Marshwood Middle School French Teacher, Nancy Mann, Travels to Pen Pals’ School in France

For 8 years, the Marshwood Middle School Level 1 French program has had a pen pal relationship with a middle school in Pouancé, France.  Mme. Bénédicte Sprung teaches Grades 7 and 8 English at Collège Philippe Cousteau while Mrs. Nancy Mann teaches French at Marshwood. The student pen pals communicate only in the languages they are studying.  


Over the years the classes have exchanged Christmas cards, gifts, photos, and videos.  It is a cultural and linguistic exchange that happens in real time because the students use email for their letters.Mann in France

In the photo shown is Madame Mann (MMS French teacher), Madame Sprung (English teacher at Philippe Cousteau), and Monsieur Le Floch (principal of Philippe Cousteau). Madame Mann spent a day touring the school on July 2nd and enjoyed a tour of Maine-Loire region of France with Mme. Sprung.

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