Student Art Work at the Barn Gallery

Twenty-nine students exhibited thirty-seven works of art at the Barn Gallery, Ogunquit, on Friday, May 9th,10th and 11th.  They are:  Grade 12:  Emma Barker Spot On”, “Block Print” and “Value Grid Drawing,” Andrew Bryant Altered Ghost Print/Monotype,” Becky Hilton Abstract,” KimHussey Abstract,” Emily Osborne Block Print,” Austin Schladenhauffen Block Print.”  Grade 11:  Patrick Fallon “Value Grid Drawing,” AngelaLavigne Abstract” and “Distorted Portrait,” Alex Nduaguibe “Value Grid Drawing,” Lydia St. Pierre “Block Print,” Dylan Russell “Value Grid Drawing.”  Grade 10: Zoe Allen “Block Print,” Jamie Beaupre “Value Grid Drawing,” Emilee Bogh Notan with Printmaking,” Katie Burovac “Value Grid Drawing,” Lillian Cardoso Notan with Printmaking,” Mackenzie Fogarty Notan with Printmaking,” Kayla Gildersleeve Typography Cat,” Ryan Gould “Symbolic Analog Portrait,” Baili Lontine-Kearson :Value Grid Drawing,” Maya LaPierre Monotype” and Block Print,” Isabella Latta “Block Print,” John Lyman “Block Print,” Trevor Messier “Value Grid Drawing,” Zach Mitchell Tree,” Ashley Paul “Block Print,” Josh Romano Blind Contour Color Wheel Painting,” Ryane Walters “Tree,” Rhiannon Waterman Notan with Printmaking.”  Grade 9:  Emily Estes “Block Print,” Jen Gray “Value Grid Drawing” and “Notan with Printmaking,” Brady Lawson “Value Grid Drawing.”

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