Intramurals and Clubs

2019-2020 Intramurals and Clubs     

Academic Support

Supervised by: Peter Ryan (Room 110)

Description: Academic Support is a quiet place where students can work and receive teacher assistance with assigned homework and projects. This opportunity provides an extension to the academic day for students who require academic support and/or re-teaching of previously taught information and concepts.

Dates: From 2:30 until 4:00,  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday in Room 110.

Art Club  

Supervised by: 

Description: Art Club  is an intramural designed for students to stretch their artistic minds and abilities in a safe and supportive environment. While a choice based experience is encouraged and provided, each week students will learn various art materials and techniques to aide in their art creation. In attending Art Club, students need to bring a positive attitude, a willingness to create, and an openness to learn while applying new skills to their work. If for some reason Art Club must be rescheduled, there will be an announcement during the school’s morning announcements.



Challenge Course

Supervised by: Renee Caverly (MMS Gym)

Description: Students will be introduced to a variety of skills and challenges. Skills such as how to wear a harness, tying appropriate knots and attaching hardware are taught.  Belay techniques and safety issues are addressed daily.  Students will have the opportunity to work with their peer groups to challenge themselves on high and low elements. With support from staff, all students will be encouraged to stretch their comfort zones socially, physically, and mentally.


Chess and Board Games

Supervised by: Cindy Travers (Room 214)

Description: This intramural focuses on having an enjoyable and entertaining time without having an electronic device in your hands. Students will enjoy some friendly competition while learning to play some of the old classic board games as well as a variety of new games. Games include: Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Labyrinth, Blokus, Apples to Apples, Guess Who, Sorry,  UNO, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Mancala, Risk, Life, Clue and many more! The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, inclusive and stress free.


Fitness Club

Supervised by: Cathy Locke and Todd Hughes (Weight Room)

Description: Opportunities throughout the year for students to use the Fitness room. Students will work toward personal goals and learn about healthy eating and exercise routines.



Supervised by: Kris Bisson (Band Room)

Description: This class is offered to students of all abilities – no prior experience is necessary. We will work as a class as well as independently to create individual reading, performance, and guitar or ukulele repertoire goals.  Class size will be limited to 20 students. Come and learn to play rock standards as well as repertoire from all decades on guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, and even ukulele with your friends.


Gym Games  

Supervised by: Nick Drouin 



Jazz Band

Supervised by: Dave Miller

Description: Jazz Band is open to all interested 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  It meets on Thursday afternoon from 2:30-3:45 beginning in early March and running through to the spring concert in late May or June or approximately 10-12 rehearsals and performances. The Jazz Band performs at our spring concert.  It is a non-graded class however regular attendance is required if you plan to perform in concerts.  Jazz Band focuses on various styles within the genre of jazz like swing, blues, funk, Latin, rock, ballads, etc.  It also introduces students to improvising which is a key element in jazz.

Dates: Thursdays, Mid March through early June – exact dates TBA

National Junior Honor Society

Supervised by: Renee Caverly

Description: The National Junior Honor Society is a student organization based on five qualities: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Citizenship, and Character. Students who join NJHS will have opportunities to cultivate skills relating to these qualities. All members will attend monthly meetings, participate in a group service project in the spring, and will perform four hours of community service each quarter. Eighth grade members can run for the following offices: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Public Relations Officer.

In order to join NJHS, students must be in seventh or eighth grade, and maintain a cumulative average of 92.0 or higher. Students will be notified of eligibility after the conclusion of the second quarter, and will be invited to apply via letter and email. Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Council, and students will be notified of acceptance in early May. A formal induction ceremony for new members will be held in spring.

Dates: Meetings will be at least once a month dependent on student availability.

Recycling Club

Supervised by: Tracy LaPointe (Room 109)

Description: Recycling Club is a year-long activity where students contribute their time and service to Marshwood  Middle School’s recycling program.  Students recycle paper and bottles/cans every week during the school year according to their availability.  Some students collect the recyclables during the school day while other students choose to collect the recyclables after school.  Interested students can check in with Mrs. Lapointe any time during the school year to participate.

Dates: Ongoing


Supervised by: Ashleigh Locke (Room 412)

Description: Students participating in robotics will work as scientists, engineers, and designers toward solving problems. Students will utilize a design, build, and test model when creating their robots that will include the use of Lego pieces and parts, gears, and sensors. Students will also be introduced to simple programming that will allow their robots to perform many different functions and actions. In March I will be looking to assemble teams interested in attending the Maine Robotics Track Meet where teams from across the state compete against each other in 10 different events. Teams will meet for several weeks before the competition to build and program their robots for competition.


Rock Band

Supervised by: Kris Bisson (Band Room)

Description: ROCK BAND will be an ongoing weekly activity open to all students who wish to experience learning and performing in a rock band. Students are encouraged to participate in the Guitar Intramural to learn guitar basics, and are also welcome to play piano/keyboards, sing vocals, play drum set, and accompanying percussion instruments. The opportunity to rehearse and put together an ensemble to perform rock (as well as pop and jazz charts)
will be our goal weekly with a performance scheduled in February and June. Our work will also be featured at the annual Middle School Talent Show held in March. Participation is open to all students regardless of prior experience.


School Musical

Supervised by: Kristen Dalton

Description: This year’s school musical will be “The Wiz Jr.” and will be presented at Marshwood Middle School on March 22nd and 23rd.  No experience necessary!!  For students who love to perform, want to learn how to perform or would prefer to work behind the scenes to help create scenery & costumes and learn lighting and sound.  Audition prep will begin in early December and rehearsals will take place after school starting in January.

Dates: Rehearsals after school beginning in January

Select Chorus

Supervised by: Kris Bisson (Room 112)

Description: Select Chorus is offered as an after-school chorus to all MMS students throughout the entire year, operating as two separate semesters. The Chorus Allied Art is not required to participate, but greatly enhances the learning. Singers are auditioned for placement only. Repertoire explored is more challenging in this smaller group setting. The Select Chorus enjoys performing in additional concerts outside of the scheduled Chorus concert year.

Dates: First Semester: Tuesdays 

Dates: Second Semester: Tuesdays

Sewing and Crafts

Supervised by: Cathy Locke (Room 410) 

Description: Come to the Family Science room to work on an independent sewing or crafts project, with help as needed from Mrs. Locke!


Student Council

Supervised by: Stephanie Thompson(Room 119)

Description: The purpose of Marshwood Middle School’s Student Council is to develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship. We will promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school. To achieve this, Student Council will improve student/faculty relationships, improve school morale and general welfare, and plan special events or projects./span>th graders.

Dates: Meets every other Monday beginning

Volleyball – Girls

Supervised by: Kristen Vernace

Description: Intramural Volleyball is an opportunity for students to learn the basics of the sport, such as serving, setting, bumping, and spiking. We will develop skills first and them scrimmage each other using our new skills. This is a low pressure way to make new friends, be active and have fun after school.


We the People

Supervised by: Andy Rowe (Room 225) 

Description: We The People is a civics-oriented extracurricular program that runs from October through early May. The program is open to all 7th and 8th graders. Interested student should make contact with Mr. Rowe, the program advisor, as soon as possible (email Participating students will independently complete review questions for each of the curriculum’s thirty lessons on their own time. On December 1, the eighteen most prepared students (measured by the number of lessons completed), with preference going to 8th graders, will be invited to begin collaborative work in preparation for the National Invitational, held each spring in Washington, DC. The 18 students will be split into six groups of three, with each group specializing in one of the program’s six units. Students will work together in polishing three “hearing questions,” which will be announced by February, and will do outside research to prepare for the National Invitational. Then, we will fly to Washington, DC in order to compete in the Invitational and, in out downtime, see much of what our nation’s capital has to offer. Prior to fundraising the program costs roughly $1,000 per student, with a $250 nonrefundable deposit due at the time of the group’s selection, but after fundraising families can expect roughly a $500-$800 expense per student.  

This program is open to all seventh and eighth grade students, starting in early October, but the group will be pared down to eighteen students by early December, with preference being given to eighth graders.  Students will be expected to attend at least one meeting during April vacation, and will participate in various fundraising efforts throughout the year.  Any balance will be divided equally among participating students, and bills will be issued prior to the trip.

Dates: Until December 1, meetings are generally on an individual or small group basis, and set by arranging time with Mr. Rowe. These meetings are optional. From December 1 through mid-March, small group meetings are scheduled with Mr. Rowe, but should generally occur 3-6 times per month. From mid-March through the end of April, participating students should plan on staying after school 2-4 times per week in preparation for National Invitational. The National Invitational is scheduled for May 3-6, 2019.


Supervised by: Katie Gilpatrick (Room 212)

Description: The main purpose of the Yearbook Club is to produce the school’s annual yearbook. With this goal in mind, members who join the Yearbook Club will be taught basic lessons in photography, writing, editing and designing electronic page layouts.


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