“Parenting In the Age Of Technology”

Parents & Guardians,

You are receiving this notice as our invitation to you and all MSAD #35 Parents & Guardians to attend a parent only event titled, “Parenting In the Age Of Technology”. This event has been developed as an information and resource sharing opportunity intended to assist parents better understand the many types and uses of technology that are currently trending. This event has been scheduled for Tuesday, January 29th beginning at 6:00 P.M. at Marshwood Middle School. We look forward to seeing you.

Presentation Overview:
The intent of the “Parenting In The Age Of Technology” presentation is to provide parents & guardians of the children in our schools with information and awareness regarding current technologies and social media to assist them with managing technological devices and applications as they become more prevalent in our schools and homes. We will not be providing specific training of how each filter, app, or safeguard is accessed and used, however we can and will assist with suggesting and locating tutorials that provide step by step directions for loading app’s and safeguards to student and household devices. Collectively we need to acknowledge the reality of “Digital Addiction” and what role parents/guardians need to fill in order that we assist our children and young adults thoughtfully manage and balance their uses and choices of technology. Intentional, purposeful, and regular inquiry of current technologies, social media, and apps etc… are how we the parents and guardians develop knowledge and understanding to assist our children as they live and grow in the age of technology.

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