Marshwood High School French Students Participate in the Annual Grand Concours

Marshwood High School French I, II, and III students participated in the annual Grand Concours earlier this school year. Le Grand Concours is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Tests for the contest vary by level. Students were evaluated on their reading, grammar and listening comprehension skills in French.

The following students earned a bronze medal for placing in the 80th or 75th percentile on this difficult exam.

French III

Carolyn Hoerth

Robert Christian

Anna Houghton

The following students earned a Mention d’honneur certificate for placing in the 70-50th percentile.

French I

Connor Adams

Colin Ready

French II

Christian Chagnon

Lily Clough

Abigail Cragun

Jillian Driscoll

Elyse Hassett

Sarah John

Nathan Kiesman

Zoe Lamoureux

Samuel Mitchell

Nemo Sawyer

Ethan Reppucci

French III

Shannon Giblin

Morgan Hasty

Ryan Long

Jacqueline Ruksznis

Félicitations! Congratulations!

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