Update for MHS Return and Re-entry

Hello Everyone,

This email addresses two main points:

  1. Remote Learning Option
  2. Vocational Program

Hope all is well.

Thank you for your flexibility, patience and support during this time.

Students and parents are making an important decision this weekend between hybrid and remote experiences.

We hope the following offers some additional context to use in your decision making.

Remote Learning Option


The hybrid experience provides students the opportunity to receive instruction in the classes students signed up for in the spring.

  • Students will attend onsite instruction twice a week.
  • Students will receive remote instruction three times a week.


The remote experience does not ensure students will receive the instruction in the classes students signed up for in the spring.

  • Students will engage in remote learning as their primary form of instruction.

Please know a priority in our design process has been to maintain the integrity of the academic experience the student requested in the spring.

The hybrid model is more likely to provide students with their requested classes. 

The remote experience will likely not be able to offer the depth and breadth of those choices.

That being said, in order for us to finalize the remote option, and clearly articulate the offerings, 

we need to know how many students will be in the remote option. In the same respect, in order for students/parents to make a decision, they need to know what is being offered.

Here is where you can help-

If you are considering remote, or if you are unsure, please indicate the remote option on the survey. 

We do need you to indicate one option this weekend.

This will allow us to gather that data, examine staffing and clearly design and articulate exactly what the remote experience can offer.

Once we do that next week, we will communicate that outline to parents/students at which point the families can make a final decision.


Vocational Program

Please know we have been working closely all summer with Sanford to align our plan to support the vocational students. 

Marshwood students will have access to the Sanford Vocational Program classes. We are working to align student schedules to provide them with their requested Marshwood courses.

Of course, not unlike any other year, conflicts may emerge. 

That being said, just to clarify-the Sanford Vocational Program is providing their courses; we at Marshwood are working to align schedules; additional information about transportation will be coming soon

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your understanding and partnership in this process.


Rob Scully, Principal Marshwood High School

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