MMS Veterans’ Day Tribute to all our Brave Women and Men

Marshwood Middle School Students, Parents, and Guardians,

I hope this communication finds you all doing well and finding ways to navigate the many unique challenges that the Covid-19 Virus has caused. Although we are not going about our daily business as we would like, we have demonstrated our resilience and abilities to adapt during these trying times. Kudos to us all. The purpose of my communication today is to share a link with you that provides access to this year’s MMS Veteran’s Day tribute to all our Brave Women and Men who have and are serving our great nation as First Responders and as United States Military personnel. Our first wish and desire is to have our beloved First Responders and Veteran’s in-person with us at MMS to celebrate and thank them for their service and sacrifice, however, with the virus still being present making it unsafe to gather in large groups, the MMS students and staff have chosen to provide a virtual presentation of our annual Veteran’s Day celebration. Please enjoy viewing the included video of the many presentations and gifts that our students and staff have prepared for our selfless and brave Heroes. As the old saying goes… “The show must go on”. Thank you all who have given so much so we can all enjoy so much!! Although the pandemic has interrupted business as usual, the Marshwood Middle School students and staff want to assure you all that we are eternally grateful and that we will “Never Forget”. Happy Veteran’s Day to you all. Stay Marshwood Strong.



Anthony A. Bourbon


Marshwood Middle School

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