Infinite Campus Parent Portal

MMS Parents and Guardians,

I hope this message finds you all well and successfully navigating this time of remote teaching and learning. I am sending this notice to request your help with making sure your parent portal in Infinite Campus contains accurate parent e-mail addresses. During this time of remote teaching and learning our teachers and school staff will be sending information and resources through e-mail to both students and parents. E-mail will be the school’s primary communication source with families while we provide education remotely. As soon as you have a chance, please sign in to your parent Infinite Campus portal, click on the person icon located in the upper right corner, go to settings, and then to contact preferences. Once in contact preferences, you can edit your e-mail address and any phone numbers that require changes. Be sure to “SAVE” any changes prior to logging out of your Infinite Campus account. Your support, cooperation, and partnership are very much appreciated.


Anthony A. Bourbon


Marshwood Middle School

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