Marshwood High School Presents  

In-between Days, A Look Back at Our Pandemic School Year

A handful of MHS theatre students have been working on a documentary theatre project. We surveyed or interviewed nearly 100 MHS students about their experiences, living, and learning through a pandemic. We gathered all of the stories, comments, and statistics ... and wrote a play: In-between Days, A Look Back at Our Pandemic School Year, filled with frustration, disappointment, boredom, reflection, determination, and growth.

There will be an ENCORE PERFORMANCE  staged reading of the play in the MHS auditorium Thursday, June 3 at 8:00 PM. If you plan to attend, you must fill out this Google Form,

so we can ensure distancing in the theatre -- seats will be assigned. (Masks will be required. Families/groups will be allowed to sit together.) 

Admission is free. The running time is approximately 1 hour.

We also plan to live stream the performances -- more information to follow. 

The student writers: Riley Hanscom, Janet Homans, Chloe Rooney

The student readers: Kate Adams, Lily Enright, Riley Hanscom, Janet Homans, Mason Nelson

Josh Livingston