Marshwood Middle School Hawk Robotic Teams Take Two Second Place Finishes at South Portland High School

Saturday, May 13- South Portland High School

Congratulations to the Marshwood Middle School Hawk Robotic Teams. MMS teams took two second place finishes at South Portland High School where 20 schools took part in the 13th Annual Maine Robotics Track meet.

In the “Table Clearing Challenge”, teams construct robots designed to clear a table of 8 soda cans as quickly as possible without the robot falling off the table.  The winning team used an ingenious design with ultra-sonic sensors and V shaped arms.  The “Table Clearing” team members Jonah Nobel, Leah Maddison and Sean Williams went 8 for 8 cans cleared in 3 attempts in a nail biting time challenge for the win.

In the “Delivery Challenge”, teams design a robot that travels a set route to drop a Lego block through an elevated target. The “Delivery” team members Alana Moretti, Kai Machamer, Riley St. Pierre, and William Sandusky problem solved and used trouble-shooting strategies to find  their way to 2 out of 3 successful deliveries with a conveyor belt design.

Congratulations to both teams. Hawk Pride!


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