Marshwood Interact Club Learns about Peace Corps in Tanzania


The Marshwood Interact Club enjoyed a first hand account of life in Tanzania with a visit from Peace Corps Volunteer, Kirstin Underwood.  She and her husband Paul served in Tanzania from 2014-2016. Kirstin has returned to Maine and is working as a fish and wildlife biologist. She agreed to come down from her home in Freeport to meet with the Interact Club on an early Thursday morning meeting.grace and Kristin students with Kristin Kristin kristan and Paul

She was very impressed with the large number of students who came to school on a very cold late-start morning just to hear her presentation.  Kirstin prepared slides with stories and shared artifacts to convey her experience serving overseas.

Over 3,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Tanzania since 1961.  As United States Peace Corps Volunteers, Kirstin and Paul committed to two years of service in the Environmental and Agricultural sector.  Their jobs were ever changing and served the needs of the community they were partnered with. Tanzania volunteers are stationed in 35 districts across Tanzania.  She and her husband were located in the Southern region and lived in a small village without running water, electricity and many other comforts we take for granted. She shared stories of everyday living and expressed her love of the people and the land.   She shared the many rewarding projects she took part in while stationed there.

Kirstin shared her that inspiration to join the Peace Corps came from a presentation in 8th grade by her former teacher, Grace Jacobs,  who also served in the Peace Corps. Grace Jacobs is currently a co-advisor of the Marshwood Interact Club and is leading a service trip to Tanzania in February 2020. There are still openings for Marshwood students who would like to participate in this service trip.  Please contact Grace Jacobs if you are interested. (

The Peace Corps was founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, and since then tens of thousands of people have served as Peace Corps  Volunteers.  Their individual experiences in towns, villages and cities around the world have composed a legacy of service that has become part of America’s history.  More than 165,000 Americans have joined the Peace Corps since 1961. Today approximately 7,000 Volunteers live and work in 70 nations around the globe. Volunteers return to the United States with a greater understanding of the world and its people.

Peace Corps promotes world peace and friendship by fulfilling three fundamental goals:

  • Providing American Volunteers who contribute to the social and economic development of interested countries;
  • Promoting a better understanding of Americans among the people who Volunteers serve;
  • Strengthening Americans’ understanding of the world and its peoples.
  •      For more information take a look at the

Peace Corps’ Web site is:

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