David Miller Returns from Three Day New England Band Directors Institute

Dave Miller and Robert Sheldon dAvid Miller and Dr. Anthony Maiello

David Miller recently spent three days at the New England Band Directors Institute at Plymouth State University.  While there he had the opportunity to work with highly regarded educators, composers, and musicians from across the United States.  He was able to work with composer Robert Sheldon and conductor Anthony Maiello.   Maiello teaches at George Mason University and is one of the most highly regarded and respected conductors in the United States.

David joined approximately 120 music education colleagues from New England.   They spent two and a half days participating in workshops that focused on instructional strategies and techniques used in the instrumental music classroom.  They collaborated to evaluate new literature for concert bands and jazz bands.  Mr. Miller’s role as the person up front leading the group was given to Dr. Maiello and Robert Sheldon. David joined a 120 piece concert band and a 18 piece jazz band. He played and evaluated new literature and discussed teaching and conducting techniques.

This professional development opportunity was provided by the district and David said it is one of the best and most rewarding opportunities he’s experienced  in music education.

Seen in photos are David and Dr. Anthony Maiello (black shirt) and David and Robert Sheldon (striped shirt)

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