MMS Student Presents Keynote at MLTI Annual Conference

On May 22, 2014 Stephen Kaplan, an 8th grader at Marshwood Middle School, presented a workshop and was a keynote speaker at the 11th Annual MLTI Conference  at the University of Maine, Orono with more than 1000 in attendance..  The topic was Coding in Lua.  Stephen started a Coding After School Program which began in January and is still continuing.  Stephen wrote and taught the lessons.

In addition to this, Stephen has made his work public by incorporating his lessons in a book which was recently published on Apple’s iBook. He is now published in 51 countries and all who would like to follow his lead may use his work free of charge. He has promised to include his Java Lessons and will publish them this June.   Stephen’s book is attached.

Congratulations, Stephen!

Read Stephen’s book-

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