Two Hour Delay - Wednesday Morning

Good Evening

There will be a 2-hour delay for all MSAD 35 Schools on Wednesday morning. The storm is forecasted to continue through midnight tonight as it loops around the Gulf of Maine. As a result, our Local Department of Public Works and MSAD 35 Transportation Department will need time tomorrow morning to prepare the roads and buses/vans for our morning runs.

A two-hour delay means that all MSAD 35 schedules will be pushed back two hours. For example, if your child's bus typically picks them up at 6:30 am, tomorrow they should expect their buses at approximately 8:30 am. All schools will start two hours later.

Two Hour Delays ā€“ A two-hour delay will result in all schools moving their start times forward 2 hours. Bus pickup times will be 2 hours later than normal. There be no morning Pre-Kindergarten with a Two-Hour Delay. 

Thank you

John Caverly