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Application for MHS Free School Meals SY 2017


The MSAD 35 School Nutrition Program provides safe, healthy and appetizing meals for our students. Our meals are prepared following the Traditional Meal Plan. Each student will receive as part of their daily meal a serving of protein, vegetable, fruit, bread and milk.

All five schools with-in the district have their own production kitchen which means that meals are prepared daily on site and are freshly made. All food is prepared and served in a clean and safe environment. School nutrition staff have all taken and passed a certified sanitation course.

Any and all questions can be forwarded to the Dennis L. Chagnon, Director School Food Service at the following e-mail address

MSAD #35 uses the Nutrikids Point-of-Sales system at all the schools with in the District. Payments can be made on the Student account by going to You will need to have your student’s (Student ID number), you can optain that number by calling your Students School Office and asking for that number.

  1. Each student is given a student ID number as they enter the school system. We use this number to build your student’s account. No on else has access to the account number but the student to whom it belongs.
  2. Each year when the students have their school pictures done, the photo company makes each student a pictured ID card. This card is used by your student to access their account. *These ID cards should stay at the school so that they can be sent forward as the student progresses through school.
  3. A parent can put as much money as they want on their student’s account. Each meal, extra milk, or A-LA-Carte item will be charged off the account as the card is swiped.
  4. When the account balance gets below $7.50, a letter is generated and sent home with the child (check their backpacks). As funds are sent by either check, cash or by on line at and are added back onto the account. If there are any fees or charges, these will be deducted from the money that was sent in and the remainder will be added to the account. Any outstanding charges will be carried over to the following year.
  5. When sending in either cash or check, Please indicate the following information on the envelope:
    a) Student’s Name
    b) Grade
    c) Teacher’s Name
    d) School’s Name

Marshwood Middle, Marshwood Great Works, Central and Eliot Elementary

We offer breakfast daily including both hot and cold cereal. We offer 1% or Low-fat milk,both flavored and non-flavored. Also offered daily is a choice of assorted juices. Main entrée’s are available through the week.

A good breakfast is a great start to the day. Cost for breakfast is $2.50 and this year the cost of breakfast for qualified “reduced” students is free thanks to new legislation at was passed by the state.

A school lunch meal consists of an entrée (Protein), Vegetable, Fruit, Bread and 8 oz. of milk. We are an offer vs. serve program which means a student can refuse two items from the meal plan. A salad bar is offered in both Marshwood Middle School and Marshwood Great Works School as an alternative to the type A Lunch.

Marshwood High School

Marshwood High School does not take part in the National School Lunch/ School Breakfast Program. Marshwood High operates an A-La-Cart style Program. There are no Free and Reduced meals offered at this school. Students pay full price for what they take. The following is a short list of what is offered each day:

Breakfast choices change daily: 
Offered daily are assorted 16/8 oz. flavored/non-flavored milk, juices, cereal, muffins, bagels, fruit and pastries.

Hot Sandwiches:

  • Hamburgers
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Chicken burgers
  • Rib-A-que Sandwich
  • Hot Dog
  • Sausage burger
  • Fish burger (Friday only)

Cold Sandwiches:

  • Tuna Salad, Turkey Salad, reg. Italian, Ham Italian, Turkey Italian and Veggie Italian (no meat).
  • Large assortment of both 8 oz. and 16 oz. flavored/non-flavored milk and juices. Bottled water is also available.
  • Large assortment of pastries, chips and ice cream.
  • A full-size salad bar at a cost of $0.42/oz. allows students to make their own wraps and sandwiches. Two hot soups are offered daily on the salad bar.
  • We also offer daily specials (check the menu board or morning announcements for food item).

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