Breakfast and Lunch Program for the District-cafe photo

Hello and Happy Summer,

I am writing to let you all know about our totally FREE Summer Break Feeding Program. Similar to our programs in the past, (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and Winter Break) we are preparing FREE balanced breakfasts and lunches for six weeks during the summer break. This program is for all children the age of 18 and under in the Marshwood community regardless of their student status. Please fill out the order form attached indicating the days you would like to pick up meals for your children, how many children you have in your household and where you will be picking up the meals. Pick-up days will be as follows.

Monday for Monday and Tuesday meals

Wednesday for Wednesday and Thursday meals

Friday for Friday, Saturday and Sunday meals

Pick-up time will be between 10:00 am until 12:00 pm each pick-up day at the Central Elementary School or Eliot Elementary School only.

I hope you find this program useful and participate in it as much as you can. We take pride in our work and we would like to see this program be successful and help as many families in the community as we can.

Summer Break Order Form:

Please hit Control + Click on the URL to follow the link.

Thank you and stay safe,

Stephen Baldoumas

Director of Dining Services

Marshwood School District

207 384 4500 ext. 67120