The Marshwood Middle school students perform “The River Sings Its Song” at The Hall of Flags in Augusta


The students perform “America, the Beautiful” to open the ceremony at 2:00 pm at The Hall of Flags with the SeDoMoCha Middle School Chorus, and then share the creation and learning behind their original composition, “The River Sings Its Song”. The MMS Chorus researched, discovered, and collaborated to create a unique curriculum-based study of our local community through the Great Works River and Bridge in South Berwick, Maine. The students worked with artist-in-residence, Brian Evans-Jones, to create their thoughts, and then with Kris Bisson, to take their words and compose this original piece of music. Marshwood Education Foundation congratulates Mrs. Bisson and the MMS 7th and 8th grade chorus on this incredible honor, and we are thrilled to have been able to provide them with the grant to make this amazing experience possible,

Here’s the link to the performance:

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