News from Marshwood Middle School: A Very Special Gift from Veteran Kenny Goodwin


Mr. Kenny Goodwin, from North Berwick,  was a WWII Veteran who passed away this fall.  Marshwood Middle School is honored that he willed his most cherished military belongings, his Japanese flag, and his VFW cover (Hat)  to our school.  

Kenny served as a rifleman in the 40th Infantry in WWII in the Pacific and in the Korean War. He was on Panay Island at the time of Japanese surrender during WWII and he often spoke of the weeks that followed the surrender and his experience with the wounded Japanese soldiers. His compassion shone through when he offered a drink of water to a wounded Japanese soldier who gifted him a Japanese flag as a token of appreciation for the act of kindness. personal photo holding medals
full display
on display
framed photo

For many years he spoke at Marshwood Middle School at the World War II Day and in 2011 he donated his World War II Victory Medal, his sergeant stripes, and a book on the history of the “185th Infantry Regiment, the 40th Infantry Division in Korea” that he wrote to Marshwood Middle School’s World War II museum. He attended our Veteran’s Day Assembly for the past twenty years.

His military treasures are stored in a special cabinet made by Harry Williams, a fellow WWII veteran.  The flag end cover was recently professionally framed and mounted and is displayed for all of us to reflect and remember.

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