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2018-19 Bus Runs Are Available and posted to the right. Continue to check this page for updates.

We have updated some of the bus runs to reflect the new bus numbers. The old bus run numbers listed below have been updated in the right hand column.

Bus 29 is now Bus 14

Bus 29 PK is now Bus 5 PK

Bus 12 PK is now Bus 6 PK

Bus 23 is now Bus 16

Bus 25 PK is now Bus 16 PK

Bus 25 is now Bus 30

Bus 9 is now bus 17

Bus 11 PK is now Bus 18 PK

Bus 28 is now Bus 22

Our bus runs have been simplified to use the bus numbers as the bus run instead of separate bus route numbers. Our information comes from your child’s school of attendance, if you have moved since the end of June, please contact your child’s school and update their information.

Our Drivers 2018-19

Use the links located on the right to access bus route information. If you experience any issues please call 207-384-4681.

Try out the Info i parent portal at the top of the column. We will be migrating to this portal for the 2019-2020 school year. If you do not see your information in the Info i parent portal please email your address to and we will check it for you. You may also call our office for assistance at 207-384-4681.

New to RSU #35 Transportation?  Need to know what bus run covers your street?

Please use this Key to find out which bus run your student will be on. This key will help you to navigate to the bus run that your child will ride on. It does not include bus stop information.

Rollinsford Students: Please refer to First Student for transportation schedules at (603) 692-4406. Below is a link to their bus runs.

If we can address any other matters for you please call 207-384-4681.  Transportation Coordinator

2A Industry Drive
Berwick, ME 03901
207-384-4681 (Phone)
207-384-2976 (Fax)



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