Marshwood High School’s Statistics Class Joins Virtual Presentation from Dale Peabody,   Director of Transportation Research at the Maine Department of Transportation

On Thursday March 28th, Mrs. Crowley’s AP Statistics class had the privilege to participate in the audience for a virtual presentation by Dale Peabody.  stat students stat students backDale is the Director of Transportation Research at the Maine DOT. Dale provided the students with examples of how statistics are used by the Maine DOT.  He specifically showed them how statistics are used to ensure the quality of pavements. He described how random cores of pavement are sampled to determine the overall quality of a paved road by their level of density in the pavement.  

Students were introduced to the statistical software OriginLab, which the state uses to evaluate all of the data and determine if a newly paved road has an acceptable level of density.  calibration graph pavement density stat graphThese density level samples affect the value of the road and how much a contracted paver will get paid. After the presentation, the students were much more aware of the world around them and how statistics are utilized in something as basic as road paving.  

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