Marshwood’s  Great Works School and Central School Participate in the Annual Maine Odyssey of the Mind Discovery Regional Competition

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        On March 16th there was a whirlwind of creativity, competition, and fun at the Annual Maine Odyssey of the Mind Discovery Regional Competition at Biddeford High School. Five teams from Marshwood Schools competed in the tournament. There were two Marshwood Great Works School teams, two Marshwood Middle School teams and one Central School team.  OM Teams from around Southern Maine met, supported and challenged one other for a day of long term and spontaneous problem solving. It’s a high-energy beginning to an exciting season of creative problem solving, fun, and teamwork. “OM is important because you get to work on problem solving as a team.” said OM participant Zooey LaFlamme.

        The Marshwood Great Works teams and one Middle School team have qualified for the State Finals on Saturday, April 6th at Biddeford High School.  They all have their sights on the World Finals held at Michigan State University in May.  

        Grace Jacobs, Marshwood Gifted Specialist,  coordinated the GWS team efforts. Danielle Breton and Angie Gilbert coached the fourth grade team that took on Problem 3 Leonardo’s Workshop and placed third in their division! This was their first experience working as a team. They had volunteer assistance from Alison Richards and Kate DeLois.  The team mates are: Sophia St. Cyr, Mabel Emery, Ozzie Gilbert, Emily Keith, Judah Curry, Baylor Horvath and Leah Richards.

Bethany Grogg coached the fifth grade team with Eric Waddell and David D’Aran volunteering. This team has worked together other years really creating a strong bond and the ability to work exceptionally well together. “Imagination is awesome”, said Connor, a member of the team. They tackled Problem 1 Omer to the Rescue Again  placing second in their division. “OM releases all your creativity and we put it all together as a team .” stated Saharra Emmons. The team included: Connor Grogg, Saharra Emmons, Brevan Lavin, Ethan Waddell, Sabine D’Aran and Zooey LaFlamme.

Judges commented about the high caliber of the Marshwood teams’ performances. They were especially impressed by how well they epitomized the Odyssey spirit. Connor Grogg said,  “I like that you get to talk to the judges after to explain how you made something and how it works.” Team member Ethan Waddell said, “I had so much fun and I’m looking forward to states!”

We say Kudos to all for their hard work. We thank all of the volunteers involved and congratulate the Marshwood teams for their creative problem solving success.

4th grade OM Team


5th grade OM team.

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