will begin implementing our Distant/Remote teaching and learning plan

Parents and Guardians,

Hoping this message finds you all well. On Wednesday, March 18th Marshwood Middle School and the MSAD #35 district schools will begin implementing our Distant/Remote teaching and learning plan. Our teachers and support staff will be connected to the internet by 7:30 A.M. daily Monday through Friday and remain connected until 2:50 P.M. daily. Students should be checking school g-mail accounts, google classroom, and other information and curriculum resources frequently on a daily basis. At this time Marshwood Middle School is open for students and parents to stop by for pick-up of school materials, textbooks, laptops, music instruments etc… Please call the school (207-439-1399) in advance to be sure someone will be here when you arrive. Our hours of operation will be 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. daily Mon. through Friday. I have attached a copy of the MMS daily schedule that provides you times of each period of the school day. Students should be planning their academic day and access to specific teachers by using the daily schedule and reaching out to teachers at times when they are scheduled to be with that teacher. Students should expect to receive timely responses to e-mailed inquiries and questions sent to their teachers, but keep in mind that replies will not always immediate. Information will continue to be sent out to households to keep you as informed as possible via many people over the coming days and weeks IE: Superintendent, School Nurse, Special Education Director, Food Service etc… We will coordinate the sharing of information as best we can so the information is being passed along from the most appropriate person and/or source. Your understanding, patience, and partnership as we all navigate this challenging and unique time is very much appreciated.


Anthony A. Bourbon


Marshwood Middle School

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