Mrs. Crowley’s Marshwood High School AP Statistics Class Concludes Series of Presentations

ap stat class Parker and Ryan Justin Arnott

Mrs. Crowley’s AP Statistics Series of Presentations concluded this Thursday, May 23rd with a presentation by Justin Arnott.  Justin is a Science and Operations Officer for the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.  He introduced the students to how Statistics are used in weather forecasting. He also discussed other types of math including calculus and differential equations that are essential for an operational meteorologist.

Prior to Mr. Arnott’s presentation, on Tuesday May 21st, Marshwood graduate Jackson Towle (2012) and coworker, Ryan MacNeil,  told the class about Inventory Forecasting at L.L. Bean. They demonstrated how statistical models are used to help predict inventory demand during a certain month. They explained that their job is to adjust and interpret those models to let the buyers at L.L. Bean know how much inventory should be produced and where it should be stocked.  Jackson and Ryan also gave Mrs. Crowley’s students some important tips about the application process when applying for jobs and tips about the interviewing process. It was encouraging for the students to hear that they should apply for any job even if they may not be a perfect fit,  because sometimes they might just get hired.

These two presentations concluded a comprehensive series of presenters that included Dale Peabody, Director of Transportation Research for Maine Department of Transportation, Mark Wagy, Leading Data Scientists for WEX Inc based in Portland, Maine, Thomas Danielson Biological Monitoring Unit Specialist for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and Anna Lietz (Marshwood graduate), Research Associate for Massachusetts General Hospital.  The purpose of this series of presentations was to show the students how Statistics are applied to multiple careers and that even if you do not major in Statistics, that knowledge may still be applied to future careers.

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