Marshwood Middle School Chorus Will Perform for the Maine Excellence in Arts at the State House

The Marshwood Middle School Grade 7 & 8 Chorus students will be honoring their invitation to sing for the Maine Excellence in Arts at the State House in Augusta on Tuesday, December 11. This is the only performance this year to celebrate outstanding arts learning in the music classroom and Marshwood Middle School Chorus will represent the state of Maine.Grade 8 chorus    Grade 8 Chorus 



Grade seven chorusGrade 7 chorus

The chorus will perform “America, the Beautiful” to open the ceremony at 2:00 pm at The Hall of Flags. Following First Lady Ann LePage’s welcome and address, our students will share the creation and learning behind their original composition, “The River Sings Its Song”, about their year-long study of the Great Works River and Bridge and close with a performance of this piece. Grade 7 chorus: Grade 8 Chorus: Kris Bisson, music teacher and chorus director at MMS,  expressed her gratitude to the Marshwood district for support and to the Marshwood Education Foundation for their grants that made this very important performance possible.  Kris Bisson and her students are honored to represent Marshwood Middle School and the Marshwood District by sharing this incredible learning experience that our music studies have provided.


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