News from the Marshwood High School Cafeteria

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November Student Choice event:
On Tuesday, November 19th, the MHS Cafeteria will be introducing “Student Choice – Food Your Way”. This is an opportunity for students to choose new menu concepts for their Cafeteria by sampling menu items from two different concepts and then voting for their favorite.
The first concept is Big City Barbecue which features a wide variety of meats and sauces that create delicious sandwiches, wraps and other entrees.
The second concept is Butcher and Baker which features a steadily rotating menu of handcrafted sandwiches and wraps that provide a delicious and customized culinary experience. Samples will be offered during each lunch block on Tuesday. Students will vote with their phones and the results will be displayed in real-time. The winning concept will be incorporated into the Cafeteria menu for December.

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