“Help My Child” resource that is available to all students and families

Parents And Guardians,

The purpose of this correspondence is to inform or remind you of a “Help My Child” resource that is available to all students and families. This resource can be accessed by visiting the Marshwood Middle School (MMS) Web-Site. Click on the “Help My Child” tab and then select the “Resource For Families” tab. Contained in this resource are services, supports, and contacts that may be warranted as difficulties or crisis arises in the lives of our children, selves, family, or friends. Please be reminded that “Crisis” situations should be dealt with at the time and in the moment when the “Crisis” is occurring or experienced. School personnel is always available to assist students and families when “Crisis” situations occur or develop while school is in session. However, school personnel assistance should not be the “Go-To” resource when the “Crisis” occurs after school hours, over the weekend, or during school vacations. Please know that the town’s Police, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), or other supports should be accessed when “Crisis” occurs outside of school time. In addition, communications with a child’s parents should be a “Go-To” protocol when information is known and potentially places that child in crisis or dangerous predicament. Leaving messages on phones is acceptable, but additional calls should be made where a person is spoken with as messages may not be received for long periods of time. I have included a link to the Marshwood Middle School Web-Site that contains the “Help My Child” information. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season with family and friends.


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