and support that our school district has received and I am asking for that patience to continue.  Unfortunately, the upcoming days are going to present challenges for families, students and our community as a whole. The information and guidance from Federal, State and Local agencies is changing by the hour.  I will continue to provide updates as timely as I possibly can.

As you may know, yesterday Governor Mills recommended that we eliminate all nonessential indoor gatherings of more than 250 people.  Earlier this morning, the Maine Principal’s Association delayed the start of the Spring Sports Season until April 27, 2020.  In light of both of these announcements, MSAD 35 will be canceling all after school activities beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020 for the foreseeable future; we will revisit this decision on April 3rd.  Also, beginning Monday, the late bus will no longer be making its afternoon runs.  This is not a decision that I take lightly, but our priority remains providing the safest environment possible.

In addition, we have begun to work with students to ensure they have access to technology at home; in the event that Internet service is not available, we will be working with families to provide solutions for students that will enable learning to occur remotely.

Please continue to check your email over the weekend, as information and recommendations may evolve.



John Caverly

March 12, 2020

Good Morning,

I would like to provide the community with an update on how the Marshwood School District is managing the Coronavirus.  As a district, we are continuing to follow the guidance of the medical experts at the Center for Disease Control. As their recommendations evolve, we will continue to update and provide information to our families. 

On Monday, the district facilitated a meeting with our local law enforcement agencies, our local fire departments, district nurses and a representative from York Hospital.  The meeting focused on sharing recommendations and creating communication plans for the future. In addition, the Maine Department of Education has been providing protocols and recommendations for school districts in the State of Maine.

The Maine Department of Education is recommending that all school districts create Education Continuity Plans that could be activated in the event that schools were to be closed.  I want to be clear, at this point in time, there is no recommendation to close schools

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to meet with our district staff to discuss the creation of an Education Continuity Plan for the Marshwood School District.  This plan would allow students to access their education in the event that they were not able to attend school due to an extended closure. Once the plan is approved by the Marshwood School Board, the days that students are not able to be present in the building, but have access to their education through our Education Continuity Plan would count towards the State’s required number of school days for all students. 

Yesterday, our schools began to gather data to better understand the infrastructure in place that would allow communication with students and families in the event that we need to facilitate learning away from the school building.  That infrastructure focuses on two questions: 

  1.       Do students have access to technology devices that will allow them to access an online curriculum?  
  2.       Do students have access to the Internet at home?

Once that data is collected and analyzed today, we can begin to plan what remote learning may look like.  In reality, not all grade levels and classes will look the same. A senior at Marshwood High School will have a much higher level of independence than a second grader at Central Elementary School.

As you can imagine, coordinating remote learning for our students is a daunting task.  As the District’s Superintendent, words cannot express how proud I am of our district staff!  Their level of understanding, collaboration and passion during this process is noteworthy. Teachers have started meeting by grade level and/or content area to create a plan that best meets the needs of their students.  This work is ongoing. I am asking for your patience and understanding as we formulate a plan. I want to be 100% clear, at this point in time, there is no recommendation to close schools.  The work that we are currently doing is in preparation of the potential closing of school buildings.

As you are all aware, the dynamics of this pandemic are constantly evolving.  As always, we are focused on providing the highest quality education for our students in the safest manner possible.  As I stated in my letter earlier this week, public health measures that have been in place should continue: Cover your cough, wash hands vigorously for 20 seconds, stay home if you are ill, clean surfaces, and get vaccinated against the flu virus. It is not too late to be vaccinated, and remains an important measure because strains of influenza are much more common, and are causing greater illness locally than Covid-19. 

In addition, we will continue to implement our building Hygiene Plans which include a deep cleaning of the buildings each weekend.  We have also limited weekend use of our school buildings by non-school related groups to allow our custodial staff the ability to properly disinfect all areas of the building to ensure students and staff the safest environment possible.  We will continue to seek medical recommendations as we review our current protocol, procedures, and activities as more information becomes available.

Our building principals, nursing staff and myself will continue to provide information as it becomes available.  Please understand that this is an ever-changing situation and we are attempting to be as proactive as possible with a focus on student safety.  As the pandemic evolves, it will impact each and every one of us in different ways. In the midst of this, it is important to remain calm as we work together to ensure the safety and security of students and the community.  



John Caverly

Superintendent of Schools



John S. Caverly, M.Ed.

Superintendent of Schools

March 10, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The District wants to update you regarding the effort in the Marshwood Community to prepare for Covid-19. Each Monday, we are in communication with the Maine CDC, who reassured us that as of yesterday (03/09/20), there were no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Maine. Dr. Shah, of the Maine CDC, emphasized that each district should prepare, and anticipate the possibility of cases of Covid-19 being reported.  Public health measures remain in place: Cover your cough, wash your hands vigorously for 20 seconds, stay home if you are ill, clean surfaces, and get vaccinated against the flu virus. It is still not too late to be vaccinated against influenza, and it remains an important measure because the various strains of influenza are far more common, and locally are causing greater illness than Covid-19.

Included below is an excellent, brief (4 minute) video appropriate for older children and teens which explains COVID-19, and how you can help keep yourself and those around you healthy. Please watch!

BrainPOP video

What can be done as a parent?

Please keep your child(ren) home if they are ill.

The schools will be asking that when you call in an absence for your child, please let our staff know if your child has a fever over 100.0 degrees.  Your help is appreciated with the important work of monitoring our absences.

What should I do if my child is ill  (with a fever over 100.4 and respiratory symptoms) and I am concerned about Covid-19?

  • Call your primary care provider for guidance. Best to call first!
  • If you are new to the area, and/or are between doctors, please call your school nurse who can help point you in the right direction to establish insurance and a primary care doctor for your child. Your school nurse is in touch with many local resources to help.

Keep calm and model excellent hand washing to your children. Greet one another in the community with a smile, but without a handshake!

The district has been and will continue to strictly follow CDC recommendations. We are in daily touch with regional CDC representatives, and local hospitals and we will keep you abreast of any important developments. Thank you.




Your District Nurses &

John Caverly, Superintendent

This e-mail has been sent to you by MSAD 35 MAINE. To maximize their communication with you, you may be receiving this e-mail in addition to a phone call with the same message. If you no longer wish to receive email notifications from MSAD 35 MAINE, please click here to unsubscribe.


To view the MSAD 35 MAINE privacy policy, please click here.Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 6.48.39 PM







what you need to know about COVID19 influenze vs pertussis Prevention COVID-19

Seven Marshwood girls travel to Tanzania Africa for service-learning

Fosters.com/Seacoastonline By Deb Cram  

The trip was planned in coordination with EF Educational Tours and the Me to We Charity partner. The EF website states “Our educational philosophy is simple: the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning.”

The Me to We is a shifting of perspective from individual to collective. The WE Villages model focuses on five pillars of sustainable development that the kids observed: education, health, water, opportunity/livelihood and agriculture/food.

The team had two guides who are originally from Tanzania. Tino Mwanyigu graduated from St. Augustine University in Mwanza in 2017 and is a lawyer by profession. Alna Dillon graduated with a bachelor of engineering in civil and irrigation engineering.

“I am interested in meeting people who are passionate about making the world a better place and inspiring others to do the same,” Dillon said.

Upon arrival, the students settled into their camp, which was just a tent with no running water. They focused their work in Oldonyowas, a village of about 2,900 Maasai people who make their living mostly by raising livestock. The people have many challenges of survival, one being limited access to clean water. Each day, the local women (mamas) do a “Water Walk,” trekking miles to a water pipe to fill large jugs of water. The Marshwood clan helped the women as they hauled the heavy jugs hung by ropes on their backs up the dirt paths back to their homestead. The work was strenuous, but rewarding.Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.17.11 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.17.00 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.16.48 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.16.32 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.16.10 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.15.55 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.15.42 PM Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 5.15.20 PM

Days were filled with work, play and life lessons throughout the trip.

Maasai warrior and guide Elias wore a red and black plaid fabric robe wrapped around his body and at his waist was always a beaded belt with a knife at his side. He taught the girls lessons on speaking Swahili and around a campfire shared background, beliefs, their relation to each other and other tribes, and how they become warriors.

While visiting a home of a villager, they sat together as Elias facilitated the conversation about the openness of love and acceptance.

“I wish that the world was like this. In America, it is so weird,” said Taran, a senior. “Like loving somebody is so special and a big deal, and you have to like wait to say it because if you say it too early then it’s weird but like here, you just tell somebody you love them because it’s just the right thing to do and you need to care about somebody.”

The other girls nodded in agreement.

Santora talked about a safari experience while writing on Facebook: “We are up and ready at 4:30 a.m., eating breakfast and heading to SAFARI! The energy is palpable –send baby elephant vibes our way!”

She later shared photos and wrote: “Words cannot describe our day. Luckily between the 10 of us, we must have a million pictures. So many stories to tell of zebra, baboons, giraffes, lions, and elephants; lots of baby elephants!”

Back to work with all participating in a boma (home) smearing, which maintains a home by using a mix of soil, ash and cow dung. They are seen in photos wearing gloves and masks to help with the smell of being immersed in the brown substance.

“I think we were a little bit skeptical at first, but it’s been pretty cool and not that gross,” Taran said.

The team laughs in agreement.

“Yeah, and it was super satisfying,” added Fjeld, a junior.

Therrien, a freshman, described the process. “It’s kind of like baking bread,” she said. “You have to mix it together and it needs to be the right consistency. If it’s too thick or thin, it won’t stick.”

The girls also dug a foundation for a home where a teacher would live.

“Our foreman was so impressed,” Spillane Jacobs said. “He had to force the girls to stop working; they just wanted to keep going.”

Their schedule fit in beading lessons from the mamas and Maasai warrior weapon training for a competition with bows and arrows. The winners were D’Aran and Fjeld.

Throughout the week, a bond was made with the village’s children. The secondary school students wore uniforms of blue sweaters, white shirts, pants for boys and long skirts for girls. They introduced themselves to 200 students and spent time joking, singing and asking questions. They played with primary school students, who wore uniforms of brown and yellow. They played and ran in the sports field as they held hands, hugged and communicated with smiles and laughter.

At one point, the seven girls visited a home of a woman who has children in the schools and she asked, “Which one is Sophie?”

Lusenhop replied, “I am.”

“My son says he wants to marry you. He has cattle.”

Lusenhop was both a bit stunned and joyous about the surprise proposal.

Now back home in Maine, it is time for reflection and working on moving the experience forward.

Spillane Jacobs wrote a letter to parents saying the “service exceeded ALL expectations.”

“We were all overcome with so much emotion on our departure,” she wrote. “Tanzania is unforgettable. We hit all our goals to connect within the group, with the community members, to think from a global perspective, to discover new knowledge, and to find personal growth! It was a life-changing week for us all and the students’ energy could not be suppressed. This group of students showed perseverance, inclusiveness, open-mindedness and a thirst for knowledge and connection.”

“Amazing,” she added. “We were all deeply touched by the open-heartedness of the rural community of Oldonyowas, Tanzania, and the connections and work we did with these beautiful people.”

As the girls transition back to their lives, Spillane Jacobs hopes they will be reminded of a Mother Teresa quote: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

“And let them know we are all here to help them as they create ripples,” Spillane Jacobs wrote. “Our effect together will indeed change so very much. They will be working on their plans to create ripples. Each of your daughters has created an action plan and we are all in this together. These all include local efforts to share understanding and continue working on connections in the schools and community.”

“That the trip was a life-changing experience and I will never forget it,” Therrien said. “I have learned to be more mindful, live life to the fullest and be in the moment. I am so grateful for the opportunity and everyone should have a chance to have an experience like that!”

District Band Concert

Tonight the Music Department held its annual Grades 5-12 Band Concert at MHS in honor of Music in Our Schools Month. The students did a fantastic job and sounded great. We live-streamed the concert and if anyone would like to see what they missed feel free to check it out! There were 152 students performing tonight. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it tonight! David Graichen and Dave Miller https://livestream.com/rsu35/events/7356745

 2020 MPA Class A Alpine Championship

 2020 MPA Class A Alpine Championship

Here’s the recap from the 2020 MPA Class A Alpine Championship. Marshwood had 4 racers qualify for shootouts: Lydia Phipps, Ella Manero, Sean Maguire, and Jack Flynn. Due to weather cancellations, the SMAA Championships will be held on Friday, February 28 at Shawnee Peak, so we still have one more race as a team in the season. 

Day 1 – GS (2/14/2020)

Marshwood Girls (*scored for team)

   *Lydia Phipps (6th)

   *Ella Manero (11th)

   * Reid Johnson (31)

   * Grace Brackett (60)

      Gabby Whisnant (68)

      Kelsie Lachance (77)

Team finished 5th in GS (696 pts to Edward Little’s 722)

Marshwood Boys (*scored for team)

   *Sean Maguire (3rd)

   * Jack Flynn (8th)

   * Zach Glidden (30)

   * Collin Small (34)

     Brennan Shiverick (38)

     Jack Lusenhop (58)

Team finished 3rd in GS (729 pts to Falmouth’s 774)

Traip Boys

   *Conrad Burke (70)

   * Aram Brewer (81)











Day 2 – SL (2/15/2020)

Marshwood Girls (*scored for team)

   * Lydia Phipps (14)

   * Reid Johnson (35)

   * Ella Manero (40)

   * Grace Bracket (40)

      Gabby Whisnant (51)

Team Finished 7th in SL (269 pts to Mt. Blue’s 361)

    GIRLS ALPINE COMBINED: 7th (1365 pts to Mt. Blue’s 1481)


Marshwood Boys (*scored for team)

   * Sean Maguire (2)

   * Jack Flynn (14)

   * Zach Glidden (21)

   * Marcos Abell (53)

      Collin Small (54)

      Brennan Shiverick (72)


     Team Finished 5th in SL (714 pts to Falmouth’s 781)

     BOYS ALPINE COMBINED: 3rd (1443 to Falmouth’s 1555)

Marshwood High School’s Margaret Chamberlan 

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 11.27.41 AM Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.05.46 AM Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.06.00 AM Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 11.27.57 AM


Local York HS Nordic Skiers qualify to represent the State of Maine at the NENSA U16s/EHSCs.


Saturday, February 29, 2020, Quarry Road Trails, Waterville, Maine 

Yesterday, skiing history was made for the State of Maine, Agamenticus Ski Club and York High School Nordic Ski Team.  Freshman skiers – Elise Creagan, Margaret Chamberlan (independent from Marshwood High School) and Owen Spaulding were the very first YHS and Marshwood Skiers to compete in the Maine U16/Eastern High School Qualifying races at Quarry Road Trails in Waterville, Maine.  The qualifying races included a 5KM Classic ski race in the morning followed by a 5KM Skate Pursuit ski race in the afternoon. The course was a technical loop consisting of a steep climb right off the starting line and steep descents and climbs on a man-made base of fast, aggressive snow. 


67 high school girls and 92 high school boys from across the state of Maine competed for a top 20 position in the boys or girls races to represent the State of Maine U16 team and/or Eastern HS team.  The Maine team was selected based on the pursuit results (combined pursuit/total score). 

In the girls classic 5K race, Elise Creagan took 10th place overall with a time of 17:29.2 just 1 min. 17 sec. out of the top 3.  Maggie Chamberlain took 18th place overall with a time of 18:23.  In the boys classic 5K race, Owen Spaulding placed in 66th place overall with a time of 17:11 in a very competitive boys race.

In the girls skate 5K race, Elise Creagan dug deep and finished in 3rd place overall with a time of 15:21 just 11 seconds out of 2nd place.  Elise finished with a combined Pursuit time of 32:50 in 6th place overall.  Maggie Chamberlain finished in the top 20 for her skate race with a time of 17:12.  Maggie finished with a combined Pursuit time of 35:35 in 21st place overall.   

In the boys skate 5K race, Owen Spaulding had a strong skate race, which pushed his overall result higher finishing in the top 30 with a time of 14:34.  Owen finished with a combined Pursuit time of 31:45.3 in 56th place overall.  

Elise Creagan was named to represent both the Maine U16 and Maine EHSC teams in two upcoming regional NENSA Competitions.  Maggie Chamberlain was named to represent the Maine U16 team. Owen came very close to qualifying as an alternate for the Maine team, only a couple of spots out, and gave 100% effort during both races.  

Wish local York HS Skiers – Elise the best of luck as represents the State of Maine in the prestigious and highly competitive three day New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) U16 Regional Championships at Mountain Top, Vermont.  She will compete against the top 20 U16 skiers representing the states of MA, ME, NH, NY, VT and 1 “guest” out of region team.


Girls Pursuit Race results here: https://www.mainehighschoolskiing.com/images/Results20/Girls_Pursuit_Updated.pdf

Boys Pursuit Race results here: https://www.mainehighschoolskiing.com/images/Results20/Boys_Freestyle_Pursuit.pdf

More details from the qualifying races: https://www.mainehighschoolskiing.com/index.php/race-results/20-latest-post/1033-2020-maine-nordic-team-selection

NENSA Information (U16 Regional Championships): https://nensa.net/u16-championships/

Agamenticus Ski Club: https://agamenticusski.org

GLORY YEARS: A quarter century ago, Marshwood was Maine girls hoop royalty

By Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com Feb 28, 2020  

The Marshwood High School girls basketball team is playing for a state title for just the third time ever, But hasn’t been the first glory era of Marshwood basketball.

Twenty-nine years later, Stephanie Tarr can still feel the emotions.

She can feel the adrenaline of taking the court in front of a large crowd on a Friday night. The bonds she felt with her teammates. The dislike she had of rival York. The excitement of winning a regional championship as a senior and playing in the state game.

“I still get chills thinking about it,” said Tarr. “It’s like it was yesterday.”Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 9.12.56 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 9.13.11 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 9.13.29 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 9.13.45 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 9.13.57 AM
Continue reading

Marshwood High School Students Travel to Pinkham Notch New Hampshire

Marshwood High School Students Travel to Pinkham Notch New Hampshire

On the weekend before their February vacation teacher, Scott Patch, and three chaperones took 35 Outdoor Education and Leadership students to the Joe Dodge Lodge for a weekend training trip with the AMC. The group left Friday afternoon from Marshwood High School and returned Sunday afternoon. It was one of the coldest weekends at Pinkham Notch this season. Two groups hiked up to the Hermit lake huts just outside the bowl of Tuckerman’s ravine. The other two groups headed towards Lowes Bald Spot. The weekend was designed to prepare the high school students with tools and strategies that will be helpful in leading local hikes with our Marshwood Great Works School’s fifth-grade friends. The trip also provided an opportunity for many of the high school students to return to the spot of their own fifth-grade experience for the first time since they left that Spring of their 5th grade year. Hopefully, some of these high school students will return again this Spring to act as assistants to the AMC Educators. They will have the chance to experience the magic of Pinkham Notch through the eyes of the fifth-graders once again. The Outdoor Education and Leadership program was established with a grant from the Marshwood Education

Foundation(MEF).Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.15.16 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.14.50 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.13.04 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.12.34 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.12.18 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.12.05 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.11.40 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.11.22 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.11.04 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.10.52 AM
Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.10.41 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.10.24 AM Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.10.09 AM

 TILDA SWINTON BETRAYED US opens in two weeks!

 TILDA SWINTON BETRAYED US opens in two weeks! Get your tickets at the door.

Synopsis: The survival of an actress’s fan club is threatened when the actions of their beloved icon leave the group sharply divided on how to respond. Discovering that they can’t address this incident without acknowledging broader cultural truths, the only way forward is to talk about the difficult and complicated things we don’t want to talk about.Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.57.48 PM

Band Concert for Marshwood Students in Grades 5-12

Band Concert for Marshwood Students in Grades 5-12
On Tuesday, March 3rd the bands from grades 5-12 will be putting on a concert in the Marshwood High School Gym at 7pm. We would love to share the growth of our students with you. You will hear growth from their earlier concerts this year and growth as each group performs from 5th through 12th grade. Mr. Miller and Mr. Graichen will be conducting along with Mr. Graichen’s student teacher, Chris Ciaglo and former Marshwood student Kayla Burke. We hope you can join us on Tuesday!

Class A South playoffs: Hawks fall in quarters to Falmouth

By Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com Feb 13, 2020 

The sixth-seeded Hawks (11-7) are playing in the Class A South quarterfinals for the first time since 2016

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — One moment from a game last week illustrated the strides senior Cullen Casey has made for the Marshwood High School boys basketball team.Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.06.21 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.06.10 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.05.56 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.27.19 PM

The Hawks were trying to hang in against a good Falmouth team when Casey, the team’s 6-foot-3 leading scorer and rebounder, was called for a second foul midway through the second quarter.

Because Casey is such a physical defender, and a valuable one, coach Bobby Pratt was tempted to replace him and avoid further foul trouble. But he also knows that “plus/minus-wise, when he’s on the court, we’re just a different team.”

So Casey stayed in.

“He gave me that look like, ‘Coach, I’m alright,’” said Pratt. “He stayed in. I don’t know if we would have done that last year.”

Casey and the sixth-seeded Hawks (11-7) are playing in the Class A South quarterfinals for the first time since 2016, which was Mike Zamarchi’s final season as coach. The win total under Pratt, their second-year coach, is five more than last year and just one shy of the previous two years combined.

So what if the opponent at the Expo on Saturday (4 p.m.) is third-seeded Falmouth (14-4), a team that’s beaten the Hawks twice this year and had their number all decade. The guys are looking forward to finally playing a game on the big stage in Portland.

“It’s been different, really,” said Casey. “To finally have a successful year and be able to play at the Expo is new and different. It’s great.”

Marshwood is one of three local teams preparing for regional quarterfinal games. Top-seeded York (18-0) faces No. 8 Biddeford (11-8) at the Expo in the late game Saturday (9 p.m.).

On Monday, 10th-seeded Traip (9-10) plays No. 2 Waynflete (17-1) at the Augusta Civic Center (5:30 p.m.). The Rangers earned the right to return to Augusta after upsetting seventh-seeded Hall-Dale, 58-57, in their prelim Wednesday.

Because the Hawks are not a deep team, it’s important for them to keep their key players on the court: Casey (12.5 points, 8 rebounds), 6-foot-1 senior forward Justin Bryant (12 points), 6-foot-2 off-guard Aidan Sullivan and athletic wing player John Valentine.

Casey said he’s learned how to adjust the defense he plays when foul trouble hits, something that’s given his coach confidence to keep him on the floor.

“I really study the opponents and see how they attack the hoop, or if they want to pull up for a shot,” he said. “If it’s the right time to go for a ball, or just stay straight up, I’ve really changed that from last year, which was, get the ball — foul. Get the ball — foul.”

Teammates have noticed the difference.

“He’s playing smarter,” said Valentine. “Last year, there would be games where he and Justin would have four (fouls) in the first half, and then we’d get buried in the second half. We wouldn’t have that presence in the paint.”

A starter at outside linebacker and the team’s top wide receiver during football season, Casey brings that football mindset and intensity to his winter sport.

“He brings a level of intensity at both ends of the floor,” said Pratt. “Last year his biggest problem was staying on the court because of foul trouble, because he plays so physical.”

So what do the Hawks need to do to upset Falmouth and extend their season into next week? It starts with protecting the basketball. They had 21 turnovers the last time they played the Yachtsmen, a 53-46 loss here on Feb. 5.

“That surprised me because it hasn’t really been a problem all year,” said Pratt, who on Wednesday was named Coach of the Year in the Southwestern Maine Activities Association. “Taking care of the ball is huge.”

Guards Kelvin Peterson and Quinn McDaniel will be charged with protecting the ball. Defensively, the Hawks will need to locate and defend the Falmouth shooters, and the 6-foot-2 Valentine will draw the assignment of guarding standout guard Mike Simonds.

“I guard him every time we play them,” said Valentine. “It’s like a mutual respect. There are some shots that he hits that amaze me, that no one else in the league can hit. Then again I think I make him work for all of his points.”

Saturday’s winner will play either No. 2 Kennebunk (15-3) or No. 7 Gray-New Gloucester (10-8) in the regional semis on Wednesday.

The Hawks’ core guys like Casey, Bryant, Valentine and Sullivan were all key players on a football team that won a third straight state title in the final. The last couple years, basketball games have been a way for some of those opponents to get payback.

This year, not so much. But the mindset remains.

“Coming off of football season, we’re already hated,” said Valentine. “That’s what we’ve been talking about. (In basketball) we’re the underdogs and have a chip on our shoulder. That’s the driving force this year, to prove people wrong.”

Class A South playoffs: Hawks fall in quarters to Falmouth

By Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com Feb 15, 2020  

PORTLAND, Maine — Against the odds, against history, and against foul trouble, the Marshwood High School boys basketball team created a window to view a potential upset on Saturday.

With Cullen Casey, their leading scorer who’d been kept largely quiet in the first half, the sixth-seeded Hawks rolled off seven straight points to open the third quarter, trimming third-seeded Falmouth’s lead in their Class A South quarterfinal game to 29-25.Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.27.19 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.27.05 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.26.52 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.26.34 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.26.18 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.26.00 PM

“We were fired up going to the second half,” said Casey, whose twisting drive through the lane cut the margin to four. “We knew if we didn’t come back in the third quarter it would be over.”

Unfortunately, the Hawks (11-8) couldn’t get any closer to that upset than viewing a chance at it.

Behind point guard Nicco Pitre (20 points), Falmouth answered the run, pulled away in the fourth quarter and advanced to the regional semifinals with a 59-38 win at the Expo.

It was the first tournament game at the Expo for Marshwood since 2016, two coaches ago. It was their third loss to Yachtsmen, a series that included a 49-41 game at midseason and a 53-46 defeat in South Berwick last week.

John Valentine led the Hawks with 16 points, who didn’t help their shot at an upset by falling behind 17-6 after one quarter. Casey added 11 points before fouling out.

“I don’t know if it was nerves,” said second-year coach Bobby Pratt. “It was a new situation for us. Bigger court, crowd was pretty good. And Falmouth is just so disciplined.”

The Yachtsmen (15-4), who lost in last year’s regional final to eventual state champion Greely, will play No. 2 Kennebunk (16-3) in the semifinals on Wednesday.

“If you’ve never been here, the goal is to get here,” said longtime Falmouth coach Dave Halligan. “You win here and it snowballs. It’s tough to explain to kids because it’s so different than the regular season.”

In trying to flip the regular-season results, the No. 1 goal for the Hawks was to cut down on the 21 turnovers they committed in the last meeting. They did, to an extent, finishing with 16. But four came in the first quarter, costing them valuable possessions.

Down 29-18 at the half, the Hawks got two free throws from Justin Bryant to start their rally. Then Casey scored and was fouled, and his drive made it 29-25 with 4:08 left.

“I thought Cullen was really outstanding there,” said Pratt. “He kind of took on himself and wanted to be aggressive at both ends. He was the reason (for the comeback).”

“They’ve got championship-caliber players over there,” said Halligan, citing the school’s three straight state titles in football. “They know how to win things.”

The Yachtsmen answered that run with one of their own. Mike Simonds (13 points) and Brady Coyne (12 points) both scored on drives, and their team closed the period on an 11-3 run to make it 40-28.

“The seniors took over,” said Halligan.

The margin never dropped below 10 in the fourth, with Pitre scoring seven of his game-high 20 to help his team pull away, and their team finishing a sharp 18-of-21 from the foul line.

“Tough shots,” noted Pratt. ”(Pitre) is a good player. All their guards are good players.”

The Hawks will graduate four members of their eight-man rotation — Casey, Valentine, Bryant and point guard Quinn McDaniel. Returnees will be led by sophomore captain Aidan Sullivan, whose minutes Saturday were reduced by foul trouble.

“Proud of the seniors,” said Pratt, who on Wednesday was named Coach of the Year in the SMAA. “They played so hard and didn’t give up no matter what tonight.”

A 12th win would have matched the team’s total from the last two seasons combined.

“We just worked well together,” said Casey. “A lot of kids are gonna see this team and say we want to be as good as that team or better than that team.”



McDaniel 1-0-2, Valentine 6-2-16, Casey 4-3-11, Bryant 1-2-4, Peterson 2-1-5. Totals: 14-8-38.


Pitre 6-8-20, Coyne 4-2-12, Simonds 4-4-13, Hamilton 2-2-6, Anderson 1-0-2, Williams 1-1-3, McKee 1-1-3. Totals: 19-18-59.

Marshwood 6 12 10 10–38

Falmouth 17 12 11 19–59

3-point goals: Marshwood 2 (Valentine 2); Falmouth 3 (Coyne 2, Simonds). Fouled out: Casey.

Send-off for Marshwood Girls Basketball Team

Hawk Pride Nation——Please come out to help provide a “SEND OFF” for the girls basketball team bus tomorrow (Saturday 2/29) as they depart for the State Championship game in Portland. Meet in front of Marshwood High School gym at 10:15am. The bus departs at 10:30am. Go Hawks! Game time is 1:05pm at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland!

Honor Roll

Marshwood High School



Quarter 2


High Honors

Daniella Aceto, Lauryn Cruz, Charlotte Daniels, Alex Dixon, Jackson DuBois, Grace Ducharme, Peyton Emery, Addie Fuller, Hannah Haggerty, Jared Herrin, Leah Maddison, Jonah Nobel, Ryan Pote, Jonathan Sawyer, Noa Semo, Abigail Simonelli, Anabelle Taff, Lucia Wiegert, Sean Williams, Helen Willoughby


Shelby Anderson, Chloe Angell, Gillian Barna, Sylvia Bisson, Grace Brackett, Michael Burbank, Margaret Chamberlain, Mitchell Childress, Uma Connolly, Mia Constantakos, Micah Costello, Estelle Cox, Hailey Cunha, Asher D’Aran, Alana Day, Henry Dimmerling, Jadyn Eastman, Harrison English-Yonan, Emma Fife, Ruby Foss, Paige Gallant, Lilly Goodwin, Anthony Gori, Lindley Gori, Kaylin Grogg, Robert Hamblett, Jonathan Hanscom, Claudia Hohn, Colby Isabelle, Graden Janes, Drew Kaichen, Jesse Keen, Madison LaBreck, Taylor LaBreck, Russell Leavitt, Jenny Lian, Sophie Lusenhop, Kendra Minster, Madison Murray-Forbus, Savannah Nashwinter, Malia O’Neill, Sydney Pergerson, Lydia Phipps, Jacob Piazza, Owen Reeves, Sara Riley, Chloe Rooney, Brooke Salvail, Mason Savage, Hayden Sawyer, Bridget Schontag, Andrew Simmons, Tanner Simms, Jason Singer, Danielle Siraco, Madison Smith, Riley St. Pierre, Rylie Stackpole, Kelsey Stevens, Elaine Stewart, Emma Tessier, Eva Therrien, Jeremy Turner, Mitchell Vlcek, Caraboo West, Grant Winter, Wyatt Yager

Honorable Mention

Samantha Arnold, Sarah Bevan, Lily Bossom, Sierra-Lynn Clifford, Ty Cougler, Savanah Cox, Kaylynn Decker, Ashlee DeForge, Benjamin Garrepy, Gehrig Hatch, Sophia Kriz, Andrew Perry, Graham Pruyne, MaryKatelyn Reeves, Adrian Rezack, Julia Schultze, Daphne Sciascia, Brooke Souder, Cameron Sutton, Elijah Tufts, Chase Turcotte, Sophie Weaver, Samantha Williams


High Honors

Kate Adams, Ali Arrigoni, Mackenzie Davis, Anna Flynn, Jackie Lian, Kai Machamer, Sophie Mitchell, Alana Moretti, Trevor Wozny


Jasmine Aloisio, Alexander Ansara, Abigail Arnold, Hadley Beale, Katelyn Blevens, Braden Butler, Connor Carey, Eva Carr, Abram Cartmill, Elizabeth Cassidy, Paul Connell, Patrick Cook, D’Lyza Diaz, Piper Edwards, Eli Fuchs, Timothy Gori, Erica Lyn Hamelin, Audrey Hammond, Nathan Jalbert, Emily Johnson, William Kirkpatrick, Abbigail LeBlanc, Augusta Manchester, Katharine McColley, Camden Minotti, Camden Oberg, Will Parker, Sarah Place, Liana Poole, Elli Pope, Seth Prisby, Iris Ross, Amerah Sandler, Alexys Scheive, Grant Simms, Ruby Sorbello, Finson Theos, Wade Thomas, Kylie Tice, Kamber Udy, Tess Vennard, Charlie Winter

Honorable Mention

Jackson Brackett, Riley Bradway, Oscar Chapman, Andrew Daskoski, Lilyanna Enright, Isabel Fajardo, Eusevio Garay, Zachary Glidden, Andrew Goodwin, Kylie Gordon, Janet Homans, Alexis Kast, Rachel Kovach, Margaret Kovalcin, Shuhan Li, Elizabeth McManus, Nicole Pettibone, Rebecca Renaud, James Scanlon, Mia Tero


High Honors

Owen Byrne, Rori Coomey, Stella D’Aran, Emily Entz, Corrin Hasty, Shaylee Herrin, Olivia Kilmer, Jacob Lusenhop, Abigail Mathieu, Caitlin Mathieu, Jackson Theriault, Edward Whitesell


Marcos Abell, Raya Anderson, Paul Arnold, Gavin Boyle, Trevor Callanan, Hannah Casey, Brayden Cusson, Augusta Drisko, Alisha Dube, Madison Fjeld, John Flynn, Raegan Foye, Sean Fuller, Gabriella Fultz, Erin Galvin, Karis Gilbert, Kaleb Grant, Kyle Grant, Grace Hanson, Jack Harmon, Carlie Haven, Anna Hayes, Allison Hussey, Matigan Janes, Jaimee Kast, Emma LaBreck, Jacob Landry, Kendall Lawrence, Madeleine Lindgren, Nicholas Maddison, Sean Maguire, Meghan Maldonis, Sydney Mayo, Eleonardo Miranda, Natalie Oakley, Sydney Page, Kelvin Peterson, Isadora Phipps, Andrew Pruyne, Jonathan Redfield, Ethan Rockafellow, Abigail Rooney, Riley Schmerber, Isabella Schultze, Mia Serrano, Reed Smaracko, Abigail Smith, Jocelyn Stackpole, Willa Stewart, Parker Swanson, Emma Tice, Hailey Tice, Cameron Trott, Avery Waddell, Vivian Webster, Christopher Wengert, Audrey Wharton

Honorable Mention

Piper Allen, Ryan Bisson, Samson Blumenfeld, Vivian Burnham, Natasha Colman, Malcolm Connell, Grace Connors, Katelyn Drobisewski, Damien Dubay, Olivia Forrester, Gabriella Giniusz, Trent Hill, Skylar Horton, Camden Hussey, Reid Johnson, Samuel Keene, Liana Leavitt, Madison Mahoney, Ella Manero, Alexa McGee, Ayla McKean, Anna Miller, Ella Nelson, Aurora Palacios, Samuel Peterson, Aidan San Diego, Natalie Singer, Joseph Swindell, Lianne Walker, Meagan Wentworth, Sean Wessling, Callahan Yager


High Honors

Thomas Barber, Sydney Bingham, Connor Caverly, Jessica Cleary-Reuning, Halliday Dinsmore-Patch, Julia Fagan, Samuel Fitzgerald, Nicholas Garrepy, Parrish Kirchoff, Neil Letellier, Amy Lucero Obando, Sarah Marshall, Jack Parker, Colin Ready, Nichole Roberts, Alaina Smith, Katherine Taran, Taylor Tsakiris, Chloe Tufts, Ashley Tuttle, Nicole Villinski, James Whitesell, Amanda Yates


Ruby Albers, Angelina Bisson, Max Blackwin, Justin Bryant, Nev Cartmill, Samuel Case, Cullen Casey, Michael Cruz, Domanique Dow, Vendela Eskind, Patrick Essex, Bridget Flynn, Sophia Freeman, Dani Fuchs, Jason Glidden, Jacob Gordon, Alexa Haas, Beverlyn He, Mira Hockenhull, Ellory Hoerth, Kailee Humphrey, Eli Janetos, Benjamin Klossner, Luke Kovalcin, Olivia Longarini, Alexandria Mann, Quinn McDaniel, Zachary Mercier, Danielle Mills, Anna Molin, Erin Moynihan, Trevor Page, Casey Perry, Gabriel Place, Jonah Place, Olivia Pride, Gregory Reppucci, Nathaniel Reppucci, Hannah Royce, Katherine Sargent, Sydney Savage, Ryan Schoff, Jaelyn Stevens-Ferland, Keaton Stone, Audrey Sutton, Matthew Thompson, Lillian Whelan, Noah Wilson, Chloe Young

Honorable Mention

Aidan Berman, Rory Blumenfeld, Scott Brown, Anna Dimmerling, David Dove, Ahmed Elgouhary, Aiden Fuller, Kayci Gagnon, Kayla Goodwin, Brennan HughesShiverick, Haley Lawrence, Abraham Lewis, Hannah Maldonis, John McNally, Cole McShane, Christian Sacharczyk, Jack Sarzynski, Griffen Scogland, Marshall Smaracko, Katherine Spinney, Jacob Stoltz, Peter Tsamparlis, John Valentine, Owen Williams-Hughes

Winter Guard and Percussion Show

Who Should Go to the Winter Guard and Percussion Show?



  • Anyone who loves percussion- drumming heartbeat rhythms that get your heart pumping.
  • Anyone who enjoys marching bands.
  • Anyone who participates and loves cheer, gymnastics or dance.
  • Anyone who takes piano lessons. Check out the keyboard instruments!
  • Anyone who plays an instrument or aspires to. If you can read music, you can join! Open to 7th grade and up.
  • Anyone who enjoys listening to music.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the composer Beethoven, the theme of this year’s indoor percussion show.
  • Anyone who wants to support Marshwood students!
  • Anyone who is looking for something to do with the kids over vacation!


$7 for adults, $5 for students, $20 for a family of four. For more info or to see the full schedule, please email kate.smith@rsu35.org or visit the Facebook pages “Marshwood Percussion” or “Marshwood Winter Guard”. Let’s go Marshwood!Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 1.20.55 PM

The High School Quiz Show Maine

The shows begin airing on March 19th starting with the preliminary matches. After those matches have all been aired the dates for the airing of the semifinal matches will be released by Maine Public Television. The championship round air date will be released upon completion of the airing of the semifinal rounds.
The matches first air at 8:00 pm on Thursdays, the same episode is aired for a second time at 5:00 pm on the following Sunday. The show schedule, as follows, can be found on Maine Public Television’s website:
Preliminary Matches:

Thur., March 19 / Sun., March 22 (Double-header) Bangorvs.Cony Falmouth vs.York
Thur., March 26 / Sun., March 29 John Bapst vs.Brewer
Thur., April 2 / Sun., April 5 Portland vs.Gould
Thur., April 9 / Sun., April 12 Marshwood vs. Noble
Thur., April 16 / Sun., April 19 The Watershed School vs.Greely
Thur., April 23 / Sun., April 26 Scarborough vs.Brunswick
Thur., April 30 / Sun., May 3 Morse vs.North Yarmouth

hs challenge teamThis year’s High School Quiz Show Maine team members are (from left to right) Alaina Smith, Jay Whitesell, Nate Reppucci, Ned Whitesell, and Owen Byrne. The competition consists of a sixteen-team single-elimination bracketed tournament, with qualifying matches, semifinals, and a championship match.

Marshwood Cheerleaders Participate in Cheers from the Heart Invitational

In 1999 the Wells High School Cheerleaders established Cheers from the Heart, a charity benefit cheerleading competition, as a way to give back to our home town communities. Over the last 21 years, Cheers from the Heart has donated over $270,000 to local charities, families, and children in need. On February 1st, both Marshwood High School and Marshwood Middle School cheer teams participated in the 22nd Cheers from the Heart Invitational. Both teams put on a wonderful display of athleticism and sportsmanship.
Next week, MHS Cheerleaders will be heading to the Augusta Civic Center to compete in the state championship, after placing 3rd in the Regional Championships. The competition runs from 10:00 am-noon. Come and support the Marshwood High School Varsity Cheerleaders.Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 3.36.02 PM

Marshwood Varsity Cheerleaders host a cheer clinic for grades K-8th

 On Friday, January 31st, the Marshwood Varsity Cheerleaders hosted a cheer clinic for grades K-8th. In addition to the 17 girls on the high school team, over 35 athletes participated. They worked with the High School team and Coach Brooke Frank on stunting, tumbling, and dance. At the end of the evening, parents were invited to come and watch what they had practiced. The Varsity team hopes to continue hosting clinics and teaching the fundamentals of cheerleading to young children in the district.Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 3.36.15 PM cheerleaders Frank

For Howarth trio, tradition never graduates

Tom and sons, Luke and Jackson, have been reunited as Marshwood assistant coaches under current wrestling coach Pat Howard

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — As Tom Howarth recalled, it was 1984 and Marshwood High School coaching legend Matt Rix was in his first year with the wrestling program as an assistant coach.Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.03.43 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.03.58 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.04.16 PM Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.04.56 PM

Howarth was a football player who had never wrestled before. “He actually talked me into wrestling,” Howarth said. “I was friends with him and I liked physical sports like football, so I said I’d try it out. I came out and I got about six other football players to join the wrestling team.”

At the time, remembered Howarth, the program had a handful of kids. It was in jeopardy of folding.

The Hawks got through the season. The following year, Howarth’s senior season, Rix took over as head coach, beginning a 33-year odyssey at the program’s helm, which included 10 state titles.

Fast forward to this year and Rix is no longer with the program after retiring in 2018.

But 35 years later, Howarth still is.

He wrestled at 155 pounds as a junior and 167 as a senior in 1985-86. After he graduated he came back to help out in the wrestling room because he loved the sport. Rix asked him to run the Pee Wee program 21 years ago. He did that, eventually sharing the duties with Todd Hughes as the program grew.

The two men had sons wrestling. Tom’s boys, Luke and Jackson, had taken to the sport, as had Hughes’ son, Cody, now a senior wrestler on scholarship at Virginia Tech.

Tom helped Hughes out with the junior high team as each man followed their sons through the program and eventually to high school.

All three boys were part of Marshwood’s rise in the Maine Class A wrestling ranks. From 2011-12 to 2017-18, the Hawks won six high school state titles in seven years, including four in a row.

Cody Hughes and Jackson Howarth were part of the four straight titles, each earning an outstanding wrestler award at a state final while accumulating over 200 career wins apiece. Luke Howarth wrestled for the 2012 and 2013 state title teams with his brother and Cody Hughes.

Now, the three Howarths are reunited as Marshwood assistant coaches under current coach Pat Howard, a former Hawk wrestler and a longtime assistant under Rix.

“I just loved coming back,” said Tom, 52, who owns and operates a South Berwick building company. “It was an addiction.”

Both his sons quickly took to the sport at a young age

“I was fortunate that they grew up liking the sport,” Tom said. “The same sport I liked. Both of them excelled at it.”

But once they graduated, Luke and Jackson realized, like their dad, they still wanted to be involved in wrestling.

“Jackson was still there, so I went to practices,” said Luke, 25, who works for a financial company in Dover, N.H. “I worked out with him and some of the other kids in his grade.”

Luke then coached at the junior high for a bit under then coach Jake Rasque, before he came to the high school two years ago as an assistant with Rix.

When Howard took over, he asked Luke to stay on as his paid full-time assistant.

Jackson took a similar path. He came back to help the high school like his dad and brother had. He helped at the junior high for a year. Last year was his first as a volunteer assistant coach with the high school.

“Now I’m really getting into it more,” said Jackson, 22, who works for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a diver. “I like coming back to help them get better. They give me a good workout, also.”

“It’s good to come back, too,” Luke said. “When we were in high school, we had a bunch of alumni come back and help. So it’s good to give back to the program that we’ve been part of since we were 3 or 4 years old.”

Having the Howarths on board has made Howard’s job a lot easier. In fact, he said, when he found out the Howarths were willing to coach with him, he felt much better accepting the post.

“I couldn’t ask for a better group of assistant coaches,” Howard said. “They’ve been brought up through the program their entire lives, especially Tom. He’s coached at every level all the way up through. (Luke and Jackson) wrestled at every single level all the way up through. They know the program inside and out. They know what’s expected every single day because they’ve done it themselves.”

It’s a little different being a coach versus being a wrestler. “We tell the kids, ‘We all did our time,’” Luke said. ”‘Now we’re here to help you.’”

All three admit frustration at seeing the program at such a low ebb. Marshwood will send just seven wrestlers to this Saturday’s regional championship at Massabesic High School, which means they will be forfeiting seven weight classes.

“It’s tough,” said Tom, a volunteer assistant. “It goes in waves. It will be back.”

When Luke and Jackson wrestled Marshwood had some of its largest rosters ever with in excess of 30 kids.

But with Tom and Todd Hughes no longer at the Pee Wee or junior high levels to recruit kids, numbers have dropped off. There are also more sports to choose from.

And wrestling, let’s face it, is not for the faint of heart.

“It’s the toughest sport on the planet,” Tom said. “You can know every move in the book, but if you’re gassed on the mat, mentally and physically, you’re not going to be able to do it.”

“It’s not like WWE on TV,” Luke said. “It’s definitely a tough sport. You can’t go out there without giving your full effort. You have to be committed to have success.”

There were some kids this past fall, including football players, who showed interest in coming out for the team.

“I talked to them,” Tom said. “I think they just need to try it out. It was a sport as a junior, I loved it. I got roped in. I’ve been here ever since.”

Marshwood Skiing

1/30 Shawnee Peak GS

Next Race: Feb 7, SMAA Championship (10 AM, Shawnee Peak)

Boys Alpine Opponents: 6-team SMAA Final Standings: Falmouth (19) Gorham (40) Kennebunk (45) Marshwood (48) Windham (72) Cheverus (183) Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Sean Maguire (1:03.95, 2) Brennan Shiverick (1:17.88, 13) Marcos Abell (1:19.31, 14) Collin Small (1:20.73, 19) Other Notable Performances: Top Traip Finisher – Conrad Burke (1:29.76, 30)

Girls Alpine Opponents: 5-team SMAA Final Standings: Falmouth (29) Marshwood (52) Kennebunk (58) Windham (63) Cheverus (98) Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Ella Manero (1:11.54, 2) Reid Johnson (1:22.31, 11) Avery Waddell (1:25.98, 14) Gabby Whisnant (1:40.20, 25)

Jillian Robillard , a 2016 Marshwood Graduate, Advances in Greenlight Maine College Edition Competition

Jillian Robillard , a 2016 Marshwood Graduate, Advances in Greenlight Maine College Edition Competition

Monday, Jan 27, 11:04 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 1.06.20 PMJillian is now a senior at the University of New England, and owns Southern Maine Crabs. In the competition she shares her proprietary process of using invasive green crabs as lobster bait: “Through the Greenlight Maine Collegiate Challenge, I hope to inspire other people to see how they can take action and help our planet.” Check out the episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1656&v=R2WGLoDPass&feature=emb_logo https://www.une.edu/news/2020/une-student-jillian-robillard-advances-next-round-greenlight-maine

Marshwood High School CyberPatriot Team

The Marshwood CyberPatriot team including Nate Reppucci, Peter Adams, Olivia Kilmer, Sean Williams, Vivian Burham, and Evan Coleman came in 156th of over 3,500 teams in their division. The team was first in Maine and 4th in the Northeast. They clearly qualified for semi-finals which will be held the weekend after midterms.Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 11.27.29 AM

Left to right: Olivia Kilmer, Evan Coleman, Peter Adams, Nate Reppucci, Sean Williams missing Vivian Burnham

Marshwood Skiing

Marshwood Skiing Date: 1/29 Shawnee Peak Discipline: GS Opponents: 6-team SMAA
Next Race: 1/31, 5:30 @ Shawnee Peak (GS)

Boys Alpine Final Standings: 1) Falmouth (14) 2) Marshwood (44) 3) Gorham (59)
Kennebunk (59) 5) Windham (67) 6) Cheverus (120)

Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Sean Maguire (1:02.33, 2) Jack Flynn (1:05.30, 5) Jack Lusenhop (1:17.30, 18) Marcos Abell (1:17.81, 19) Other Notable Performances: Conrad Burke, Traip Academy (1:23.53, 31)

Girls Alpine Final Standings:
 Falmouth (27) Windham (53) Marshwood (56) Kennebunk (73) Cheverus (102)

Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Ella Manero (1:08.84, 2) Reid Johnson (1:18.80, 10) Avery Waddell (1:28.10, 17) Grace Brackett (1:39.58, 27)

Boys Basketball Marshwood 80 Westbrook 53

Friday Roundup
Boys Basketball Marshwood 80 Westbrook 53
By Staff reports / sports@seacoastonline.com Jan 25, 2020
SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Ten different players scored for the Hawks, who soared to 9-6 in Class A South. Westbrook fell to 3-12.
Cullen Casey scored 17 points, Kelvin Peterson added 10 and Aidan Sullivan had nine as Marshwood won its third in a row.

Marshwood Senior Justin Bryant named 2019
James J. Fitzpatrick Award winner

Congratulations to Marshwood Senior Justin Bryant who was named the 2019 James J. Fitzpatrick Award winner in Portland on Sunday, January 26th. The award is given annually to the top senior football player in Maine. Justin worked extremely hard throughout his career to get to where he is. These pictures are from the awards banquet. Sixteen people from Marshwood attended the banquet. Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.20.50 PM Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.08.37 PM Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.08.26 PM Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.08.14 PMAttending were 5 people from Justin’s family and 4 of his coaches: Coach Orlando, Coach Elwell, Coach Jimenez, and Coach Cultrera. Also attending were Marshwood Superintendent Mr. Caverly, Mr. Zamarchi, Marshwood Athletic Director Rich Buzzell, and Justin’s teammates Connor Caverly, John Valentine, Cullen Casey, and Colby Leach.
Please congratulate Justin when you get a chance. The traveling trophy can be seen in the main office at Marshwood High School. MHS will get to keep it on display for the year. Justin will receive a trophy to keep.
Justin is the third Marshwood recipient ever to win the award since 1971. He joins 1989 winner Steve Knight and 2014 winner Brett Gerry. Congratulations, Justin

Marshwood Skiing

Date: 1/24/2020
Location: Shawnee Peak
Discipline: SL
Next Race: Wednesday, 1/29, 5:30 PM @ Shawnee Peak (GS)
Boys Alpine
Opponents: 6-team SMAA
Final Standings:
  1. Marshwood (23)
  2. Falmouth (30)
  3. Kennebunk (50)
  4. Gorham (54)
  5. Windham (66)
  6. Cheverus (122)
Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish)
Sean Maguire (1:43.05, 1)
Jack Flynn (1:53.89, 5)
Brennan Shiverick (2:00.31,8)
Zach Glidden (2:00.58, 9)
Other Notable Performances:
Top Traip finisher – Aram Brewer (2:45.23, 35)

Girls Alpine
Opponents: 5-team SMAA
Final Standings:
  1. Falmouth (26)
  2. Kennebunk (61)
  3. Marshwood (63)
  4. Windham (72)
  5. Cheverus (75)
Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish)
Ella Manero (2:05.54, 5)
Reid Johnson (2:23.10, 16)
Avery Waddell (2:26.45, 17)
Grace Brackett (2:47.45, 25)

Support Marshwood Class of 2020 Project Graduation

Support Marshwood Class of 2020

Project Graduation


Raise Craze Kick Off Email

January 21, 2020


Raise Craze On-line Fundraising Registration Is Open!

Dates: January 21 – February 8


We have officially kicked off our Raise Craze Fundraiser to raise money for Marshwood Class of 2020 Project Graduation. Our goal is to raise $15,000 and have 100% participation. 



Personalized Raise Craze Option:

  • Register at my.raisecraze.com/AX11JB9 
  • Enter 5-10 email addresses of potential supporters. 
  • Raise Craze will send all emails, reminders and thank you notes. 
  • Emails will never be shared with third parties or used for marketing. 


Group Raise Craze Option:

  • Share this link https://my.raisecraze.com/give/ax11jb9/ to make your direct donation and/or share this link with others (family members, friends, businesses, employers) and they may make a donation. 


We will be highlighting how our seniors have been paying it forward in our communities through the years. Some of the Acts of Kindness  we have shared so far are: Volunteering at 5K to support Rolllinsford Public Library, tutoring Marshwood Middle School students, referee at the Matty T. Rix Youth Wrestling Tournament and help choreograph the Marshwood Middle School musical.  Please share ACTS OF KINDNESS your senior has done, so we can continue to share how these seniors have and continue to impact our communities. 


ACTS OF KINDNESS can be emailed to bglittlebuddies @gmail.com


Thank you for your support!

Girls Basketball

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Marshwood Athletics: 53 Brunswick High School: 38 Saturday, Jan 11 2020 Marshwood @ Brunswick Venue: Brunswick High School

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Marshwood Athletics: 60 York High School: 46 Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 York @ Marshwood

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Marshwood Athletics: 64 Sanford Schools: 45 Friday, Jan 17, 2020 Marshwood @ Sanford

BOYS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 49 Sanford 46

BOYS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 49 Sanford 46

By Staff Reports / sports@seacoastonline.com Jan 17, 2020 SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — The Class A Hawks improved to 7-6 on the season with this win over Class AA Sanford. Justin Bryant scored 24 points, including 15 in the second half as Marshwood overcame a six-point deficit entering the fourth quarter. Kelvin Peterson added 10 points for the Hawks.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing 1/13/2020 Shawnee Peak Next Race: Friday, 1/17, 5:30 PM @ Shawnee Peak (SL)
Boys Alpine Opponents: 5-team WMC / SMAA cross-over Final Standings:
 Greeley (29) Marshwood (38) Gray-New Glouchester (45) Cape Elizabeth (57) Windham (67) Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Sean Maguire (1:02.81, 1) Zach Glidden (1:11.71, 8) Brennan Shiverick (1:14.98, 14) Jack Lusenhop (1:15.42, 15) Other Notable Performances: Conrad Burke, Traip Academy (1:21.41, 26) Girls Alpine Opponents: 4-team WMC/SMAA cross-over
Final Standings:
 Cape Elizabeth (23) Marshwood (36) Greeley (47.5) Windham (59.5) Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Lydia Phipps (1:09.37, 2) Ella Manero (1:10.30, 5) Reid Johnson (1:20.80, 9) Avery Waddell (1:31.00, 21)

Marshwood Alpine Skiing 

Marshwood Alpine Skiing 

Date: 1/10/20  Location: Shawnee Peak

Next Race: 1/13, GS, 5:30 @ Shawnee Peak


Boys Alpine

Opponents: 5-team SMAA

Final Standings:

  1. Marshwood (14)
  2. Kennebunk (44)
  3. Gorham (50)
  4. Windham (75)
  5. Cheverus (98)

Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish)

Sean Maguire (1:37.33, 1)

Jack Flynn (1:49.88, 3)

Brennan Shiverick (1:50.24, 4)

Zach Glidden (1:58.17, 6)


Other Notable Performances:

Collin Small, Marshwood (2:02.61, 8)

Conrad Burke, Traip Academy (2:29.37, 23)


Girls Alpine

Opponents: 4-team SMAA


Final Standings:

  1. Cheverus (25)
  2. Marshwood (34)
  3. Windham (41)
  4. Kennebunk (46)

Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish)

Lydia Phipps (1:59.67, 4)

Ella Manero (2:07.64, 6)

Serafina Melino (2:10.14, 8)

Avery Waddell (2:38.71, 16)

Friday’s girls’ roundup: Foul shot lifts Marshwood past Kennebunk, 45-44

Girls’ basketball: Casey Perry gets a steal with 10 seconds left, then hit a 1 of 2 free throws and Marshwood improves to 3-0 with a one-point win.

Portland Press HeraldSTAFF REPORT

SOUTH BERWICK — Casey Perry caused a turnover with 10 seconds remaining, then connected on one of two fouls shots with six seconds remaining to give Marshwood a 45-44 girls’ basketball win over Kennebunk on Friday night.

The win lifted the Hawks to 3-0 while the Rams fell to 1-2.

Angelina Bisson led Marshwood with 19 points, four assists and three steals. Perry finished with three points and four steals.

Emily Archibald scored 26 points for Kennebunk.

Girls’ basketball: Marshwood rolls past Falmouth, 62-47

The Hawks open up a big lead in the first quarter and hand Falmouth its second loss in three nights


SOUTH BERWICK — Lexi McGee had been struggling offensively, her shots not falling. But when the Marshwood High junior guard opened Thursday night’s game by hitting a 3-pointer, it gave her the boost she needed.

McGee scored 17 points, hitting three 3-pointers, as the Hawks roared past Falmouth 62-47 in a Class A South basketball game.

Marshwood, which won its third consecutive game to improve to 8-2, opened a 13-point lead in the first quarter and stayed in control throughout. Falmouth, which won just two games a year ago, lost its second game in three nights to drop to 6-4.

“We were concerned because we knew they were playing well,” said Marshwood Coach Steve Freeman. “We came out the other night, against (Traip Academy), and played really well early and were hoping it would carry over. And it did.

“We came out and I couldn’t have been happier with how they played to start the game and, really, the entire first half.”

Marshwood, using its size and experience, forced the Yachtsmen into 14 first-half turnovers and controlled rebounds on both ends of the court. It was 39-19 at halftime.

After McGee’s opening 3-pointer, Anna Turgeon (14 points) scored inside for Falmouth. But the Hawks got the next 10 points, forcing five turnovers. Angelina Bisson hit two 3-pointers in that stretch, her second making it 13-2.

McGee said hitting her first shot “definitely gave us a boost. I guess it got us on track. I just said, ‘Relax and go out and have fun.’”

The Hawks had a balanced offense. Casey Perry and Kayla Goodwin each scored 13 points, while Bisson had eight.

That’s how the Hawks play when they’re at their best. Their two losses were to York (66-38) and Kennebunk (43-33), games in which they struggled to get anything going offensively.

But the combination of Perry and Goodwin inside and Marshwood’s outside shooters – the Hawks hit six 3-pointers – was too much for Falmouth.

“Being able to drive and also have our shooters out there kind of made them play me 1-on-1 instead of double-teaming,” said Perry, who missed most of last year because of a shoulder injury. “They had to cover Lexi, they had to cover Lina. All our shooters were 

The game served as a learning experience for a young Falmouth squad, which was missing starter Lauren Welch (illness). Falmouth did cut a 25-point deficit to 14 midway through the fourth.

“We just battle all game long, we don’t give up,” said Falmouth Coach Dawn Armandi. “If we want to compete with the best, we have to be able to play 32 minutes or more.

“And tonight, I felt like we were going to get run off the floor. So I kept them out there and made them play the whole game.”

For Marshwood, the eight wins is a little surprising, considering the Hawks graduated 14 players from last year’s regional semifinalist.

“To have this brand new team and be playing like this is awesome,” said Perry. “It means that we can keep getting better.”

Mid Year Exam Schedule

Mid Year Exam Schedule


Tuesday 1/21

7:30 –     8:00 am Review Exam per 1

8:00 –   10:00 am Exam per 1

10:05 – 10:50 am Top Floor Lunch/Bottom Floor Advisories

10:50 – 11:35 am Bottom Floor Lunch/Top Floor Advisories

11:40 – 12:10 pm Review Exam per 7

12:10 –   2:15 pm Exam per 7

Wednesday 1/22

7:30 –    8:00 am Review Exam per 2

8:00 –  10:00 am Exam per 2

10:05 –10:50 am Top Floor Lunch/Bottom Floor Advisories

10:50 –11:35 am Bottom Floor Lunch/Top Floor Advisories

11:40 –12:10 pm Review Exam per 6

12:10 –  2:15 pm Exam per 6

Thursday 1/23

7:30 –   8:54 am Teacher Late Start Time

8:58 –   9:05 am Review Exam per 3

9:05 – 11:05 am Exam per 3

11:09 –11:39 am Top Floor Lunch/Bottom Floor per 5 review

11:39 –12:09 am Bottom Floor Lunch/Top Floor per 5 review

12:13 –  2:15 pm Exam per 5

Friday 1/24

7:30 –    8:00 am Review Exam per 4

8:00 –  10:00 am Exam per 4

10:05 –10:50 am Lunch

11:00 –  1:00 pm Make-Up Exam

Monday 1/27 First day of the second semester

Contingency Schedules:


Snow Day – Exam schedule is moved forward.  Make-up exams will be arranged as needed, and Friday’s exam schedule will be pushed into the second semester and will follow the schedule below.

7:30 –   7:45 am Review Exam per 4

7:45 –   9:45 am Exam per 4

Second Semester classes begin.

9:50 – 10:18 am Period 1 

10:22- 10:50 am Period 2

10:54 -11:22 am Period 3         

11:27 -12:02 pm Period 4         Top Floor Lunch/Bottom Floor Class

12:02 -12:37 pm Period 4         Bottom Floor Lunch/Top Floor Class

12:42 – 1:10 pm Period 5

 1:14 –  1:42 pm Period 6

1:46  – 2:15 pm Period 7

One Hour Delay Exam Day

8:30 –    9:00 am Review Morning Exam

9:00 –  11:00 am Morning Exam

11:05 –11:35 am Top Floor Lunch/Bottom Floor Afternoon Review

11:35 –12:10 pm Bottom Floor Lunch/Top Floor Afternoon Review

12:15 –  2:15 pm Afternoon Exam

Two Hour Delay Exam Day

9:30 –   11:17 am Morning Exam 

11:22 – 11:52 pm Top Floor Lunch/Bottom Floor Afternoon Review

11:52 – 12:22 pm Bottom Floor Lunch/Top Floor Afternoon Review

12:27 –   2:15 pm Afternoon Exam

Photography Class at Marshwood High School

Photography Class at Marshwood High School

It’s that time of year again. The first semester of Intro to Photography class is coming to a close. That means some of the amazing photos that students have taken throughout the year have been printed and will be on display for a pop-up gallery show during their final block day. As a part of their final exam, Photography students have selected and prepared work for an exhibit in Marshwood High School’s Main Lobby. Students are encouraged to engage an audience of their peers and MHS staff members in conversation about their photographs, the course, and the process. Teachers and administrators have been invited to be in the lobby during the 6th and 7th period (1:00 pm-2:00 pm ) blocks next week. The photos will be displayed in the hallway in the art wing after school on Thursday 1/16. Several of the pieces will also be displayed at this year’s District-Wide Art Show, in April. Stay tuned for the students’ photographs.

BOYS BASKETBALL Falmouth 49, Marshwood 41

Seacoast Roundup: BOYS BASKETBALL
By Staff Reports / sports@seacoastonline.com

Falmouth 49, Marshwood 41

FALMOUTH, Maine — The Yachtsmen used an 11-4 run late in the fourth quarter to overtake the Hawks and improve to 7-3 in Class A South.

Aidan Sullivan led Marshwood (5-5) with 11 points. Cullen Casey scored 10.

Marshwood hosts Brunswick in a key Class A South matchup on Saturday.

Knight Hawks Unified Basketball Team

The Knight Hawks Unified Basketball Team’s season has officially started! The team has grown to include more than twenty student-athletes and their partners from Noble High School and Marshwood High School.Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.29.32 PM knighthawks shooting team lineup knight hawk practice 2 knight hawks practice This year’s game schedule and pictures from the first practice held on Monday, January 6th are below The first game will be played at Noble High School on Tuesday, 1/28 at 3:30 pm featuring the Knight Hawks vs. Wells High School. The team and their coaches are looking forward to this season’s excitement and challenges. Please come support the Knight Hawks! Hannah Corcoran, Tatyana Wolterbeek, Tim Jones, Deb Hasty

Marshwood Skiing

Marshwood Skiing

1/8/20 Shawnee Peak GS

Next Race: Friday 1/10/20, 5:30 PM @ Shawnee Peak

Boys Alpine Opponents: 6-team SMAA
Final Standings:

Falmouth (14)

Marshwood (30)

Kennebunk (56)

Gorham (63)

Cheverus (124)

Windham (176)

Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish)

Sean Maguire (1:01.63, 1)

Jack Flynn (1:07.39, 7)

Brennan Shiverick (1:09.92, 10)

Zach Glidden (1:12.32, 12)

Other Notable Performances: Top finisher for Traip Academy was Conrad Burke (1:18.75, 25)

Girls Alpine Opponents: 5 – team SMAA

Final Standings:

Marshwood (24)

Falmouth (42)

Cheverus (51)

Windham (70)

Kennebunk (82)

Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish) Ella Manero (1:07.63, 1) Lydia Phipps (1:09.70, 3) Serafina Melino (1:10.54, 5) Reid Johnson (1:17.85, 15)

GIRLS HOCKEY Scarborough 1 York/Traip/Marshwood 0

Seacoast Roundup: GIRLS HOCKEY Scarborough 1 York/Traip/Marshwood 0


DOVER — Meg Wentworth, Sophia Santamaria, Zoe Jellison, and Meg Toohey played well in all three zones for York (3-7) in Thursday’s loss at Dover Ice Arena. Scarborough improved to 9-1. Defensively, Jill Carr, Charlotte Grimes, Brianna Baker, Jordan McKie and Emma Cleary were strong in front of goalie Erin Gray, who made 30 saves.

BOYS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 56 Kennebunk 68

By Staff Reports / sports@seacoastonline.com Jan 3, 2020 SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Kyle Pasieniuk scored 10 of his game-high 24 points in the fourth quarter as Kennebunk beat Marshwood in Class A South. Max Murray chipped in with 15 points. Justin Bryant and Cullen Casey led Marshwood with 21 and 16 points, respectively. Kennebunk improved to 4-2 while Marshwood fell to 3-4.

BOYS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 69, Morse 42

BOYS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 69, Morse 42Seacoast Roundup: Seacoastonline January 4, 2020
SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Aidan Sullivan scored 12 points and Justin Bryant added 10 for the Hawks, who saw 11 separate players score in this Class A South win. Marshwood improved to 4-4 while Morse dropped to 1-6.
Marshwood travels to face Class C Traip on Tuesday.

Marshwood Ski Team

Marshwood Ski Team Date: 1/3/20 Shawnee Peak GS Next Race: Wed 1/8/20 (GS @ Shawnee Peak, 5:30 PM)

Girls Alpine Opponents: Falmouth, Kennebunk, Windham, Cheverus, Gorham
Final Standings:
 Falmouth (30) Marshwood (54.5) Windham (63) Kennebunk (72) Cheverus (78.5) Gorham (93) Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish): Ella Manero (1:13,24, 2) Serafina Melino (1:16.09, 7T) Reid Johnson (1:24.21, 17) Avery Waddell (1:34.15, 28) Boys Alpine Opponents: SMAA
Final Standings:
 Falmouth (15) Marshwood (41) Gorham (48) Windham (68) Cheverus (91) Kennebunk (97) Marshwood Scorers (combined time, finish): Sean Maguire (1:06.26, 1) Jack Flynn (1:10.21, 5) Brennan Shiverick (1:17.71, 14) Kai Machamer (1:20.08, 21) Other Notable Performances: Conrad Burke, Traip Academy (1:20.63, 22)

Seacoast Winter Classic: Portsmouth to face unbeaten York in semifinals

By Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com  Dec 26, 2019  

Holiday boys basketball returned to Portsmouth on Thursday, as the three-day, eight-team Seacoast Winter Classic debuted. All proceeds from the event will benefit the family of Maine Police Detective Ben Campbell, who was killed in the line of duty in April.

PORTSMOUTH — Rich Buzzell, the athletic director at Marshwood High School, remembers how the region looked forward to holiday-week basketball tournaments hosted by Portsmouth High School in the 1980s.

Back when he was a player at Traip Academy, he recalled the events that would bring in several local teams, plus teams from farther away — like Portland and St. John’s Prep — to play, in essence, “King of the Neighborhood.”

He particularly recalls the 1986 version, when his Traip team upset Portsmouth and reached the championship game.

“It was a pretty significant tournament,” said Buzzell. “I’m glad to see they’re doing it.”Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.37.37 AM Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.37.24 AM Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.36.59 AM Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 11.36.44 AM

Holiday boys basketball returned to Portsmouth on Thursday, as the three-day, eight-team Seacoast Winter Classic debuted. Organized by administrators from Portsmouth and Marshwood high schools, and Tommy MacDonald of the Maine FBI, all proceeds from the event will benefit the family of Maine Police Detective Ben Campbell, who was killed in the line of duty in April.

“We were talking about it earlier today,” said York coach Paul Marquis, whose team beat Mascenic Thursday. “We feel fortunate to be a part of it as a way of maybe giving back to the community a little bit, especially the law enforcement community. They do so much, whether supporting these kids when they were youngsters or just helping the communities they serve.”

Fans came to watch basketball, where teams from South Portland, Kennebunk, York and Portsmouth advanced to Friday afternoon’s semifinals. But there was a much more.


All players were issued green, long-sleeved “Seacoast Winter Classic” shirts that they wore during warm-ups. Twenty-five referees donated their time to work the 10 total games, many of them having a connection to law enforcement.

“Beyond basketball, it’s just a great event,” said Marshwood coach Bobby Pratt, whose team lost to South Portland in the opening game. “We’re appreciative that we were included in this.”

The gym filled up more as the afternoon turned into evening, inflatable Santas and snowmen just off the four corners of the court reminding us what a festive week this should be.Marshwood, off to a 3-3 start in Class A, led South Portland by five in the second quarter. But the Red Riots, the top team in Class AA at 6-0 and regarded as one of the best in Maine, grabbed the lead with an 11-0 run before halftime and never trailed again.

The Hawks tried to put a dent in the margin behind sophomore Aidan Sullivan (17 points), who scored the last seven points of the third quarter to make it 44-37. But behind quick guard Pamba Pamba (24 points), South Portland bumped its lead back to double-figures after surrendering the first basket of the fourth and went on to win, 59-49.

“They’re so tough,” said Pratt. “They can score from every position. Their pressure gave us some trouble (in the second quarter). … We turned the ball over two or three times — boom, boom, boom, and they go on their run.

“It was a good experience. That’s one of the top teams, I think in the state of Maine. They’re athletic, they can shoot, they can defend. It was good for our kids to see what the top looks like and what we need to do to get better.”

South Portland will play Kennebunk in Friday’s first semifinal (1 p.m.). Marshwood will play Sanford in a consolation game (10 a.m.).

Unbeaten York, on the short list of contenders in Maine Class A, opened its game against Division III Mascenic with 6-foot-4 Brady Cummins throwing down an alley-oop pass from Teagan Hynes.

The game was close into the second quarter, but the Wildcats scored 50 points after halftime in their 86-38 win. Six-foot-4 Will MacDonald (15), JP Frazier (13), and Jonathan Donovan (10) and Tommy Coughlin (10) also hit double figures.

“I think we create some mismatch problems in terms of our speed and strength on the perimeter,” said Marquis, whose team will play Portsmouth in the semis.

“York is dynamite this year,” noted Portsmouth coach John Mulvey.

The final game of the night was preceded by a ceremony recognizing the service of former Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney, who was killed in the line of duty in 2012. A similar ceremony for late Maine State Trooper Charles Black of South Berwick is planned for Saturday.

The Clippers won handily in the late game, 70-35 against Traip. Kevin Cummings and Coleman Brewster both scored 17 points, and Calvin Hewett added 13 points and a series of steals.

The Marshwood High School Quiz Show Team has qualified

The Marshwood High School Quiz Show Team has qualified to compete in Maine Public Television’s academic contest for the fourth consecutive year. This year’s team members are Marshwood High school team MPBS(from left to right) Alaina Smith, Jay Whitesell, Nate Reppucci, Ned Whitesell, and Owen Byrne. The competition consists of a sixteen-team single-elimination bracketed tournament, with qualifying matches, semifinals, and a championship match. Filming of the competition is underway. The matches will be aired on Maine Public Television starting sometime in February.

Boys Basketball Marshwood 60, Wells 41

Seacoastonline By Staff reports Dec 10, 2019

Boys Basketball Marshwood 60, Wells 41
SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — The Hawks used a 22-4 fourth quarter to turn a one-point lead into a 19-point win. They climbed to 2-0 in Class A South.Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 4.47.36 PM
Kelvin Peterson made an impact on both ends of the floor and scored all 12 of his points in the second half. Cullen Casey led Marshwood with 13 points.
Wells (1-1) was led by Gavyn Leighton, hit three 3-pointers and finished with 18 points.
Marshwood is at Kennebunk on Friday.

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 61, Wells 49 WELLS

SPORTS ROUNDUP: Seacoastonline By Staff reports Dec 10, 2019

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Marshwood 61, Wells 49 WELLS — Angelina Bisson knocked down five 3-pointers and finished with 24 points, and the Hawks battled through foul trouble and a roaring Wells rally in the fourth quarter to improve to 2-0 in Class A South. “The girls showed a lot of heart tonight, battled and managed to pull away late,” coach Steve Freeman said. Kayla Goodwin chipped in 14 points and nine rebounds for the Hawks. Casey Perry (eight points, five rebounds) and Rori Coomey (five points, nine rebounds, five steals) were other leaders. Marshwood led 29-25 at the half and pulled ahead by 13 early in the fourth quarter, but Wells (1-1) surged and pulled back even at one point. The Hawks leaned on their depth and hit some key free throws late to close out the win.


Declining numbers challenge Marshwood wrestling


SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Having won six of the last eight Maine Class A wrestling championships, Marshwood High School’s biggest hurdle to overcome this season will likely be itself.Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 4.29.49 PM Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 4.30.02 PM

Faced with declining participation in recent years, the Hawks start the 2019-20 campaign with eight wrestlers, down from last year’s starting number of 12.

A half dozen athletes have considered joining the team, but did not come out for one reason or another.

“You try to make it as fun as possible,” said second-year head coach Pat Howard, who wrestled at Marshwood and then was an assistant under coaching legend Matt Rix, who retired in 2018.

“But it’s a tough sport,” Howard said. “I’m not going to try and lie to a kid and say this is going to be a lot of fun; when your body is getting pounded on all the time.”

Of the eight on the team, three are back from last year: seniors Zach Mercier (heavyweight) and Carsen Goodwin (132 pounds), and junior Sean Moriarty (126).

A big loss was sophomore Aydin Rix-McElhinney, who decided to spend the year wrestling in Colorado Springs with Betterman Elite Wrestling Club, co-run by Matt Rix’s daughter, Deanna Rix Betterman (no relation).

The rest of the squad includes senior Christian Sacharczyk (170), who wrestled as a freshman, but took the past two years off; sophomore Ethan Boyle (160) and a trio of freshmen: Colby Isabelle (145, 152), Harry Lampesis (132, 138) and Rowan Carter (132, 138).

What’s disappointing for Howard is that there were eight potential freshman wrestlers coming in. But five decided not to go out.

Howard thought that finish might boost interest and draw in more kids, but it didn’t.

Marshwood, Noble and Massabesic have won 20 of the last 22 Class A titles.

“Even with eight wrestlers, you’re forfeiting six weight classes,” said Marshwood Athletic Director Rich Buzzell, who recently stepped down as a member of the MPA Wrestling Committee after eight years. “It’s scary. You’re two injuries away from (falling below the minimum allowed of seven wrestlers).”

Buzzell added, “We’re on the edge. All it takes is two injuries, sickness or illness.”

Howard said when he wrestled in the early 2000s, the team regularly had around 20 wrestlers.

At its height earlier this decade they had over 30; enough so they could field two teams to send to two different tournaments over a weekend.

Another former wrestler, Tom Howarth, was also involved coaching (and still is).

Their sons wrestled as well — Cody Hughes and Jackson and Luke Howarth.

Cody and Jackson were the same age. “They got their buddies to wrestle and all their friends and it spread,” Howard said. “A lot had to do with that.”

Thanks to Hughes, the Howarths and a bigger talent pool, Marshwood won four straight Class A titles from 2011 to 2015.

Cody Hughes is in his final year of wrestling in college at Virginia Tech.

All three Howarths are still involved helping the program with Luke serving as apaid assistant under Howard, while Tom is a volunteer assistant.

“But at the same time it is for everybody,” Howard continues. “You can be tall and skinny, short and stout; any of those guys can be a great wrestler. You don’t have to be a speciman athlete. I tell them that all the time. You just have to be mentally tough.”

Howard feels this current decline is a blip and he hopes more kids will start coming out in the next year or two.

“It’s tough to make a sport like this easy on the kids,” Howard said. “Kids don’t like being out there and they have to lose and they have no one to blame but themselves. That’s a tough pill for a lot of kids to swallow.”

Buzzell said some kids have a problem wearing the wrestling singlet, so some schools provide an alternative of shorts and a spandex shirt.

Buzzell also noted that many schools are experiencing the same problem. He said maybe four schools in Maine have 28 or more wrestlers and that’s it. One is neighboring Noble, the regional champ the past two years. The Knights have a robust 38 wrestlers according to their roster on the SMAA web site.

For now, the Hawks will have to make do. If more jump onboard that would be great.

“I’m working with what I have for right now and concentrate on getting those kids the best season possible,” Howard said. “I told them already, I don’t want you worrying about dual meet scores. Worry about your own individual goals. Team stuff will come later.”

Marshwood opened the season this past Saturday at the Westbrook Invitational.

Marshwood’s Justin Bryant named Fitzpatrick Trophy semifinalist. Here’s his case

Marshwood’s Justin Bryant named Fitzpatrick Trophy semifinalist. Here’s his case.
By Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com
Dec 2, 2019

Bryant finished the season with 1,494 yards rushing (on 144 carries, for a 10.4 average) and scored 31 touchdowns for a team that went 11-1 and won the Class B championship for the third year in a row

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — His quarterback called him the best player he’s ever played with.Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.51.31 PM

Opposing coaches sang his praises all season. His own coach says he’s one of the hardest workers he’s ever had.

When it comes to Marshwood High School senior Justin Bryant, it’s not just the teammates and coaches in his backyard who have taken notice.

On Monday, the fullback/linebacker was named one of 12 semifinalists for the Fitzpatrick Trophy, awarded to the state’s top senior student-athlete in football.

“I think he has a great chance,” said Marshwood coach Alex Rotsko. “Statistically, he certainly matches up with anyone and he had great team success this year.”

Bryant finished the season with 1,494 yards rushing (on 144 carries, for a 10.4 average) and scored 31 touchdowns for a team that went 11-1 and won the Class B championship for the third year in a row.

He capped his season by rushing for 219 yards and scoring five touchdowns in the state championship game against Brunswick, a 48-28 win.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to go out playing with these guys,” said Bryant.

On defense, he starred at middle linebacker on a unit that allowed just 9.8 points per game.

“They’re very good on defense,” noted Kennebunk coach Joe Raffferty, whose team lost to Marshwood twice. “They proved that all season long.”

Bryant is joined on the list of semifinalists by Ryan Connors of Kennebunk, Connor Crawford of Ellsworth, Jarett Flaker of Scarborough, Kobe Gaudette of Thornton Academy, Camden Jordan of Class C champion Leavitt, Garit Laliberte of Maranacook, Payton Mackay of Wells, Zach Maturo of Class A champ Bonny Eagle, Anthony Poole of South Portland, Owen Richardson of Brunswick and Sean Tompkins of Cheverus.

The winner will be announced next month. The only Marshwood players to ever win the award, which began in 1971, were Brett Gerry (2014) and Steve Knight (1989).

After rushing for more than 1,100 yards as a junior, Bryant dedicated his offseason to strength training.

“He’s in the weight room more than anybody else,” said senior quarterback Connor Caverly. “After every game, Saturday and Sunday, he was in there busting his butt. It paid off.”

“Biggest thing, I think, is probably just his work ethic, during the season and in the offseason,” said Rotsko. “He’s one of the strongest kids we’ve ever had in the program, physically.”

Due to graduation losses, Bryant was one of three players on defense who switched positions, moves the coaching staff made in the preseason with their fingers crossed. He moved from outside linebacker in a 4-4 defense to middle linebacker in a 4-3, with Michael Cruz shifting from tackle to end, and Cullen Casey moving from safety to outside linebacker.

“I think that suited his skill-set better,” said Rotsko. “He had more run (stopping) responsibilities. He’s got good speed and he’s a big, strong kid.

“You hoped those moves would work out and they did. I think Justin was a much better middle linebacker than he was an outside backer.”

Bryant’s next move? Though he has the ability and the grades — a 91 average — to play college football at some level, he’s leaning toward joining the Marines.

“I’ve been thinking about going into the military for a while now,” he said during the season. “Not sure about playing in college.”

The Hawks held their end-of-season banquet on Sunday, celebrating their accomplishments but also leaning on the program’s two pillars of trust and being unselfish. Bryant’s numbers — along with those of Caverly and running backs John Valentine and Cam Cornett — were stunted by an offense that distributes carries and a team that often played second- and third-stringers after halftime.

“In Justin’s case, he could have run for 4,000 yards this year but that’s not what we’re all about,” said Rotsko. “The kids are great about that, being unselfish.”

Big Apple bound!!

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 8.53.21 PMThese three will represent Marshwood and Maine marching with the great American marching band in the Macy’s parade! An exciting week of rehearsal and adventure, then we will join them for the big parade event-so excited!

MAINE REIGN: Marshwood captures 3rd consecutive Class B football title

By  Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com Nov 23, 2019  

for more pictures https://www.seacoastonline.com/photogallery/SO/20191123/SPORTS/112309998/PH/1?fbclid=IwAR0AbF6Fr44QBUiVftTOUkQLoj2O5shjQlVmw1qsW-kQ28kTFCCJZ9M-NFw

 One year after an injury limited him to one play in the Class B championship game, Marshwood senior Justin Bryant made up for lost time as the Hawks beat Brunswick, 48-28, at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Saturday’s finalScreen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.27.08 AM Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.27.28 AM Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.27.42 AM Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.30.22 AM Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.30.45 AM Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.31.07 AM Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 9.31.32 AM

PORTLAND, Maine — Justin Bryant wasn’t missing a moment of this one.

One year after an injury limited him to one play in the Class B championship game, the Marshwood High School senior fullback/linebacker made up for lost time as the Hawks won their third straight state title on Saturday night, beating Brunswick, 48-28, at Fitzpatrick Stadium.

Bryant rushed for four touchdowns as the Hawks (11-1) built a 28-14 halftime lead. He finished with 219 yards on 18 carries and five scores.

“He’s the best football player I’ve ever played with,” said senior quarterback/defensive end Connor Caverly. “The amount of work he’s put in is just outstanding. He’s in the weight room more than anybody else.”

It’s the fifth state title for Marshwood in the last six years, with four of them getting capped by wins over Brunswick (11-1) on this field.

But of these last three titles, this was the only state game Bryant’s had an impact in, due to untimely injuries. That made his performance all the sweeter.

“It’s so satisfying to finally play this game,” said Bryant. “My teammates last year, my substitutes, did a great job playing hard, but to finally get in the game and play and do well and win, it’s satisfying.”


In a season of dominance, this was no rout like last year’s 49-0 state game.

Down by two touchdowns at halftime, the Dragons executed an onside kick and recovered it. Traded punts and a good return by Chandler Coombs gave them possession inside the red zone, and they cashed in to cut the lead to 28-20 midway through the third quarter.

“We got back in the game. That’s what we wanted to do,” said Brunswick coach Dan Cooper. “Then they made plays to separate again.”

When the Hawks absolutely needed an answer, they produced one.

A 39-yard pass from Caverly to Cullen Casey (five catches for 108 yards) down the sideline set up a Caverly QB sneak for a 35-20 lead.

“It was important that we came back and scored right away, not give them the momentum,” said Marshwood coach Alex Rotsko.

“We knew the way their coverage was that Cullen was going to be open,” said Caverly (8-for-13 passing for 127 yards, and passing and rushing TDs). “It’s all Coach Rotsko and his game plan.”

Then, after John Valentine intercepted a pass that Cam Cornett had defended and deflected, the Hawks drove in from midfield, taking a 42-20 lead in the final minute of the third quarter when Caverly hit Valentine from 3 yards out.

Cornett, a quick sophomore who should see his role increase next year, finished with 78 yards on nine carries.

The matchup was an anticipated one, after both teams gave a top team from Class A a game during the regular season before rolling through their regional playoffs. Marshwood lost 28-27 at Thornton Academy, while Brunswick beat eventual champion Bonny Eagle, 27-14.

After stopping the Dragons’ first possession in the shadow of their red zone on downs, Marshwood struck quickly. A 35-yard sideline pass from Caverly to Casey was followed by Bryant bursting through a hole on the right and running 27 yards for a touchdown and 7-0 lead.

Brunswick answered back with a 10-play, 57-yard drive, one moved along by two penalties on the Hawks that provided first downs. It was 7-6 after one quarter.

Bryant scored his second touchdown of the day on his team’s second possession, capping an 11-play, 60-yard march with an 11-yard burst to the corner to make it 13-6, the extra point missing.

“I wouldn’t say we struggled on defense, but we didn’t shut them down,” said Bryant.

His third score came after his defense forced the game’s first punt and took over at its own 40. On the fifth play of the drive, he looked to have been bottled up by the second level of defense, but he broke a tackle, raced to the sideline and scored to up the lead to 20-6.

The Dragons got to within 20-14 when Coombs ran 60 yards for a score on a fake punt, but Bryant accelerated and then capped another drive with less than two minutes left, scoring his fourth touchdown from 11 yards out.

“That’s a very talented football team over there,” said Cooper. “They were big, fast and physical. We thought we’d be able to have some success defensively … they were better than us.”

Owen Richardson, who also missed last year’s state game with an injury, rushed for 115 yards and three touchdowns on 23 carries for Brunswick.

But Bryant left with the glory.

“He’s been waiting three years to do this,” said Rotsko. “It was great for him to have a day and it seemed like our guys up front did a really good job.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to go out, playing with these guys,” said Bryant. “It’s really exciting. I can’t even believe it, really.”

Marshwood High School Photography students visit the Salmon Falls Mill

Marshwood High School Photography students visited the Salmon Falls Mill
 On Tuesday, October 22nd Marshwood High School Photography students visited the Salmon Falls Mills; An artist community in Rollinsford, NH. Two working photographers in the mills; Michael Penney and Brian Coleman graciously hosted students for the day. Students heard about what it takes to be a “working artist” and saw the two different photographers’ studios. Then students were invited to explore this communal art space and the beautiful surroundings through their own lenses. 
The work will also be featured at Marshwood High School as part of the students’ final project: “A pop-up gallery” and as part of the district-wide art show held in the spring. Marshwood High School Photography Students who participated: art studentsAlexis Allen, Cam Angell, Rachel Fernald, Liam Munhall, Max Hudock, Gavin Kawczynski, Colin Ready, Sydney Savage, Chloe Shaw, Anna Dimmerling, Ahmed Elgouhary, Dani Mills, Caitlin Mathieu, Jay Ouellette, Jack Parker, and Kaitlyn Rossviewing art students on bridge  art 1


FOOTBALL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TIME ANNOUNCED ****************************************************************************************** Fitzpatrick Stadium, Portland ~ Saturday, November 23, 2019 Class B – 6:00 p.m. – – Marshwood High School vs. Brunswick High School Marshwood is considered the home team. 
 Ticket Information: 
 Fans can buy tickets at the Venue (Fitzpatrick Stadium) or online. Tickets are $10-Adults; $5.00 for Students and Senior Citizens. 
 If you would like to buy online, you can go to the following link: www.gofan.co/app/school/MPA 
 Go Hawks!!

Marshwood High School 2019-2020 HONOR ROLL

Marshwood High School



Quarter 1


High Honors

Daniella Aceto, Shelby Anderson, Lily Bossom, Margaret Chamberlain, Lauryn Cruz, Charlotte Daniels, Alex Dixon, Grace Ducharme, Emma Fife, Addie Fuller, Hannah Haggerty, Leah Maddison, Jonah Nobel, Ryan Pote, Mason Savage, Jonathan Sawyer, Noa Semo, Andrew Simmons, Abigail Simonelli, Riley St. Pierre, Eva Therrien, Lucia Wiegert, Sean Williams, Helen Willoughby


William Anderson, Chloe Angell, Samantha Arnold, Sylvia Bisson, Grace Brackett, Rowan Carter, Mitchell Childress, Uma Connolly, Mia Constantakos, Estelle Cox, Savanah Cox, Asher D’Aran, Alana Day, Samuel DeGrappo, Henry Dimmerling, Jackson DuBois, Jadyn Eastman, Peyton Emery, Clarice Forrester, Ruby Foss, Paige Gallant, Camryn Given, Keira Glinka, Lilly Goodwin, Anthony Gori, Lindley Gori, Robert Hamblett, Jonathan Hanscom, Gehrig Hatch, Jared Herrin, Colby Isabelle, Graden Janes, Drew Kaichen, Jesse Keen, Sophia Kriz, David Lane, Russell Leavitt, Jenny Lian, Sophie Lusenhop, Kendra Minster, Griffin Munhall, Madison Murray-Forbus, Savannah Nashwinter, Malia O’Neill, Lydia Phipps, Graham Pruyne, MaryKatelyn Reeves, Sara Riley, Chloe Rooney, Brooke Salvail, Hayden Sawyer, Bridget Schontag, Tanner Simms, Jason Singer, Madison Smith, Rylie Stackpole, Kelsey Stevens, Anabelle Taff, Emma Tessier, Jeremy Turner, Mitchell Vlcek, Sophie Weaver, Caraboo West, Allison Wharton, Wyatt Yager

Honorable Mention

Anthony Arrigoni, Gillian Barna, Michael Burbank, Sierra-Lynn Clifford, Micah Costello, Ty Cougler, Hailey Cunha, Kaylynn Decker, Ashlee DeForge, Thomas Demeroto, Declan Fitzgerald, Benjamin Garrepy, William Hersey, Claudia Hohn, Madison LaBreck, Taylor LaBreck, Nathan Lavoie, Sydney Pergerson, Jacob Piazza, Mackenzie Raiche, Owen Reeves, Adrian Rezack, William Sandusky, Julia Schultze, Danielle Siraco, Elaine Stewart, Chase Turcotte, Griffin Vorbach, Samantha Williams


High Honors

Ali Arrigoni, Mackenzie Davis, Anna Flynn, Kai Machamer, Sophie Mitchell, Alana Moretti, Camden Oberg, Trevor Wozny


Kate Adams, Abigail Arnold, Katelyn Blevens, Braden Butler, Connor Carey, Eva Carr, Elizabeth Cassidy, Oscar Chapman, Paul Connell, Patrick Cook, Alexie Dalton, Piper Edwards, Lilyanna Enright, Isabel Fajardo, Eli Fuchs, Eusevio Garay, Zachary Glidden, Kylie Gordon, Timothy Gori, Audrey Hammond, Nathan Jalbert, William Kirkpatrick, Rachel Kovach, Hayley Lawrence, Jackie Lian, Katharine McColley, Rees Parker, Will Parker, Nicole Pettibone, Sarah Place, Elli Pope, Iris Ross, Amerah Sandler, Alexys Scheive, Grant Simms, Finson Theos, Daniel Thim, Kylie Tice, Tess Vennard, Tucker Whelan, Katherine Wilder, Charlie Winter

Honorable Mention

Jasmine Aloisio, Camden Angell, Alexander Ansara, Hadley Beale, Riley Bradway, Abram Cartmill, Christopher Cleary-Reuning, Andrew Daskoski, D’Lyza Diaz, Kevin Freeman Jr, Andrew Goodwin, Erica Lyn Hamelin, Matthew Hemenway, Quincy Hepburn, John Homans, Margaret Kovalcin, Augusta Manchester, Brady Mayo, Elias McCarthy, Jaden Nadeau, Jackson Pollaro, Liana Poole, Seth Prisby, Max Rafferty, Reese Rousseau, Ruby Sorbello, Mia Tero, Kamber Udy


High Honors

Paul Arnold, Vivian Burnham, Owen Byrne, Jack Harmon, Anna Hayes, Matigan Janes, Olivia Kilmer, Jacob Lusenhop, Abigail Mathieu, Eleonardo Miranda, Jonathan Redfield, Parker Swanson, Jackson Theriault, Edward Whitesell


Marcos Abell, Piper Allen, Raya Anderson, Trevor Callanan, Marissa Ciampa, Natasha Colman, Malcolm Connell, Rori Coomey, Brayden Cusson, Stella D’Aran, Augusta Drisko, Damien Dubay, Emily Entz, Madison Fjeld, John Flynn, Olivia Forrester, Raegan Foye, Sean Fuller, Gabriella Fultz, Gabriella Giniusz, Kaleb Grant, Kyle Grant, Grace Hanson, Corrin Hasty, Carlie Haven, Shaylee Herrin, Trent Hill, Connor Hohn, Allison Hussey, Camden Hussey, Reid Johnson, Jaimee Kast, Samuel Keene, Emma LaBreck, Jacob Landry, Kendall Lawrence, Liana Leavitt, Madeleine Lindgren, Sean Maguire, Madison Mahoney, Meghan Maldonis, Caitlin Mathieu, Anna Miller, Sydney Page, Isadora Phipps, Andrew Pruyne, Abigail Rooney, Ariana Scharff, Isabella Schultze, Mia Serrano, Natalie Singer, Abigail Smith, Jocelyn Stackpole, Willa Stewart, Emma Tice, Hailey Tice, Anna Trott, Cameron Trott, Avery Waddell, Vivian Webster, Christopher Wengert, Sean Wessling, Audrey Wharton, Callahan Yager

Honorable Mention

Ryan Bisson, Mikayla Blaisdell, Samson Blumenfeld, Jada Brown, Darren Cagnina, Hannah Casey, Grace Connors, Emma Doyle, Adley Faulkner, Erin Galvin, Karis Gilbert, JJ He, Skylar Horton, Michael Lee, Nicholas Maddison, Ella Manero, Harrison Martin, Ayla McKean, Ella Nelson, Natalie Oakley, Aurora Palacios, Cierra Perodin, Kelvin Peterson, Samuel Peterson, Ethan Rockafellow, Aidan San Diego, Riley Schmerber, Reed Smaracko, Joseph Swindell, Lianne Walker, Meagan Wentworth, Gabriella Whisnant


High Honors

Sydney Bingham, Rory Blumenfeld, Halliday Dinsmore-Patch, Nicholas Garrepy, Jason Glidden, Parrish Kirchoff, Luke Kovalcin, Amy Lucero Obando, Anna Molin, Nathaniel Reppucci, Nichole Roberts, Alaina Smith, Keaton Stone, Taylor Tsakiris, Nicole Villinski, James Whitesell


Ruby Albers, Thomas Barber, Max Blackwin, Scott Brown, Justin Bryant, Nev Cartmill, Samuel Case, Cullen Casey, Connor Caverly, Jessica Cleary-Reuning, Michael Cruz, David Dove, Domanique Dow, Vendela Eskind, Patrick Essex, Julia Fagan, Samuel Fitzgerald, Bridget Flynn, Dani Fuchs, Aiden Fuller, Kayla Goodwin, Jacob Gordon, Alexa Haas, Beverlyn He, Mira Hockenhull, Maximillian Hudock, Kailee Humphrey, Eli Janetos, Nicholas Katsonis, Neil Letellier, Hannah Maldonis, Sarah Marshall, John McNally, Danielle Mills, Erin Moynihan, Trevor Page, Jack Parker, Casey Perry, Olivia Pride, Colby Randolph, Colin Ready, Gregory Reppucci, Hannah Royce, Jack Sarzynski, Sydney Savage, Ryan Schoff, Griffen Scogland, Katherine Taran, Matthew Thompson, Chloe Tufts, Ashley Tuttle, Emily Wayburn, Lillian Whelan, Noah Wilson, Taylor Yeaton, Chloe Young

Honorable Mention

Angelina Bisson, Aidan Cantrell, Anna Dimmerling, Sophia Freeman, Kayci Gagnon, Carsen Goodwin, Erin Gray, Ellory Hoerth, Brennan HughesShiverick, Nicholas Juneau, Haley Lawrence, Olivia Longarini, Alexandria Mann, Charles McCann, Quinn McDaniel, Fiona McGarrell, Cole McShane, Zachary Mercier, Gabriel Place, Jonah Place, Alexandra Reppucci, Christian Sacharczyk, Brady Salvail, Katherine Sargent, Mina Soltani, Jacob Stoltz, Audrey Sutton, Reilly Thomas, Peter Tsamparlis, John Valentine, Dallas Wyatt, Amanda Yates

Mind game: Marshwood expects Kennebunk’s best in Class B South football final

By  Mike Zhe mzhe@seacoastonline.com Nov 14, 2019 

The top-seeded Hawks (9-1) will try for their third straight Class B South championship when they host No. 2 Kennebunk (8-2) on Saturday (1 p.m.)

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Time was set aside during Marshwood High School football practice on Wednesday for coach Alex Rotsko to tell his team a story.

The year was 2014. After routing York, 41-12, in the final week of the regular season, the Hawks faced a rematch three weeks later in the regional final.  And nearly lost.Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 9.56.28 PM Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 9.56.12 PM Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 9.55.58 PM

A blocked extra point by linebacker Zach Mitchell was the only thing that separated the teams by the time Marshwood’s 14-13 win concluded. It would complete its perfect season a week later in the state game, but had an important lesson reinforced.

“It’s difficult to play somebody twice in the same season,” said Rotsko. “No matter how much you prepare and how much you tell yourself it could be different, psychologically, somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re thinking, ‘We’ve beaten these guys already.’”

The top-seeded Hawks (9-1) will try for their third straight Class B South championship when they host No. 2 Kennebunk (8-2) on Saturday (1 p.m.). A regular-season game in Week 7 saw the Hawks score early and often, and play hard and nearly mistake-free in a 48-14 win.

This time, they’re preparing for a tougher test.

“We know they’re going to come out and play aggressive,” said quarterback/defensive end Connor Caverly. “We just know that if we play our game, and we play as hard as we can, it’s going to be a good one.”

By the time the teams take the field on Saturday, they’ll know one of the teams in next Saturday’s state game in Portland. No. 1 Brunswick (10-0) hosts No. 3 Lawrence (9-1) in the North championship game on Friday night.

Kennebunk coach Joe Rafferty knows his team has to play much better against Marshwood than it did in the regular season, especially on the defensive side of the ball, to have a chance at moving on.

“We have to be more mentally ready,” Rafferty told Seacoast Media Group. “They jumped on us early, and they kept pouring it on. We have to do a better job defensively and find a way to stop them.

“Offensively, we have to do some scoring on our own which we were unable to do last time. Marshwood is an excellent football team; we have to be at our best to have any chance to win.”

Three weeks ago, the Hawks scored touchdowns on their first four possessions to lead 28-0 at halftime. Fullback Justin Bryant (1,214 yards, 25 touchdowns on the season) rushed for 146 yards and three scores.

Cam Cornett rushed for 97 yards and a touchdown, and Caverly hit on 5-of-7 passes for 82 yards.

“In the first game, I was happy with our intensity level,” said Rotsko. “I think that’s the thing that makes me the most nervous. We need to come out with the same intensity.”

Like in the first meeting, the Hawks’ defense will have eyes on running backs Ryan Connors and Jake Sullivan. Quarterback Tommy Lazos will mix in some option.

The Rams advanced by coming back from an early deficit to beat No. 6 Cheverus, 28-14, in its semifinal last week.

One way for Kennebunk to keep it closer is to win the turnover battle, but that’s not a battle teams have won against Marshwood, which has 23 takeaways and just seven giveaways (four lost fumbles, three interceptions) on the season.

“We’ve been great from that standpoint all year,” said Rotsko.

The forecast calls for sunshine with temperatures in the low 30s, a picture-perfect setting for November championship football in Maine.

“It’s exciting,” said Caverly. “These are the games you look forward to playing.”

Football playoff information for Saturday, Nov 16th

Southern Maine Class B South Football Championships.
Kennebunk at Marshwood
Class B South Championship
Date: Sat November 16th
Time: 1pm
Site: Marshwood HS Stadium Field
Ticket Prices: Adults $5.00
Students & Senior Citizens: $3.00
There are no comp passes for the championship games and SAC passes are not valid. Gates will be open for admission at 11:15amScreen Shot 2019-11-14 at 2.46.18 PM

News from the Marshwood High School Cafeteria

mhs cafe choice
 mhs cafe choice 3 student choice mhs 2 student choice at MHS
November Student Choice event:
On Tuesday, November 19th, the MHS Cafeteria will be introducing “Student Choice – Food Your Way”. This is an opportunity for students to choose new menu concepts for their Cafeteria by sampling menu items from two different concepts and then voting for their favorite.
The first concept is Big City Barbecue which features a wide variety of meats and sauces that create delicious sandwiches, wraps and other entrees.
The second concept is Butcher and Baker which features a steadily rotating menu of handcrafted sandwiches and wraps that provide a delicious and customized culinary experience. Samples will be offered during each lunch block on Tuesday. Students will vote with their phones and the results will be displayed in real-time. The winning concept will be incorporated into the Cafeteria menu for December.

Big day in Hawk Country today!

Congratulations to three Marshwood students who signed their National Letters of Intent. Two students signed with Division I schools and one signed with a Division II School. Athletic scholarships 2 sports scholarshipsConnor Caverly and Quinn McDaniel signed with the
University of Maine baseball and Nichole Roberts signed with Southern New Hampshire University field hockey.
Students from left to right: Quinn McDaniel, Nichole Roberts and Conor Caverly.

End of Season Round-Up: Marshwood Golf Team Finishes in Second Place in SMAA  – South

After collecting just one win in 2018, Coach Corriveau was hoping his Hawks golf team would bounce back to finish at .500 in 2019. Not satisfied with that goal, every member of the Marshwood Varsity Golf Team worked on their game and earned valuable points in each match, resulting in a second-place finish in SMAA South with a strong 7 – 3 record. Zach Glidden (Soph) paced the team this season, earning low medalist honors in seven matches. Oscar Whitcomb (Jr) was low medalist in one match. In addition to Glidden and Whitcomb, players who contributed points to help the Hawks secure a winning record included Jack Flynn (Jr), Devin Parmley (Jr), Jake Gordon (Sr), Connor Carey (Soph), and Liam Adams (Soph). Two members of the MHS Golf Team also earned individual honors this season. Sydney Pergerson (Fr) qualified for the Class A Girls State Championship at Natanis Golf Club in Vassalboro. Zach Glidden (Soph) has been selected to the SMAA – South All-Conference First Team

Hawks Football and Veterans

Please join us at Marshwood High School on Friday, November 8th at 6:00 pm for our home football playoff Marshwood vs. South Portland.
Marshwood will be honoring our veterans, current service personnel and 1st responders with a pre-game ceremony to show them how much they are appreciated for what they have done and what they all continue to do for the freedoms we enjoy every day!Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 1.27.39 PM
Go Hawks



Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.47.44 AMWe are excited to announce that this year’s district musical is Mary Poppins.  Tickets are on sale to the public beginning October 24. Show dates are Nov. 15 and 16 at 7:00 pm.  Nov 22 and 23 at 7:00 pm with a 2:00 matinee on the 23rd. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please go to our online ticket reservation form  Due to the anticipated high volume of ticket sales, we ask for preorders to be paid and picked at Marshwood High School between the hours of 7:00-4:00 Monday-Friday. Seating is reserved and the cost of the tickets is $10 each. Tickets can be paid for with either cash or a check made payable to MHS.


You’re invited to bring your entire family to see Marshwood District’s delightful “Mary Poppins, The Broadway Musical”!


When Jane and Michael, the children of the wealthy and uptight Banks family, are faced with the prospect of a new nanny, they are pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the magical Mary Poppins. Embarking on a series of fantastical adventures with Mary and her Cockney performer friend, Bert, the siblings try to pass on some of their nanny’s sunny attitude to their preoccupied parents.


This wildly entertaining show features talented cast members ranging in grades 3 to 12 from Marshwood Schools.


Performances for “Mary Poppins, The Broadway Musical” will be November 15,16 and 22 at 7pm, and November 23 at 2pm and 7pm, at the Wesley E. Kennedy Performing Arts Center at Marshwood High School.


Tickets are available for $10 in advance and $12 at the door and reservations can be made by calling Marshwood High School at 207-384-4500 or online at the link below.



Make plans now to bring your entire family to see “Mary Poppins, The Broadway Musical”! #marshwoodmarypoppins